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I don’t know about you, but I have always keep pretty good post-relationship friendship with ex girlfriends, and yes, they are all in my facebook friend list. I’m not going to give names, but do feel free to dig around if it fancies you.

Anyway, one of the more intriguing applications in facebook has got to be the Compare People program whereby you rank your friends in several categories like smartness, hotness, desirability, and so on.

It got me curious on how I score from the people that mattered to me most once upon a time, so I went on a little profile hopping to investigate a bit. Look what I discovered on one of my ex’s profile!

Smartest and Hottest!
top of the list!!!

It made my day. 😀


One of my favorite shopping mall parking lot is at Sunway Pyramid. They have installed this nifty little light with a sensor on top of every parking spot. If the spot is occupied, the light is red, if free, it is green. A quick glance down the isle will tell you if there’s an available spot so you don’t have to navigate the whole parking lot aimlessly to find an empty space.

So I went there for lunch the other day. The parking lot was almost filled, but I spotted 2 green lights very close to the entrance, must be my lucky day I thought. I quickly drove there just to find this idiot.

A Toyota Vios parked right in between 2 handicap parking spots. The sensor missed the car.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
WPK 6393 the idiot.

I don’t know if this guy is genuinely handicap, the vehicle did not display a handicap sticker or anything. However, there is no excuse for parking right in between two spots even if you are disabled. Patients with that kind of spatial disability shouldn’t be driving anyway.

I took the opportunity and snapped the driver’s name card that was hanging on the rear view mirror inside the car. The N82 did a decent job getting the face, but unfortunately the gentleman’s name is obscured by the furry crap right next to it.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
Mr. Lim with Sense Health Solutions

Apparently the guy (Mr. Lim) is a member of Sense Health Solutions. I tried to check more on this particular “club” online to no avail, anyone knows about this?

I want Peter Tan to beat this guy up with a stick.

Changing Hawker SceneKimberly the cun was the cover girl on the Star’s RAGE yesterday. Coincidentally, yours truly was mentioned in the Metro section of the paper the same day in a very good article titled “The changing hawker scene“.

True, Kim has the whole page to her, and I have 3 paragraphs. But hey, I’m keeping the paper cut out nonetheless. (the difference is, Kim has gathered more than 6 copies, I’m keeping only 1, narcissism isn’t necessary)

The article talks about the impact of foreign workers in the local hawker scene, and here are my bites, quoted verbatim from the paper:

Blogger Kar Yeong, or better known as KY, who has gained recognitions among netizens for reviewing a huge array of food and restaurants in his blog, is among those who prefers food stalls manned by locals.

“Foreigners grew up in their home country and aren’t as accustomed to the local taste, so naturally the flavours might be a bit out of tune when compared to what we like,” he said.

To be fair, according to KY, there are foreign stalls selling tasty non-local food such as the gyoza prepared by the Shanghainese cook at the Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

Thumbnail of the article on the left, click here for the full screen shot (just in case the permanent link at is removed)

I want to thank the writer Xin Yi for including me in her research. 🙂

Whenever I go to any foreign places, it is always interesting to tune to their local tv channels to get a taste of the local media. I think there is no other places that airs more languages on national TV than in Malaysia. On last count, we have more than 10 languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Tamil, Hindi.. not to mention Manglish.

Situation in Vietnam is slightly different, instead of airing shows in their respective languages, they usually dub it in Vietnamese. However, if you listen closely, they only use ONE person to dub the entire movie. It doesn’t matter if the actor on screen is old, young, male, female, baby, dog, cat.. just one person speaking the dialogs monotonously, without emotion nor any hint of passion.

Check it out!

After having some porky goodness at Jarrod & Rowlins Hartamas, we decided browse the neighboring DVD store. I was happily browsing, and suddenly my friend stopped me from walking so that I don’t step onto iSulk on the floor there..

Sulking baby
i wanna go home!

According to the mother, this kid was just too tired to walk and hence decided to just lay down on the carpet sulking. Interestingly, other member of their family didn’t quite give a crap about this big baby.

Sulking baby
a close up on the sulking baby

What do you think would have happened if you pull such a stunt when you were young?