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I remember when I went to the States to study close to 10 years ago, one of the things that I look forward to was a particular brand of cookie. At the time this favorite cookie hasn’t hit the local market, but I’ve already heard quite a bit about it. It was among my first purchases from a supermarket at the States, together with essentials like pillow and toothpaste.

The cookie actually did play an integral part of my university life. I used to have it while watching ball games with friends on tv, while studying for exams and feeling hungry late at night, or whenever I was too lazy to go to the canteen. It was the perfect meal replacement that is actually tasty and doesn’t even require a microwave!

So you can imagine how glad I was when I found out that they have brought this cookie to Malaysia when I came back from my sojourn to the West.

Well, old memory aside, I am sure you know there are many ways of consuming cookies, but how about the opposite? Here I present you some wrong ways of eating cookies 😀

cookies with bak kut teh
not so great with bak kut teh

First, the cookie doesn’t go very well with bak kut teh soup. Despite the fact that I am an avid bak kut teh eater, the attempt to fuse the two did not come out very well. I dunked it in the soup, took a bite, but the sweetness of the cookie just didn’t gel very well with the herbal taste….

Then there’s the oily vegetable that I put in between my cookies (together with the cream), failed. The mushroom experiment didn’t go very well either. Not only they didn’t taste quite right, I was getting weird stares at the restaurant, oh well…

fried cookies
fried cookies with garlic and fuyu

My second experiment was the fried cookie. The ingredients were simple enough, garlic, fuyu (fermented tofu), oil, and of course the cookies. I heat up the oil, added garlic, cookies, a bit of fuyu, and fried for a couple minutes.

The taste? Well you guessed it, it was pretty weird. I think you can sorta guess it from my expression in the photo. =/

cookies curry soup
cookies curry soup

Not to be discouraged, I then proceed to the 3rd and final experiment, cookies curry soup! This time around, the recipe is even less complicated. Water, curry powder, and cookies! I boiled the water, add curry powder, and dropped a couple cookies in the soup.

How did it taste like? Well, I think the photos did justice to the taste. I’m not going to elaborate more.

cookies with milk

At the end, I went back to the basic, cookies with a glass of cold milk. Twist and dunk, it was best!

So, don’t try to be too clever with the whole thing, and please excuse me while I go and clean up my kitchen. Thank you!

p/s: This is not a sponsored post nor any specific cookies implied. Experiment at your own risk.

The company I’m working for (yes, I do have a day job) comprises of people from across the globe, each with their unique cultural background, language accent, and most importantly, brand of humor.

One fine morning when I stopped by the pantry for a cup of latte (we have this awesome coffee maker), I saw this cardboard box with a paper label that says:

If you place plastic water bottle here, I will send to recycle bin

a very noble idea

A very noble idea, I thought.

Next to the recycle bin, there is another cardboard box set up by another dude who came from UK. It says:

If you leave your old, torn & dirty 5 & 10 ringgit notes here, I will recycle them into my bank

well why not? let me get you started!

I couldn’t help but get him started with 5 baht that was in my pocket somehow! And sure enough, within half an hour the box is filled with half a ringgit (literally), a 5 baht coin, and a further 30 sen. This scheme could work!

Why don’t you try this at your office?

p/s: the original recycle bin remains empty.


Back in my high school days, I had to cycle everyday from Tanjung Tokong to Ayer Itam. It was a long way, and I was the one who cycles the longest distance compared to the few hundred other poor high school kids who had to use human power to go to classes.

Being a true Malaysian, I never waited behind cars at a traffic light when I cycle. I would zigzag my way to the front of the line so to minimize my already long and tiring commute. People still do this with motorbikes and Kancils…

One day, while I was happily zigzagging my way through the stationary cars, I accidentally hit the side view mirror of a Proton car. However, instead of apologizing to the owner and risk having to pay for any potential damages, I ignored it and quickly paddle away from the car and resume my journey hastily.

KY cycling hitting side view mirror

Luckily, I was able to shake off the car and reached home without any trouble. *phew*

And then at the dinner table that night, my late dad suddenly talked to me:

“Why did you hit my car and then just ran away hah?”

Why didn’t I have such luck in buying 4Ds instead????

Back in my high school days, there were no such thing as affordable mobile phones. If you were a highly connected person, you’d have a pager. Everyone uses the public phones and household land lines for across the wire communications. That was the glorious days of anonymous calling when caller-id was yet to be invented.

Just like any methods of communication, anonymity breeds evil out of teenagers, and we indulged ourselves in phone pranks for cheap thrills.

One day, someone thought that it’d be funny to make calls, introduce ourself as a fruit who looks for another. It goes something like this (usually in Hokkien too)

Us: Hello I am durian, may I speak to rambutan?
Answer: huh? what?
Us: Durian looking for rambutan lah, is he in?
Answer: ????


Us: Hi I am orange, can I talk to apple ah?
Answer: what?
Us: Orange here, I want to speak to apple
Answer: ????

I would kill to see the reaction of the people who picks up the phone, their dumb founded voice was already priceless. We would do this at a public phone until our coins run out.

There was this time when one of my buddies dialed a number and then handed it to my pal Beh as it was his turn to do the talking. The conversation went like this:

Beh: Hello I am durian, can I speak to Apple?
Answer: What? Who do you want to look for?
Beh: I am durian lah..
Answer: ???
Beh then suddenly realized something, hung up, and started cursing shit shit shit.

Well, that other buddy had call Beh’s house and it was his father who picked up. Hahhahaha. The poor dude was actually worried for the whole day too.

So what kinda stupid phone prank stories do you have?

The gang and I were on one of our many eating trips and the topic somehow turned to mobile phones. The gang, of course, includes the wonderfully colorful personality that is the famous Kimberly.

Kimberly: I like clamshell phones
KY: clamshell just sounded a bit … wrong, I prefer to call it a flip phone
Kimberly: No no, they are different
KY: ?

and then the girl showed us how they are different. Please refer to the pictures below

Flip Phones vs Clamshell phones
flip phone is like this, and clamshell is like this!

Another KimLogic I don’t quite understand…

I think I’m gonna start a mini Kimbedy series to jot down all these classic acts by this young lady. What do you think?