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Whenever I need to fill up my stomach quick and on the go, the default is always a Snickers bar. It is a habit that I have since college days.

sneakers bar
Snickers! 😀

Not only this condense pack of energy is really convenient, it also tastes awesome. Caramel and plenty of roasted peanut resting on a bed of soft nougat wrapped around with delicious milk chocolate. The distinct sweet and slightly salty flavor is the yums!

Snickers bars are also perfect for traveling, especially to somewhere remote. It’s always wise to keep a few bars in the luggage for the late night hunger attacks when you’re at somewhere without a convenient store or room service.

sneakers game prize

Anyway, Snickers is now having an online game called “Hungry for Football” at And as with any contests, lets start out by looking at the prizes:

  • 5 weekly winners – iPod touch
  • 3 grand prize winners – Sony PSP

Pretty good if you ask me! There’s no need to send in any receipts or use any codes found on Snickers packaging to enter, simply go to the website, register yourself, and start playing!

sneakers online game
the Snickers “Hungry for Football” online game

The game is actually pretty simple. First type the highlighted letter that spells out SNICKERS, and when the energy bar on the right hits maximum, press on space bar to score goal (avoid the goal keeper!). Go through 3 rounds and score them all as fast as you can to get the highest score. Rinse and repeat.

Good luck folks, now head to and do it already. 😀

There is usually at least one type of food that represents a city, and when you are lucky, they are those that can be tapao-ed.

For Penang, it is the Him Heang tambun biscuit, from London, you shouldn’t miss the pork crackles, if there’s someone coming back from the States, get them to source you a pack of Reese’s peanut buttercup, and from Perth, the Corica Apple Strudel.

Corica Apple Strudel from Perth

When Val came back just the other day, it was Cheesie who had asked her to get a loaf of apple strudel from the original Corica Pastries all the way from Perth.

I became the courier for the prized dessert out of convenience since Cheesie was still enroute from Tokyo, Val and I had dinner at BU Centrepoint to complete the transaction and catching up some lost time. After all, we were together for some two years prior to her departure to the land down under.

KY, Horng, Kim, with Cheesie and Koyuki eyeing the Apple Strudel

The next day, Jaclyn, Eric, Kim, Horng, Cheesie, and I got to share the pastry (with Koyuki the huskies & Fatty and Ally the schnauzer eyeing us).

The apple strudel made of layers of crispy pastry with generous amount of apple fillings and custard in between, topped with a thin layer of caramelized sugar. Even though it was more than 36 hours since the strudel left the bakery, it was still awesomely delicious! Not overly rich nor too sweet, it was wholesome and definitely very fulfilling.

I believe a loaf costs over A$15, a bit on a pricey side, but I’d definitely want more! Val, you’re reading this right? 😀

Corica Apple Strudel
106 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge Western Australia 6003

GPS: -31.945753,115.858855
Tel: +618-9328 8196

A couple of weeks ago I posted Mr. Porky pork crackles, one of the best and most sinful snacks ever. Well, my stance on that claim is still true, but today, I want to introduce a healthier alternative that is almost as tasty, and actually halal too! Enter fried salmon skin!

fried salmon skin
RM 3.90 a pack, whole afternoon’s worth of almost-healthy snacking

You can get this at Isetan KLCC’s sushi counter for RM 3.90 a pack, it is not available all the time nor even everyday, but if you see them, grab one! Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall is another place that offers fried salmon skin on their conveyor belt.

Much like pork scratchings, fried salmon skin is crispy with an underlying bits of fat still intact. The best part of salmon skin comes from the belly area. They’re just so yummy, and since it is fish, it shouldn’t be quite as bad for your body. (disclaimer: I am not a doctor I’m just talking out of my ass)

Tips: even though this is a Japanese snack, using it to go with porridge would be quite excellent!


got Blackberry, no life!


Before Cheesie got her Blackberry from Xpax, she was always “why do you always play with your BB?”. Apparently that was because it is sort of a habit that whenever I sit down, the first thing I do is to whip out the BB and check on my twitter feeds, emails, etc. I guess it’s not a very good thing to do when you are among people who aren’t addicted to their phones.

But look who’s talking now. This girl can’t even leave her phone while walking! One of these days she’s going to walk into some smelly dudes with wet armpits, just wait. 😀

In school, we’ve always been taught that brushing your teeth is always the best practice after a meal. Not only does it help the teeth to stay healthy, it leaves a nice fresh taste in your tongue too. But truly speaking, who really ever have the discipline and time to do that?

The next best thing though, of course, is by popping a couple tablets of mint in your mouth.

wrigley's extra professional mint
Wrigley’s Extra Professional Mints come in two flavors

The latest mint from Wrigley’s – Extra Professional Mints, come in two flavors and has a very unique surface and is designed to clean your tongue and give it a fresh, clean feel with reduced germs. This is because the mint’s surface is designed with special formula with dissolving micro granules. But lets not get too technical anyway, the two flavors are Peppermint and Forest Berries, very welcoming after those nasty stuff.


Even if you don’t have someone to kiss after meal, the minty fresh taste is always most welcomed, especially after you had something nasty like what I almost regrettably did with Cheesie and the whole nasty candy experiment.

Best of all, this thing actually tastes very good. I got myself the Forest Berries flavor to try it out and I gotta say I like it a lot, very very addictive. The only problem is keeping the box tucked away so my colleagues wouldn’t steal em from me. 😀

Wrigley's Extra Mint game

There is a flash game you can participate to win prizes too. Simply head to, play the online game by scrubbing unwanted food stuff and germs off the tongue with the mint, and stand a chance tow in these cool stuff!

prizes from wrigley's extra mint game

Weekly prize of Sony Video MP3 player, and the grand prize of.. jeng jeng jeng..

Sony VIAO Pocket Style PC! Actually I saw this particular VIAO in Sony store before and it’s seriously the sexy. Wouldn’t mind one myself, I’m gonna take my chances in this game thing! You enticed? 😀!

Some of you might know that I am quite a consumer of pork and lard. Things that aren’t exactly healthy, but so tasty I just couldn’t help myself. Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, and pork crackles (or pork rind/pork scratching) happen to be one of mine.

Mr Porky Pork Crackles
Mr. Porky pork crackles, from UK

Cheesie knows this fact rather well, which was why she gave me a packet of Mr. Porky pork crackles she obtained from a friend who came back to Malaysia from UK a few weeks ago.

For the uninformed, pork scratchings is basically pork skin with a layer of fat that is seasoned with salt and baked until most of the liquid fat is drained off. The resulting snack is mostly dry but with a hint of fat you can still taste, it is quite salty and porky. Without saying, this thing goes very well with beer.

It’s actually almost like a cross of fried lard (chu yau cha) & salted fish, in a very good way!

I didn’t manage to procure a can of cold beer to go with this little packet of goodness. Perhaps the next project would be self baked pork scratching as suggested by Kim (who also bought me a packet of pork scratching from UK sometimes last year, but I finished it before having a chance to take a picture).