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So there were two hunters, they went into the Malayan jungle and hunted a tiger. With a very sharp parang, they divided the dead cat into three portions.

A: head
B: front body
C: back body

One hunter got the front body, the other took the back body home. Now the question is, who took the head?

Mouseover the image, and wait for a few seconds for the answer!

I got this from Val, so don’t blame me if you think it’s a bit lame. hee-hee

Hie ladies and gentlemen, here’s another KY quiz time. This time we do something easy, the question is simply: How do you slice a watermelon into 9 easy pieces with just 4 strokes using a knife?

The answer isn’t something cheesy or lame, just exercise your braincell and visualize abit, I’m sure you can do it! Even Kimberly did! Cheers!

Mouseover to get the answer when you give up.


Been a while since I give out any teka-teki (quiz), but here goes:

2 climbers, lets call them A & B, went climbing at Gunung Kinabalu, and they were going up agains the difficult wall. Almost to the summit, B lost his grip and fell down to the lower plateau.

A, being his friend and all, yelled “dude you ok…?

B: “OMFG i broke both my hands and my legs, shit is hurting as bad as delivering a quadruplet

A: “Aight mate wait up, I’ll get on top and pull you up.

So A climbed up, threw a rope down and started pulling B up… and that’s when he got curious and asked

Dude, you broke both your arms and legs, how am I pulling you up?

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. ” KAPIAKZ, was the next sound A heard as B plunged to his death.

Question is, how did B die?

Mouseover on the graphic below to get the answer.


As we all know, knife can cut meat. But what can meat cut? Think, think, think…. Move your mouse over the graphic to see the answer.

Whenever you are trying to enjoy some good old stinky durian, there are always flies all around you trying to share the spoil. Isn’t that just annoying? Don’t you hate it? Furthermore, it’s really unhygienic.

Now of course, the famous Suanie will show us the way to counter this pesky little natural phenomenon. Move your mouse pointer over to the graphic below to find out the answer.