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Just a few days ago I wrote about Mat Rock nasi ayam kunyit being one of the “old school” type of food trucks around KL area, well, here’s one event where you can now check out some of the “hipster food trucks” offering a menu usually geared towards a more international flavor – at the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia.

food trucks are going to be at the LPGA Malaysia this year (photo credit: Sime Darby Malaysia LPGA)
food trucks are going to be at the LPGA Malaysia this year
(photo credit: Sime Darby Malaysia LPGA) 

The LPGA will be held at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) from 8-11 October, 2015.

In addition to world class golf actions, the KL Food Truck Festival is also going to be part of the festivities. There will be six different food trucks at the location:

  • Cowboys – Southern American cuisine
  • Burger Giler Power – burger
  • Thyme Out – Tex-Mex
  • Ken’s Food Truck – Western/European cuisine
  • Ninja Trucks – pizza
  • Wheeloaf – sandwich, panini

Wheeloaf, one of the participating food trucks at LGPA
Wheeloaf, one of the participating food trucks at LGPA

With food price capped at RM 10, these food truck offers not only an interesting array of choices, but they’re rather affordable too. You can try all of them without having to hunt individual trucks at their various locations. Personally I’ve had a taste of wheeloaf’s panini and thought it was actually very good.

Malaysia LPGA food truck bazaar
Malaysia LPGA food trucks (photo credit: Sime Darby Malaysia LPGA)

In addition to the food trucks, you can also feast on Executive Chef Arnold Kwok’s extensive F&B selection at the Courtyard and around the Festival at KLGCC especially if you prefer to have a more relaxing sit-down meal.

DJ Patricia K
DJ Patricia K 

On the entertainment front, DJ and television host, Patricia K will be at Sime Darby LPGA to spin her numbers. In all it should be a few days of good food, music, and freebies.

Michelle Wie (photo credit: Getty Images)
Michelle Wie (photo credit: Getty Images)

And lest we forget, there’s also the golf. The likes of Lydia Ko and Michelle Wie are going to be head to head on the green. There’s a huge screen adjacent to the 18th hole complete with live commentary and onsite emcee.

If you’re a fan of golf, or even just a fan of food, this event should be on your calendar. Single day ticket is at RM 30 each, and 10-11th October weekend pass is priced at RM 50. For every ticket purchased, you will get a free food voucher. For more information please head to


We just moved to a new home at Shah Alam less than a couple months ago, it was  a long journey in getting keys, doing defects, renovation, getting furnitures, proper curtains, arranging, cleaning, painting, and many other big and small tasks.

One of the final pieces to the house that we desperately needed was an air purifier in the living/dining area, which thankfully, we have now, and not just an ordinary unit at that.

Sharp FPFM40LB air purifier in our dining area
Sharp  FPFM40LB air purifier in our dining area

The issue of air pollution and crazy API reading due to the haze issue in the past few months should be quite apparent to everyone. Making indoor air as clean as possible is now pretty much a need instead of a luxury. For this we have a unit of SHARP plasmacluster air purifier in the bedroom.

dengue in Malaysia, an alarming statistics
dengue in Malaysia, an alarming statistics

Now come the second issue many of us faces as Malaysian – dengue.

We had over 100 thousand cases of dengue last year, with 215 confirmed cases of death (sadly it also happened to one of my friends, RIP “Wingz”).

number of people killed by mosquito every year
number of people killed by mosquito every year

In fact, mosquito is accountable for the highest number of human fatality from animals with an estimated 725 thousand people died from various diseases infected from it. The number is far higher than human killed by snakes, dogs, snails, crocodiles, hippo, elephant, lions, wolves, and sharks combined. In fact, sharks only account for some 10 fatalities a year.

We are definitely facing some mosquito issues in the new area, I suspect partly due to the construction of a condominium a mere hundred or so meters away.

Sharp FPFM40LB air purifier with mosquito catcher function
SHARP  FPFM40LB air purifier with mosquito catcher function

So to combat this pesky and potentially very dangerous mosquito problem, we were also looking for some sort of repellent or electronic mosquito trap for the past week or so.

anatomy of the SHARP FPFM40L Air Purifier
anatomy of the SHARP FPFM40L Air Purifier

Then came the SHARP FPFM40LB, the Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier – a device that combat of the two issues many of us face. It purifies air and trap mosquitos all at the same time. Now instead of having to get two separate devices, we got one that does both – saving both space, energy, and the need for another electrical sockets. Neat.

installing the deodorising filter and HEPA filter
installing the deodorising filter and HEPA filter

To achieve the air purifying objective, the unit comes with SHARP’s plasmacluster technology to eliminate static electric so dust doesn’t stick to surface, then there’s a deodorising filter to remove foul odor, and HEPA filter to remove air borne particles (99.97% of 0.3 micron dust). It also has an air sensor that monitor and control the amount of air flow needed to achieve this task efficiently.

glue sheet - with UV light these are the mosquito catching secrets
glue sheet – with UV light these are the mosquito catching secrets

To catch mosquito, the FPFM40L uses a strong glue sheet made out from non-toxic material (to ensure safety), and two maintenance free energy saving LED lights to attract mosquitos. The unit is also black in color, as mosquitos often like to hide in dark areas. Additionally, even the entrance is designed and shaped in such for maximum catching performance.

Each pack has 3 sheets and each sheet is recommended to be used for 1 month, with a maximum of 3 month usefulness if it’s not “filled” with mosquito yet. So far in a few days of use, I’ve noticed a dozen of so mosquitos stuck in the glue sheet, and the area is really practically mosquito free. It’s doing it’s job.

So if you’re facing similar problems, this latest SHARP Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier should be in your radar.

Recently we moved to a new place in Shah Alam. After many months of planning, renovation, painting, and moving, we are living in a place we call home, with a neat kitchen we now cook 4-5 times a week, an AV room for TV, a deck, dipping pool, koi pond, and all that.  All said, it is pretty nice, except for one little problem – the lack of fiber Internet service.

my data usage is quite staggering
my data usage is quite staggering, this was just for just a few days

This has prompted me to start looking for mobile plans with a heavy dosage of data cap that can not only serve as a atop gap measure, but as someone who loves to stream music and video (I love my life NFL games) on his mobile phone, a plan that I don’t have to worry by the 2nd week of billing cycle.

U Mobile Hero P70

That’s when I was told about U Mobile’s Hero P70 plan, which seemingly check all the boxes in a plan for such type of user.

Let’s look at what you get under the Hero P70 plan:

  • 7 GB of high speed Internet data
  • Unlimited call to all network
  • No contract needed
  • SMS – 3 sen to U Mobile, 8 sen to other networks
  • Share data among member line

All this is for RM 70 per month and there is no long term contractual obligation. This is making some of the plans I used previously looking pretty pale in comparison, usually with 3 GB or a maximum of 5 GB monthly internet quota that comes with 1-2 years of contract period.

u mobile internet roaming

Best of all, there’s also 50 MB of daily internet roaming for the following countries, which should cover all your instant messaging needs while being abroad:

  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

I know a few friends who travels a lot to Singapore/Thailand and has a habit of flipping SIM cards, this plan would put an end to that annoying practice.

upgrade to P70

For existing users, there’s no extra charges to upgrade from current postpaid plan, and the upgrade can be done online right now.

The promotion ends 31 December 2015, so act now. Head to for more information.

Sunday Fun with Jazz

September 15, 2015 12 Comments

While I’m pretty active with badminton and futsal, I’ve also taken mountain biking as another weekend hobby not too long ago. There’s something about peddling like mad around the lush green trees in the rain forest that sooth the mind.

packing up my mountain bike in Honda Jazz
packing up my mountain bike in Honda Jazz

We started in the morning by packing my old trusted mountain bike in the Jazz.

While the car may look pretty diminutive from the outside, it has some pretty neat trick up its sleeve. For one, the rear seats can be arranged in several configurations according to your need.

I folded it down into utility mode and threw my mountain bike in with ease. In fact, it’ll take 2 full size mountain bikes without breaking a sweat.

loving the bluetooth enable in-car entertainment system
loving the bluetooth enable in-car entertainment system

first pit stop - lemang stalls by Karak Highway (before Genting exit)
Lemang stalls by Karak Highway (before Genting exit)

Along the way before we reach Janda Baik, there stopped by the lemang stalls by Karak Highway just a short distance before Genting Highland exit  (GPS: 3.325877,101.748323).

For RM 14 we got ourselves a whole tube of lemang and a container of serunding. Add a couple cans of cold soft drinks and you got yourself a pretty awesome brunch.

a bit of Mountain Biking at Janda Baik
a bit of Mountain Biking at Janda Baik

We got to Janda Baik, I unload the bike, affixed the front wheel, and spent some of time cycling around the trail a bit. Nothing beats the fresh air up in the hill if you’re sweating.

"Refresh Mode" - best for a bit of in-car snoozing
“Refresh Mode” – best for a bit of in-car snoozing

After cycling, the “refresh mode” came into play – by removing the headrest and fold the front seat all the way down, you can actually “join” it to the rear seat to form a sort of “Business Class” horizontal bed for a bit of snooze fest. Why wouldn’t anyone thought of this earlier?

Sekinchan paddy field, it's 2015, year of selfie?
Sekinchan paddy field, it’s 2015, year of selfie?

After resting for a while – we decided to drop by Sekinchan for a while. Because, why not? Some 120 km later, we reached Sekinchan, a place so tranquil and serene it almost seem impossible that it is actually within the state of Selangor, just an hour or so’s drive from the bustling PJ, or Bandar Utama. I always love the vast expanse of flat land and the seabreeze.

The 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine with CVT gearbox proved to be pretty frugal in fuel consumption. With around RM50 spent on fuel, I am impressed with the area that we have covered for the day.

We spent about half an hour or so recharging our souls by the paddy field before continuing our final leg of the journey.

this car would look good at our new crib
this car would look good at our new crib

Another 50 km or so later, we reached KEN Rimba, our future new crib (still under renovation), and I think the Jazz sure look pretty good here, don’t you think?

For more information on Honda Jazz and other models, head to

After ten years of updating this site, I am going to finally be able to meet my number one most respected food personality in Malaysia – Chef Wan!

To me, there’s no other single person who has contributed more in bringing Malaysian food to the world, I still vividly remember one day many years ago at a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City when I switched on the TV and saw a program of Chef Wan being broadcast in a foreign country. Totally awesome, and I would have never thought that one day I may be on the same panel as him in a contest.

I’m going to tell my grandchildren about this one day…

the article above is published in full here

Anyway, this is about The Star R.AGE’s Food Fight, a competition to find the next food celebrity in Malaysia. Winner will get a column in The Star, a featured blog on R.AGE (, an online video series produced by R.AGE TV, culinary workshops by Le Cordon Bleu as well as cash and other prizes.

The competition is as such:

  • One video submission A cooking segment (max. 3 minutes) where participants prepare a recipe using palm oil, promoted as a “truly Malaysian ingredient”, and mention some of its benefits. Benefits of palm oil will be published on the contest microsite. Judging will focus more on their on­camera personality and presentation skills.
  • One blogpost An article complete with photos (and any other media, if desired), to be uploaded to a dedicated R.AGE Food Fight page.


5 Finalists will be shorst listed by the judges by 3rd Sept and will then undergo training at Le Cordon Bleu.

On the 26th of September, the finalists will have masterclasses conducted by Chef Wan, Chef Darren Chin, Chef Liang, and yours truly.

The finale will be on Oct 3rd, it’ll be exciting! Can’t wait.

p/s: Thanks Michael!