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another money sucking hobby

10 Reasons for Your Camera to be Smart – Samsung WB150F

I’m a bit of a photography enthusiast, and constantly keep a watch on the latest cameras that comes along. My

Macro Photography at KL Butterfly Park

Last weekend we did something that usually only tourists do, we went to the butterfly park in KL. The park

Volkswagen Polo Sedan by Seri Wawasan bridge, Putrajaya

so I had the Volkswagen Polo Sedan over the weekends

While waiting for the commencement of a stand up comedy show at Velvet underground sometimes last year, a few of

the Similan Islands, an underwater photo set

The biggest appeal of diving to me is the calmness I get when underwater, listening to nothing but the breath

Teasers from 2012 Similan Diving Trip

Just got back on another excellent live aboard diving trip at Similan Islands, as with last year, the experience was

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