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KY Koi Pond Garden
a cool and soothing atmosphere

Been a while since I posted anything on the koi pond, thougt I’d just show you noobs how sweet it looks now and explains a little about the koi pond filteration system that I had set up. The filter system is designed to require very low maintenance, and at the same time, provide a superb condition for koi to live in.

But first, lets take a look at a couple snaps I took of the pond. The plants are now growing pretty tall as compared to just a couple months ago. You can compare it with this koi pond post that I wrote a few months back on September, and also this one from August. Huge difference isn’t it? However, the green and white plants are invaded by caterpillar recently and that has inhibit the growth quite a bit. The bamboo lookalike and the red leaf plants, however, has been going bezerk. The bourgonvilla is a new addition thanks to FA.

KY Koi Pond Garden
look at the nice gardening job

KY Koi Pond Garden
the kois grew quite abit too

Now lets get a little more pro and talk about the koi pond filter for a bit. Noobs like you might need a little fishy lesson and KY’s here to provide, worry not.

Koi, like any other fish, produces waste. The primary contribution of fish waste would be ammonia, and kois don’t particulary like their living environment to be of high ammonia content. Which bring us to the why the biological filter is needed: To create an eco system that will consume koi waste and keep the water parameter in safe and healthy level for the fish.

KY Koi Pond Filter System
first and second chamber of the koi pond filter

My filter is of the simple and old school 5 chamber variety. The first chamber is the settlement chamber, I leave a small net to catch bigger particles and also left the chamber empty to catch any heavy sinking debris. The 2nd chamber is filled with Japanese mat. The purpose of the mat is not so much filtration of particles, but to provide a surface for bacteria to colonise. The bacteria here serves the purpose of converting Ammonia to Nitrite, which is a bit more tolerable by the kois.

KY Koi Pond Filter System
third and forth chamber of the koi pond filter

I had filled the 3rd and 4th chamber with bio balls and bio stones respectively. These too are mediums for which different types of bacteria will colonise and make up the biological filtration system. The 2nd type of bacteria will convert the Nitrite to Nitrate.

KY Koi Pond Filter System
fifth chamber of the koi pond filter

Brush occupies the last chamber. I had added this as the last step simply because I bought the brush the latest. Thiese too serve the purpose for bacteria colonization. As to which type of bacteria thrives best on which surface, I don’t have a simple scientific way to find out. Then again, my filter system works just fine, with healthy water parameters.

KY Koi Pond Filter System
plants to soak up the Nitrate

So, if you’re following me, the Ammonia is converted to Nitrite, then to Nitrate. Well, the kois don’t really love Nitrate either, though they tolerate it much better than Ammonia. Hence this is where the plants come in to make the full eco system, apart from the healthy coating of algae on the wall and bottom of the pond, I have added a few rooted money plants to soak up the excess Nitrate. As a bonus, they are rather asthetically pleasing, I am trying to grow them around the water fall area.

KY Koi Pond Filter System
flushing the filter

To keep the pond clean, I simply flush the 3 bottom outlets of the filter for about 10 seconds each daily. Usually in the morning when I feed them. When the flushed water gets to be somewhat green, all I need to do is to shake the filter elements and flush all the dirt out. The process takes not more than half an hour and only need to be done once a couple months.

Awesome, isn’t it? Don’t you wish you have a koi pond too?

Koi Pond

Any koi keeper will tell you that the most important thing about a koi pond is the water parameter. In fact, some dude from forum has a signature that says “I am the water keeper, the kois take care of themself”, or something to that effect.

So I don on my white lab coat and become a scientist all over again.

testing koi pond water parameter
No, for the last time, these aren’t pregnancy test kits!

There are 4 tests I run on a regular basis to ensure that the water is in good condition. They are pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate level. The best condition for a koi pond would be a pH level of between 7.5 to 8, and the other 3 kept to the minimal.

KY testing koi pond water parameter
Results were not bad at all

The readings from this test:

  • pH – around 7.8
  • Ammonia – less than 5 mg/l
  • Nitrite – less than 0.3 mg/l
  • Nitrate – around 5 to 7 mg/l

While the readings were pretty good, the Nitrate level should still be lowered somehow. As Nitrate act as plant fertilizer, it causes algae bloom that makes the water green. If condition does not improve in the next few months, I might need to make a trickle tower dry filter to suppliment the current wet bio filter.

6 fishes now, still adding, will post pictures of them when the water gets clearer.

Koi Pond

Since we started building the koi pond, we have been getting to know alot of neighbours. So if you move into a new neighbourhood, I suggest that you build yourself a pond too, it’s the best ice breaker, brings everyone together, world peace and all.

KY koi pond
So pretty so pretty, young men. Oh thank you thank you, uncles.

There are currently 4 fishes in the pond right now, and the water is like.. green. Hopefully the biological filter kicks in a few weeks time and clear the water up.

beautiful koi fish
Lovely, no? 😀

Oh well, there’s still this mural that Huey Fang and Chan are drawing up to complete the garden, we’ll see how long it takes them… about 1.5 months now so far.. hehe

Koi Pond

After taking a swim in the koi pond, we decided to get slightly more serious and got some plants to decorate the pond side nicely.

koi pond with garden

We got five of those whitish green plants and 4 of those reddish plants as well as some bamboo look alike plants and floating water plants. Looks pretty impressive isn’t it?

zen garden theme koi pond

Floating plants on the waterfall, and a japanese ZEN theme is in with this little stone pagoda thing at the far side of the pond. We installed a small light bulb in there too!

filter system for koi pond

Here’s the all important biofilter.
First chamber – Japanese Mat, with aeration
Second chamber – Bio Balls, with aeration
Third chamber – Bio Stones, with aeration

Hope this set up is sufficient, or else I’ll have to start thinking about a trickle tower…


Koi Pond

Since the pond is almost done except the proper set up of the filtration system, I decided to christen the pond by taking a swim.

Swimming in the koi pond

It was alot of fun, I brought out the snorkling gear, and did some exercise over the water, too. You can see Horng at bottom right enjoying the waterfall.

For some of you with higher bandwidth, you can see a video we took over here. I did a death man fall, Horng took a dive, and you can even see FA visiting us! Too bad she didn’t bring her bikini, heh.

Koi Pond