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I did a short Q&A with Jetstar Magazine talking about some of my favorite places in Kuala Lumpur, it’s published on the April edition. I’m keeping a copy of the PDF here for memory sake. 😀

jetstar magazine April 2016
Jetstar Asia April – 2016  Q&A (click for PDF)

When I first starting having a website on the internet some years back, I was in my early twenties. I was able to jump from 10 feet high without batting an eyelid, eat 2-3 bowls of rice on a good dinner, and of course, the topic of hair loss never once cross my mind.

Abbott CG 210 for men & women
Abbott CG 210 for men & women

Fast forward more than a dozen years later, while it looks like I did not draw the short end of the genetic stick that  leads to male pattern baldness, I do notice that it is quite obvious that I don’t have the same thickness of hair as before (something that was also commented by my long time hair stylist).

So maybe it is time to take some active measures to do something about this.

Abbott CG 210 is supplied with a cannula for easier application
Abbott CG 210 is supplied with a cannula for easier application

Enter CG 210 Hair & Scalp Essence – a product by Abbott Laboratories that can help manage hair loss by reducing excessive shedding and to promote healthy hair growth.

The product provides the four following clinically proven results:

  • Reduces hair shedding
  • Increases hair thickness
  • Improves healthy hair
  • Promotes new healthy hair

Which sounds pretty good, so I’m giving it a try.

giving the spray on essence a try for hair loss management
giving the spray on essence a try for hair loss management

The application is actually fairly easy. Basically you want to have the essence on your scalp, instead of on your hair. To make life easier, CG210 comes with a cannula to make this job rather stress free. Spray a little, massage it on, move on to the next “coverage area”, repeat.

The essence is made from natural botanical formulation, and as I apply it to my scalp, it was quite a neutral feeling. There’s no irritation, not oily, not sticky, nor does it have any strong smell to it, though it does have some light fragrances (different for men & women).

instructions are simple to follow
instructions are simple to follow

Hair management is not an overnight or a one time application type of deal, most users observe positive results in less shedding after 28 days, and many felt that their hair were in good health after 56 days of us (according to studies). So this is something that I’ll continue to use. The 3 bottles should last me 3 months, and pictures from 3 months later should show me how effective Abbott CG210 is to my flock.

You can get the product in selected private hospitals, clinics and all leading pharmacies. If you need further information, please call Abbott Lifeplus careline 1-800-88-0709 or visit the website at

Disclaimer: Compensation was received from Abbott for the writing of this article, Abbott believes that consumers & bloggers are free to form their own opinion & share the words.

One of the perks of moving to our new places in Shah Alam is that being a corner unit,we have a bit of land for gardening, and since some of you have commented in my previous cooking posts wanting to take a peek at the garden, here it is!

our current garden, with only a strip of planting bed
our current garden, with only a strip of planting bed

The area that we currently set up for planting is basically a strip of land about 30 feet or so along the fence. We’ve set up a makeshift PVC roof of sort with certain part covered in clear plastic sheet for weather protection. The roof is also reinforced with wire mesh, which conveniently served as trellis for our long bean plant.

At the car porch, we also have an outdoor IKEA glass house that serves as a nursery for seedlings to protect them from the elements.

tiny capsicum, fig tree, white pepper, parsley & thyme
tiny capsicum, fig tree, white pepper, parsley & oregano

In these photos you may have noticed that there are some black pipes around the plants, this is the soaker pipes we set up for irrigation. Our irrigation timer (bought from mudah for RM 100) is set up to water the plants automagically twice everyday, which makes life easier when we aren’t home to keep the plants hydrated. Skipping watering a couple days can easily kill some of them.

long beans, way too much fruit from one plant
long bean, way too much fruit from one plant

For the planting plot, we actually had it dug out about a foot deep and amended it by adding a couple layers of organic chicken shit and compost. This was to make the plot more fertile and to looser, our original soil was hard and with too many stones in them.

rosemary, galangal, mint, basil
rosemary, galangal, mint, thyme, basil, oregano, lime

When planting, you do need to know the requirements for each of them, as they can be quite different. Some plants want to be in the shades, others like full sun light, and some wants to be soaked in water, but there are also those that likes the soil well drained.

kale, bayam, lettuce
kale, bayam, lettuce

For herbs we have the following:

  • oregano
  • thyme
  • mint
  • rosemary
  • basil
  • galanga
  • lemongrass


  • bayam
  • lettuce
  • long bean
  • kale
  • radish (harvested)
  • capsicum
  • chili (upcoming)
  • lime
  • pegaga
  • fig
  • lychee (doubt this will actually fruit)

pegaga, basil, lemongrass, chili & flower plant seedlings
pegaga, basil, lemongrass, chili & flower plant seedlings

This garden should look very different in a few month’s time, as we are about ready to delete everything and redo the whole area with proper trellis, irrigation, a hydroponic element, and design that is more pleasing to the eyes. It’s gonna be quite a lot of work but it’s a project we’re looking forward to!

Get planting!

Traveling abroad for a bit of rest & relax is in the list for many of us when it comes to choices in spending our vacation time & money, and when it comes to this, there’s always the concern on currency exchange – Where to a good rate? When to exchange? How much to exchange?

eForex application on Android and iOS devices
eForex application on Android and iOS devices

For this, many of us has our “favorite” money changers. Some goes to TTDI, others like certain counters in certain malls. Whichever one we head to, there’s always some potential common problems:

  • long queue and wait time
  • money exchange counter does not have enough stock of particular currency
  • having to bring (sometimes too much) cash to do it

today's exchange rate, favorites, and rate alert features
today’s exchange rate, favorites, and rate alert features

Well, the good thing is now you can get rid of some of those problems by doing this right on your mobile phone with eForex application (available on Android & iOS devices).

Yes, welcome to 2016!

The eForex application is pretty simple to use. After download and installing it on the device, you can proceed to register an account with the app, this process takes between 5-15 minutes, including an email verification step.

After that you’re good to go. There are over 20 different currencies to choose from, and all with “live” currency rates right on the mobile screen. This surely beats having to run around different money exchange counters checking out their rates. There’s also a function to set your favorite currencies.

Another feature I find particularly helpful is the “rate alerts notifications“, which sends you a notification whenever a particular currency rise/fall under certain threshold you set. Together with “travel reminder“, these is two functions can be quite neat when you’re on a budget and don’t want to get surprises.

pick up locations in Klang Valley
pick up locations in Klang Valley

eForex offers pick up points in a number of locations throughout Klang Valley, with the locations easily found under “pick up point selector” – Rawang, KL, Shah Alam, Puchong, and even Banting all has outlets to get your currency.

Other than saving time and hassle, the most important benefit to me is the availability of online payment (via FPX and MEPS). This eliminate a trip to the ATM or bank entirely, not to mention more secure as well.

book & collect, travel reminder
book & collect, travel reminder

So for your next travel & foreign currency needs, give this application a try.

I grew up in the era before internet was a thing, and back in those days, shopping usually means heading out to the mall (Komtar in Penang in our case), walk around and hunt for the best deals, and possibly asking the salesperson on the features and specifications of the items we wanted to purchase. It was hard work.

And if you are those who wants to get the most bang for your bucks, it meant asking around different shops, waiting for sales period, or even collecting paper coupons.

Well, those were the days. Now we have click on the computer/smart phone, and things appear in our front door a few days later. I love the 21st century.

rakuten malaysia

Now of course there are many places to shop online, but it is always wise to choose one based on the these few points (personally I think so anyway)

  • Reputable
  • Local (saves on shipping, easier returns if needed)
  • Good Deals

Rakuten Malaysia was launched in Malaysia in November 2012, just a little over 3 years ago, and to be honest, I actually purchased a Komine riding pants from the international site before the Malaysian version was launched. The process was simple and reliable then, it is even better now with the local site.

5x points everyday at Rakuten

We already know the reputation of Rakuten and that it is a Malaysian site, so today, we look at the deals offered here – the Rakuten Super Points.

how does point works at Rakuten

What is Rakuten Super Point and how does it work?

Well, every purchase you get from Rakuten now awards 5x points, which directly translate to a 5% savings to be used on the subsequent purchases. Very straightforward.

Additionally, on Wednesday, if you have a MasterCard, use it to get additional 5% off your goodies.

bike accessory shop on Rakuten

For example, I am researching for motorcycle riding gear and hop on to G7 bike store on Rakuten. Here they have helmet, bikeware, gloves, rainwear, shoes, and more, which is pretty neat and rather useful for me.

komine jackets on Rakuten

Maybe it’s time for me to get another jacket to supplement the current one (sometimes it rains and I’m out of luck the next day while waiting for the jacket to dry). G7 carries Komine, and if I get JK-063, here’s the savings:

  • purchase on Wednesday and use MasterCard (5%) and pay only RM 1007
  • get RM 50 via 5x points
  • total savings of RM 103!

You can be smart about it and separate your purchase into two batches to use the points immediately, or saves them up to be used at a later point. It’s really up to you.

rakuten coupons every weekends

But wait, remember the coupon thingy we talked about earlier? Instead of cutting it from magazine, just check out Rakuten every weekends for one that you can use. For example, at the time of writing, there’s a RM 5 coupon. Paste in the code during checkout get RM 5 off.

If you haven’t come across Rakuten Malaysia yet, go check it out now, there bound to be stuff you need in their vast catalogue. Sign up and enjoy these great deals.

P/S: this is a sponsored post by Rakuten Malaysia