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Some of the more unfortunate noobs out there who has read the koi article on Kosmo might have noticed that there were no pictures of my pond nor my fish on the paper, and there are 2 very simple reason to that.

1. for some reasons Kosmo missed the whole pond experience and decided to concentrate sole on fish, which was unfortunate
2. my fish were shy, it was hard for the reporter to take good pictures of them

Chagoi at KY's pond
very nice female Chagoi about 1 feet in length

To fix that 2nd point, I need a fearless fish to lead the pack. Now, the many varieties of Koi is akin to the different breeds of dogs, each carrying different natural traits. For example, a golden retrieval is inherintely easier to train playing catch compared to a chiwawa. Similarly, a Chagoi (olive brown colored Koi) is naturally brave and usually exhibit good leadership quality in a school of koi fish. Hence, a Chagoi can usually lead all the other fish to be friendlier and display less fright towards human.

Chagoi at KY's pond
Chagoi showing uninhibited feeding behaviour, leading the pack

I had been wanting to get a decent size Chagoi for quite some time but has always found them either difficult to find, or very expensive. When I was at Sentul Park Koi Center last week and found out that they have a tank of Chagoi selling at very very reasonable price, I was delighted, and picked a big fat female (around 30 cm) on the very same weekend morning. As adviced by Mr. Lee, always transfer koi to new pond only in the morning to allow sufficient time for the fish to get used to its surrounding

Chagoi at KY's pond
friendlier fish hanging out at the surface

Sure enough, by the 2nd day, the Chagoi was the first fish to come on the surface to feed. Naturally, the other fish follows, albiet with slightly more hesitation. A few days later, other fish are starting to get bolder too, I can only hope that they will become more playful and fearless over time.

Chagoi at KY's pond
the view from the bench overseeing the pond

Another trick that I have been using is hanging out at the pond for at least a few minutes before feeding the fish. This allows the fish to associate human with feeding, and over time can lead to bolder kois. Hope this works too.

Chagoi at KY's pond
the 2-tier, 3-stream waterfall

Koi Pond

This is the first time I appear in the newspaper (with my name on it and spelled correctly, too.) If you happen to have a copy of Kosmo dated 23/2/2006, turn to Rencana Utama page 19, now!

Koi Pond - KY Interviewed by Kosmo Newspaper
cool or not?

The article talks about Koi and I was one of the keepers interviewed. One of the reasons yours truely was chosen is the fact that most Koi keepers are not exactly young. I guess I gave them a fresher face, as I quote this gem

“Kecantikan ikan koi membuatkan ramai insan yang terpesona dan ingin memeliharanya sebagai hobi. Salah seorangnya ialah anak muda, Teoh Kar Yeong.”


“The beauty of Koi fish captures the heart of many and makes them want to keep koi as hobby. One of them is the young man, T### K## Y####.”

Interesting isn’t it? There was no link to this blog, however, my best guess is that some of the entries posted might not be very halal for the target audience of Kosmo, a Malay newspaper. Now if only we had started the whole rowing thing before the reporters left..

Xaviera, one of our badminton partners msg me last weekend and mentioned the opening ceremony at the much talked about Sentul Park Koi Center, having read from wantan production that it is a place I would probably love to go, we decided to give it a try on the rainy and lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sentul Park Koi Center
look at em lovely jumbo kois!

Compare to other Koi farms around Klang Valley and Penang, the Sentul Park Koi Center is a completely different concept altogether, and a rather good one at that. The place is located in the quiet Sentul West, a high class residential development by the YTL group. Other than the Koi Farm, the center boosts a restaurant by 2 huge koi ponds of basketball court size, a learning center, and beautiful zen garden. The entrace is a very nicely done bamboo forest set up, much like scenery in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Sentul Park Koi Center
prime minister Pak Lah spotted!

As the center is still quite new, there aren’t many fish in the main pond yet, perhaps only around 2 dozens jumbo (over 2 feet) kois. The farm has a few dozen cement tanks with kois of various sizes. However, since it was an opening and everyone was rather busy, there was no opportunity to get information on the pricing of their fish.

Sentul Park Koi Center
there was a koi competition too

We didn’t have the chance to try out the Yuritei Japanese Restaurant by the huge koi pond due to the ceremony. However, the menu looks pretty tempting, and very reasonably priced at 15-20+ for a set entry. Sentul Park Koi Center is definately a place to visit even for the non enthusiasts, for a Koi keeper, it’s a definate must.

Map to Sentul Park Koi Center
as always, my excellent map

Their official site is at

Koi Pond

Like a fairy tale, sad episode only lasts so long, it must be followed by good news, right? So Paul called me up on Saturday to inform me about a reader and fellow Koi lover Mr. Lee wishing to donate a couple kois to take the place of the departed Shiro Utsuri, I was ecstatic.

Koi Pond water parameter
water parameters looking good

On Sunday before going over to Mr. Lee’s residence, I checked the water parameters to make sure everything is fine and that the prior incident did not happen due to unhealthy water. I was not going to introduce any new fish if the water quality is not fit. Ammonia and Nitrit were at minimal levels, pH at a healthy 7.5 ~ 8.0 range, and Nitrate at around 10 mg/l. That was good.

Mr. Lee is an experienced Koi keeper and has a marvelous pond with dozens of very high quality Koi. I particulary like the setting with the computer area situated right behind the pond, making a relaxing work station. We had a brief tour of the house and then picked up the Kois Mr. Lee so generously gave us.

Koi Pond with new fish
soaking the plastic bags

It was a very beautiful Kohaku (red and white) and Showa (red, black, and white.) They were about 14 to 16 inches long and carries very attractive coloration and pattern, undoubtedly very high quality speciments. I soaked the plastic bags containing the kois in the pond water for a while to make sure there is no temperature shock when releasing the fish to their new environment.

Koi Pond with new fish
kohaku released

Water from the plastic bags is then thrown away and the fish released to the pond.

Koi Pond with new fish
showa released

There are six fishes in the pond now. 2 Kohakus, Showa, Yamabuki Ogon (yellow), Tancho (white with red mark on head), and an unidentified blueish gray koi, perhaps a Soragoi.

Koi Pond with new fish
all the 6 kois

To prevent the Shiro Utsuri incident from happening again. I erected a peremeter fence around the pond with some plastic netting, taking a page from Mr. Lee’s set up of his koi pond.

Koi Pond fence
fence construction

It’s a simple set up, hard plastic netting fixed with cable ties on wooden stick that are hammered into the ground. I even sprayed the outer side of the wood flat black in an attempt to improve the aesthetics, but I am definately choosing safety over looks for now.

Koi Pond fence
Pond still looking good isn’t it?

Finally, I want to thank Mr. Lee again for so generously donating the two excellent kois. I will make sure they are in good hands.

Koi Pond

I was woke up by Huey Fang this morning for a bad news.. laying on the grass next to the pond was a dead koi. Appearantly jumped out after pondering the thoughts of how it would be like to live out of water, perhaps inspired by some old school Chinese stories like the Monkey God, thinking that it too, can become a god. blargh.

Dead Koi Shiro Utsuri
omgwtfbbq.. sien

The koi was a shiro utsuri, we like to call it the cow, since it’s got the New Zealand cow’s spots, but not a dalmation’s, mind you. White background and black pattern. I got this koi from the farm at Kelana Jaya near the small Giant. Right opposite of the excellent steamed rice place. The final price too, was haggled with the help of FA‘s mom, how cool was that?

Dead Koi Shiro Utsuri
14″ already you know!

From some 10″ this fella grew up to 14″, a decent size for a beautiful koi.. now dead. A very sad day indeed. I lowered the water level by 2″ and might set up some form of barrier, perhaps sacrify some asthetics to safety.. We’ll see. This is the 2nd occasion, few months ago a black and orange koi simply dissapeared. I am guessing it’s the same thing but the cat took it.

Anyone wanna sponsor me some nice Japanese Kois?

Koi Pond