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At the last play of last Thursday’s futsal session, as we were jostling a bit for the ball, one of my futsal buddies lost his balance and fell on the outside of my right knee.

As he went down, so did I while experiencing 3 popping sounds that is very similar to cracking knuckles, but quite a bit louder. That followed immediately a sharp pain to the ankle. I managed to stand up after a while and managed to drive home too.

Dr. Gan's office, my knee brace
Dr. Gan’s office, my knee brace (will have to wear this for a while)

I thought that it could have been a minor sprain at first, but the next day I had to drive to work in the morning when I realized that walking to & from the LRT stations was going to be too difficult.

The same morning I also discovered that I couldn’t lift my leg to the rear past 20 degree or so, and any left & right pressure was unbearable.

That was when I made the decision to seek professional help, and ended up at Damansara Specialist Hospital after getting recommendations from FA who had her ACL surgery done by ย the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gan.

MRI done at Damansara Specialist Centre
MRI done at Damansara Specialist Hospital

After a bit of moving my knees around and pushing here and there, the good doctor (who specializes in knee and sports injury) arrived at the conclusion that I suffered an MCL tear from the impact.

The good news is, there’s no surgery required. I was fitted with a knee brace and prescribed anti inflammatory drugs. Total cost was RM 564

  • RM 355 for knee brace
  • RM 180 for consultation
  • RM 5 medical record service
  • RM 24 pharmacy

Pretty reasonable I think. I have a Prudential insurance but that was only for hospitalization, so this was paid out of pocket. Luckily my company does allow employees to claim outpatient medical treatments up to a certain amount. This will be covered.

MRI first impression - MCL tear
MRI first impression – MCL tear

According to Dr. Gan, MRI was not strictly necessary, but a good precaution measure to check if there’s any further damage to the knee (especially the meniscus). I opted in and made an appointment for the next day and went there with Haze.

MRI is really a wonder of modern medical technology and a direct result of our understanding in quantum physics. I was sent into the machine, the friendly staff provided blankets and even a special headphones (with air tubes delivering music instead of traditional speakers since metal doesn’t play well with the giant magnet). 20 minutes of clicking and humming sound later. I was done.

Another 45 minutes later, the results were out. The initial report: MCL tear.

MRI cost: RM 900.

I’ll have to see Dr. Gan again next week for a follow up with the MRI result, but it seems like a 4-6 months from high impact exercise and plenty of cycling is all I need to have a full recovery. Lucky I already have the mountain bike. ๐Ÿ˜€

My impression of KPJ (Damansara Specialist Hospital) is a positive one. Service was good and there is no need to run around to process payment and such. The only little problem they have there is the lack of parking space, but I guess that pretty much happens to every hospital these days.

Futsal & badminton will be on hiatus for me in the mean time.


The photo below is a very partial list of sporting equipments belonging to me. Several badminton rackets, a tennis racket, futsal shoes, tennis shoes, and a tube of shuttle corks.

Sporting Equipments

Other than these, I have two ping pong bats, a golf glove (yes they don’t come in pairs), swimming trunk, partial set of diving gears, a pair of driving shoes, and recently I’ve just brought an entry level squash racket.

Which basically means that I am playing futsal, badminton, golf, and ping pong on regular basis. Starting to play a bit of squash now, and still plays tennis on and off, trying to get back to diving and perhaps swimming a bit.

I’m a jack of all trade, master of none.

Someone passed me this video today, which kinda made me think if I had the same moment of inspiration like the kid in the video and concentrate on just one sport, what would I turn out to be?

Probably a really lousy 3rd string substitute in a company futsal team or something, who knows?

Oh well, at least I still get to eat all these food and not put on much weight from this current life style. Best!

One of the most often asked questions I get is “How the hell are you being still skinny when you are having all these food all the time!?” with a sometimes not overly friendly tone. Well, I live a reasonably active lifestyle.

To stay reasonably healthy and not let the excess calories pile up around the midsection, I exercise regularly. In addition to my regular badminton, futsal, and ping pong regime on a weekly basis, I have recently trying to pick up golf with my housemate and best buddy Horng at the driving range.

KY and Horng hitting golf at driving range
Horng and I whacking some balls

As it turns out, golfing is a lot harder than it seems. This is my 4th session at the driving range and has changed the way I swing the club as many times from pointers given by others and our observations of other experienced players. Still I get less than half the balls flying properly.

Last night we went to the driving range at Sunway again, and when Amanda called up for a yumcha session we asked her to join us instead. The good thing about this place is that food and drinks are available, and the whole session is actually no different from going out at mamak, except you get to exercise in between drinks and snacks. Killing two birds with a golf ball, pretty nifty.

check out the video with me and Amanda miss hitting the ball

The first time I went to the driving range I ended up with sore back, thighs, and arm. Who says golf isn’t proper exercise? I think I’m gonna do this on a regular basis, and hopefully we’d improve enough to go to the course in a few month’s time.


vPost Nuffnang Christmas Party

I’m also heading to Singapore for the vPost-Nuffnang Christmas Party with a bunch of Nuffnang gang and bloggers. My second visit to Singapore this month! See you there if you’re attending it too!

Futsal Anyone?

July 2, 2007 9 Comments

We’re doing it every Thursday night from 10 to 11pm at the Futsal Sports Center at Section 19, PJ. The place is also known as the “pusat perabot” since the front of the facility spots a furniture store instead.

when tired, be the goalie

This has been going on for the past few months. We have been consistently having anywhere from 9 to 15 players at a session. It is a futile attempt to pinpoint the number of participants with the commitment (or lack of) from guys these days. So if you are a dude interested in sweating it off, come join us!

On a related note, Nike Football has set up the interesting Jangan Togel site that is dedicated to street football (not exactly futsal, but close enough). The flashy site spots a comic like design, with some wallpaper, music, and videos free for view or download.

Jangan Togel
this screen is better than my picture above. :/

In case you wonder what is “Jangan Togel”, it comes from the Malaysian tradition that the team which conceded the first goal has to play the remainder of the game with their top off. We initially tried to implement this old rule, but somehow there are always some sissies who prefer to not show their tiny nipples.. or something.

Incidentally, this is also one of the websites that utilizes flash in a non-annoying way that is actually interactive and interesting. I can’t wait for the short films to be on, check out the site for yourself.

Futsal Shoes
good shoes, bad shoes, and a weird dude

Proper futsal shoes aren’t the pair of ADIDAS you wear to One-Utama for dating, as horny found out. The shoes evolved a mouth after playing for the 2nd time and had to be fed to the bin, but somehow the fella was still all smile, weird. Get a real pair of futsal shoes already.

By the way, we play futsal on thursdays night, usually 8-9pm at footy futsal next to Ming Tien in Taman Megah. Organized by the hooligans at Hantu Bola, Eyeris is the head hantu. Let me know if you are interested to join us! We’re playing tonight too.