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A few weeks ago we made a trip to Seri Kembangan and met up with some relatives for a Yong Tau Foo lunch for the simple reason of the wife’s aunt saying this was the place to go for yong tau foo, so we did.

Sister Kam Yong Tau Foo at Seri Kembangan
Sister Kam Yong Tau Foo at Seri Kembangan

Sister Kam yong tau foo at Seri Kembangan for lunch torsy today. Yum meh #kyeats #yongtaufoo #serikembangan #food #lunch #tofu

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Our destination was Sister Kam (google map would say Sister Lam), a corner simple kopitiam set up with basic facilities, but also one that has a pretty busy kitchen with about half a dozen workers preparing yong tau foo on the spot. Parking was an easy enough affair, and we were lucky enough to get a table without having to wait.

some of the yong tau foo choices, made fresh on location
some of the yong tau foo choices, made fresh on location

Ordering can be done via a piece of paper ala most dimsum style, you put a number next to the type of yong tau foo you want, and some 10 minutes later they’ll appear on your table. If you’re curious as to how they’ll look like, simply walk to the area near the kitchen and you’ll get to see many of the ready made ytf pieces on display just eagerly waiting to get into your stomach.

various types of ytf, plus curry chicken & hakka fried pork
various types of ytf, plus curry chicken & hakka fried pork

For the 6 of us, we ordered a mixture of fried and soup version of yong tau foo. Additionally we also had a serving of curry chicken and hakka fried pork.

The yong tau foo were fresh and most importantly, with fish paste that are of pretty good quality. I enjoyed the hakka fried pork, but thought the curry chicken was a little light (though the potato was good).

We paid about RM 15 per person for the experience, which was pretty reasonable considering the fact that we also had some coconuts to go with. If you’re around the area it would be a decent place to fill up your stomach, but I would maybe think twice if I had to make a 45 minutes drive.

map to Sister Kam Yong Tau Foo at Seri Kembangan

Sister Kam Yong Tau Foo
65, Jalan PSK 2,
Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor
GPS3.013073, 101.700359
Tel03-8948 2878

A few weekends ago a few of us were invited to the recently refurbished Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant at Palace of Golden Horses for a food review session. The restaurant seats 120 pax with 5 private rooms.

Decoration oozes the concept of elegance and strength, with poise and beauty that is fitting of their symbol and name of the restaurant, Kim Ma translates to Golden Horse in Mandarin.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant, with Chef Roy Wong
Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant, with Chef Roy Wong

The restaurant is led by Chef Roy Wong, the chef de cuisine who does not shun off from experimenting traditional Chinese cuisine with contemporary twist. Chef Roy started his career in 1991 at Frankfriut’s Dynasty China Restaurant at Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel, and has won multiple awards in the past 23 years or so.

amuse bouche, Chinese style, egg and baked oyster
amuse bouche, Chinese style, egg and baked oyster

We started the session with a couple “amuse-bouche” in the form of slow boiled egg and baked oyster. The egg was topped with a shimeji mushroom and a dash of truffle flavour, I love it.

The baked fresh oyster topped with mayonnaise and other ingredients,  a rich and fresh treat.

signature dimsum, including steamed prawn dumplings with trufflesignature dimsum, including steamed prawn dumplings with truffle

We then proceeded to try their dimsum

The two Signature dimsum were prawn meat and black mushroom topped with trufflesteamed chicken roll with morel mushrooms.

The prawn dimsum garnished with shrimp roe and spring onion, I really liked the extra character provided by the truffle. Classy and delicious. The combination of fried yam stick and beancurd with chicken also proved to be a good formula, it was good enough I didn’t miss the lack of pork in this particular dimsum.

The third dimsum we had was from their Healthy dimsum section – steamed angled luffa dumplings with superior broth. The texture of this dimsum was quite unique, and reminded me of fish maw to be honest, quite delicious.

deep fried abalone with grouper fish paste
deep fried abalone with grouper fish paste

Next up was a pretty fancy dish created by Chef Roy for the first time, deep fried abalone with grouper fish paste, caviar and served with homemade beancurd.

While visually I thought it looked like those fried ice cream, the taste couldn’t have been more different. The combination of grouper fish paste with braised abalone was superb, and I also really liked the home-made beancurd that was super soft. The caviar on top gave it that extra oomph as well.

However, the sauce used in this dish turned out to be too strong. It was fitting for the tofu, but overpowering the fish paste and abalone. Chef took our comments and promised that he will revise the dish.

more dimsum, village chicken broth with fish maw
more dimsum, village chicken broth with fish maw

No Chinese course meal is complete without soup, so for this purpose we were served the village chicken broth with fish maw. The broth is thick and has a slight creamy taste to it that can only achieve from steaming the whole chicken for hours.

The scallop and prawn dumpling in the soup was not bad either, but what I really love was that piece of high quality fish maw, with the consistency of foie gras, tofu, and beef tendon all mixed together. I can have this everyday.

congee with cod fish and century egg
congee with cod fish and century egg

Congee with cod fish and century egg is your usual dimsum style porridge, but this time with the higher quality cod fish instead of the usual unidentifiable “white fish fillet”.

Chinese style ravioli
Chinese style ravioli

Chef Wong then served us this perfectly East-meets-West dish – a Chinese style ravioli stuffed with minced chicken and topped with deep fried vege treated with charcoal powder. It was quite an interesting twist but ultimately I think a type of meat with more fat (ie: pork) would make this dish better.

double boiled whole coconut with almond and snow jelly
double boiled whole coconut with almond and snow jelly

Our dessert was double boiled whole coconut with almond and snow jelly.

The chef combined three types of almond to create this dish – the “bei” (North) almond, “nan” (South) almond, and American almond. With the aroma of coconut and the sweetness of almond, this hot dessert proved to be a perfect ending to our meal.

A note for potential Muslim diners, this dessert comes with snow jelly, or hasma, which is a product from frog.

mentalist Zlwin Chew. performing every Thursday to Sunday
mentalist Zlwin Chew. performing every Thursday to Sunday

On every Thursday to Sunday, renowned mentalist Zlwin Chew performs at the Kim Ma and other restaurants at Palace of Golden Horses. I won’t spoil it for you, but the guy’s got quite an impressive array of tricks.

map to Palace of Golden Horses

Palace of Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas,

Mines Wellness City,
43300 Seri Kembangan
GPS: 3.046927,101.709341
Tel: 03-8943 2666
Hours: weekdays 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm (reservation only). Weekends 10am-4pm

Last Sunday a bunch of us went for a good go-kart session at KartQuest located at MAEPS, near UPM. After sweating our collective butts off and myself sustaining a big blister on my palm from two 10 minute sessions of hard work on the track, we proceed to reward ourselves with a very good lunch at Restaurant Yap Yin & Bak Kut Teh at Seri Kembangan.

restaurant yap yin and bak kut teh, seri kembangan
We ordered 7 dishes for the 8 of us at Yap Yin, a bit too much food heh?

Like many restaurants around Seri Kembangan, on top of a rather comprehensive menu of Chinese dishes to go with rice, Yap Yin also serves Bak Kut Teh. This combination is rarely seen outside this area, usually restaurants are either ‘tai chau’ style, or they solely concentrate on bak kut teh.

Restaurant Yap Yin is located at a pretty busy part of Seri Kembangan, street parking is a bit tough to find, but they do have a couple dedicated parking spots, do take advantage of them.

stewed pork knuckle, kungpao frog, steamed haruan fish
Braised pork knuckle and innards, kung pao frog, steamed haruan fish

The claim of fame at Yap Yin is their steamed haruan fish (snake head, RM48). The preparation of the steamed fish here is pretty unique, the fish meat is sliced up to bite size, and 2 bottles of Brands chicken essence are poured to the fish upon serving to add to the flavor. It was well worth the price, very smooth texture and with the chicken essence adding a different dimension to the taste, very nice.

The kung pao frog (RM 20) was very flavorful and actually comes with the proper kung pao ingredients – bell pepper, dried red chili, cashew nuts, ginger, and the dark sauce. I’m sure Kim would have ordered an extra plate if she was with us.

One of the most sinful dishes we ordered has to be the braised pork knuckle with innards and chicken feet (RM 20), plenty of fatty porky goodness and chicken feet braised to perfection. Tender and juicy, best with some chili padi.

kampung chicken, clay pot tofu, lotus root, bak kut teh
kampung chicken, tofu with mince pork, lotus root, bak kut teh

The kampung chicken (RM 12) was, well, tasted like kampung chicken, not fatty like normal chicken rice steamed chicken but otherwise not particularly interesting. Tofu with mince pork comes in a clay pot and dark sauce, silky smooth and rather flavorful. Very good value at only RM 8!

The  sauted lotus root (RM 16) provided us with some sense of meat vs vegetable balance though in reality we should have ordered something in green to satisfy ourselves visually, oh well!

lunching with the guys at yap yin after go-kart session
horng, KY, Adry & gf, Terence, Damien, Amy, Galvin

Just when we thought we had ordered too much, Galvin, being from Klang, couldn’t resist the temptation and ordered a pot of bak kut teh (RM 9). The herbal soup was thick and actually quite nice, but I wouldn’t say it is on par with the proper Klang version.

map to restaurant yap yin and bak kut teh at seri kembangan

We well all stuffed silly after lunch, total damage came to RM 191 with drinks and rice included. About RM 24 per person for so many dishes, it was well worth it. Should go there again after next go-kart session!

Restaurant Yap Yin & Bak Kut Teh
No. 1231, Jalan Sekolah
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
GPS: 3.021839, 101.704372
Tel: 03-8943 5426
Hours: 11:30am to 10pm

BB Update
blackberry bold 9000, gemeni 8520, and tour 9630
The Blackberry Bold, Tour, and Curve 8520 (from Xpax)

I was often asked what’s the differences between the few common blackberry models currently officially sold in this country as well as some “underwater” models too. So here’s the very quick comparison:

  • Curve 8520 – one of the most affordable Blackberry models, the latest in the Curve series. EDGE, Wifi, touchpad, Media Keys, not that much bigger than a normal phone
  • Bold 9000 – used to be one of the highest end Blackberry models, EDGE, 3.5G, Wifi, GPS. One of the biggest and heaviest BB smart phones. Bold 2 is coming soon, and I suspect would be rather pricey.
  • Tour 9630 – even though positioned below the Bold (and now Bold 2) series, the Tour is sold over RM 2k in “underwater” market and not officially via Telco. EDGE, 3.5G, GPS, but no Wifi.
  • Storm 9500 – the first touch screen Blackberry, EDGE, 3.5G, GPS, but no Wifi. Mixed reviews on the touch screen implementation, but Storm 2 is coming up, we’ll see how much it’ll be sold for.

Every model comes with the beloved BBM, push mail, and all the other messaging technology that earns Blackberry the nickname CrackBerry, they can get very addictive. Every model here works with Xpax BB prepaid too!

If you’re new to the BB world, the 8520 is certainly a good start as it is priced below RM 1000. What kinda other cool phones can you get for that price these days?

While on the way visiting my friend at Puchong, Kerol suggested that we go to this place that has excellent clay pot dishes at Seri Kembangan. The direction she gave us was “nearby South City Plaza”. Luckily we managed to find Kien Kee without much trouble.

Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan
hawker center setting, but with only 1 stall

The so called restaurant is situated at an almost hawker center like area, with the kitchen occupying one lot, and tables spread around in the middle of the square and also some unused ‘office’ rooms (with air conditioning). We quickly found a table in one of those air conditioned places and ordered 4 dishes, the spicy soup (辣汤), clay pot chicken (花雕鸡), chicken with rice wine soup (黄酒鸡), and vegetable. The first three were the must-order stuff as recommended by Kerol.

Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan
the four dishes we ordered

We had to wait for quite a long time before the food came, I guess it usually takes a bit longer to work with clay pots instead of the normal cooking methods. Then again, you get the benefit of having the food staying hot for much longer time.

The dishes were actually very good. I particularly like the clay pot chicken, very strongly flavored and goes very well with rice. The spicy soup tasted similar to pork tripe soup I had at USJ, but just a tad less spicy, ingredients include pork tripe, intestine, meat, chicken, and some unidentified innards. It was the first time I had this hakka delicacy, I had naively thought it was something similar with hot and sour soup instead. A rather nice dish I must say.

Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan

I’m not exactly a fan of chicken rice wine soup (黄酒鸡), the taste is pretty strong and with appropriate amount ingest, will probably make you blush and a bit tipsy. Kerol said it is among the best she had though.

map to Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan
don’t soil your shirt like this aunty.

The bill came to almost RM 80, with a lot of drinks we ordered. It isn’t exactly cheap, nor expensive. Other than the long wait, it is a pretty nice place to dine, and I have a feeling I shall go there again.

D-1, Jalan 10/3
43300 Seri Kembangan

GPS: 3.022562, 101.705552
Tel: 012-350 9900
opens 9am to 3pm, 6pm to 9pm, close on Monday