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The Petronas Twin Towers is perhaps one of the most photographed buildings in Malaysia. There are tonnes of photos taken from various angles, but can you guess where is this particular photo taken from?

note: I didn’t cut a hole from a cardboard.

KLCC, where is this?
where did I take this picture of the twin towers?

No prize for guessing right. 😀

Been a while since I last had this type of stupid riddle over here, and here. Since we are counting down to our great X’mas Eve Party 2006, it’s just fitting that I dig up this hot and spicy party photo from ST‘s site and make this “spot the differences” pictures. There are a total of 7 differences, find them!

Margie and Sotong lesbian photo
the first lesbian picture

Margie and Sotong lesbian photo
the second lesbian picture

For the noobs, check the answer here. Come to the party!

Following the previous stupid “spot the difference” game with FA’s pictures, lets do it this time with the femmes Suanie who has recently just appeared on the Female Magazine. There are 8 (8th month in lunar calendar) differences between the original and the altered image of the famous blogger, lets see if you have a pair of golden eyes, noob!

Spot the difference with Suanie's pictures
the first picture

Spot the difference with Suanie's pictures
the second picture

For the noobs, check your answer here!


Lets play a little spot the difference game that we’re all too familiar with. Here are two pictures of the lovely camwhore that is the Fire Angel, spot the 6 differences to get some bragging rights. No, there aren’t any prizes, and no, she probably will not date you either.

FA's picture, original
The first picture

FA's picture, altered
The second picture

If you think this is too easy, I deliberately made it so, afterall this is the first. Have fun!

Click here to verify your answer!

Here are two quizes for you to exercise that noob brain of yours. Lets see if you can get the answer, noob!

note: the answer might only appear a few seconds after you place your mouse over the image.

Question 1: Mouse that stands on two feet?

Now lets see if you can get the next one. Duck that stands on two feet?