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One of my female friends, Steph asked for a favor to spread the word about the Signature List on the Samsung Journey of Harmony.

Samsung Journey of Harmony

Now this is all in conjunction to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Basically it works like this, you put in your name and email address, Samsung will donate RM 0.10 to a charity house. The names of the charities can be found on the site. I know RM 0.10 isn’t much, but it’s not exactly a lot of work on our part either. The girl promised that the email address is only going to be used to send a thank you note by the system and not for any commercial purposes. So, why not? Sign up here.

Stephanie Yep at Facebook

Other than that, Steph has also requested me to pimp her facebook link. She is looking for a rich boy friend who is not stingy (kinda like every other girl). So go search and add her at facebook with the name “Stephanie Yep” if you are qualified. A scanned copy of your bankbook and a supplementary platinum card is highly desired.

Here’s another installment of the hugely popular pimp series. Please welcome yet another blogger, Eliza from suemefordreaming. She’s still doing her taboo exams and will be free for taking on dates in less than 2 week’s time, so lets find the lady a candidate, shall we? Here are the previous KY Pimps entries.

Eliza of suemefordreaming
Name: Eliza
Age: almost legal, be patient
Weight: average size with good packages
Height: petite size
Speciality: camwhoring and blogging
X factor: comical relief on her blog and bryanboy imitation

This is a young cute lady who is a great entertainer, self proclaimed possible next big thing after dawn yang. Just look at her hardcore dancing video as posted on rojaks, this is at least at equal par with the famous paul tan videos.

Hope over to her blog to get to know her more, and see for yourself that this is truely a great discovery. Don’t lose out!

Eliza of suemefordreaming
unlike some probloggers, these pictures are original. so cuteeee

To date her:
Get in line and let the bidding starts, of course, proceed goes to charity that Peter Tan specifies. No more hair for hospice though, but maybe pimp for hospice? Bid it!


Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s another pimp post. This time we got Penny, with her femmes pennypupz blog. She’s been telling me that she wants to have a date, so lets fix one up for her shall we? As usual, you can find the previous pimping entries.

Name: Penny
Age: almost legal, I think.. =/
Weight: don’t ask, but abit chubbier than me lah
Height: tall, like 5’7 or something like that
Speciality: camwhoring
X factor: they said it’s the mammalian glands, I wouldn’t know.

Now, to many of you who read Penny’s blog, this girl needs no introduction. She goes to church, but don’t be fooled thinking she’s a hardcore religious young lady for she confessed that she sometimes fall sleep there. She also cooked up an About Me page on her blog, so take a look there to know more about her.

photos abit dark lah, she covered the moonlight.. =/

To date her:
So guys, don’t be hesitating, she’ll be the perfect companion for you in a great outing. If you are the indoor type, I’m sure she has something in her sinister mind too! So let the bidding begin!


Another pimping post for you noobs. I got someone femmes to pimp to you, please welcome Reta of Cyber-Red, a veteran blogger that will put your 100th post to shame, cos she did more than 5 times as many as you, noob! Previous pimping entries can be found here

Reta of cyber red
Name: Reta
Age: early twenties, don’t ask lah
Weight: slender & curvy type
Height: almost as tall as me, maybe 5’5?
Speciality: organized crime campaign for STD
X factor: nail biting, so you save on the manicure

This young lady is an almost graduate from a femmes college at Klang Valley. Over legal age and barely qualify to register as a voter. She is also a veteran blogger with over 500 posts! As a comparison, yours truely here is only working on the the 120th. That makes her more than 4 times better.. or something like that.

pimping Reta of cyber red
i’m so happy, yeay!

If you can get her to go to Sunway Lagoon, an unamed source told me that she’ll put on bikini and looks really good on it. Rumours also have it that she enjoys playing pool, and can sometimes go to Asia Cafe at Subang Jaya. But yet another anonymous source warned that this girl has a curfew, a mama’s girl, a modern day Cinderalla. Probably a good thing, you know she’s not contaminated by KL’s night scene… yet.

Reta pimped
yet another proof that this is genuine, hehe.

To date her:
What are you waiting for? Go pledge to Peter Tan’s Hair for Hospice, higher you pledge, higher your chance is! It’s all for a good cause anyway.


Here we go again, boys and girls, another pimping entry. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Anne. You know the drills, look back at entries on FA, Xaviera, and Vanessa for info. So, lets get it on!

pimping anne
Name: Pocket Anne
Age: Legal, can apply for her own passport
Weight: feather weight
Height: she doesn’t want to talk about it
Occupation: Oil and Gas Exec
Speciality: Acting like a high school girl
X factor: Travelling with her is economical, she fits in your check-in luggage. Flexibility!

This is the cute little girl next door, but don’t let the high school look alike image fools you. This girl can dance like a snake, play pool like a pro, and sing the “shanghai beach” song like you’ve never heard it before. You’ll be surprised. And oh, she has one of the most femenine way of walking.

This girl also enjoys fine food, from Japanese sushi, to Kepong bak kut teh. Bring her to play some pool after dinner, or catch a movie, play bowling.. er.. maybe we should scratch the bowling option unless you can find the 8 lb ball.

Anne pimped
If she isn’t cute, I don’t know who is

To date her:
No, you don’t have to be taller than 5’3. So, lets bid! I guess this is where I bring in Peter Tan, he’ll specify a charity for the money to go to if I ever recieve any.