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Steamed fish head is dish that is foreign to me growing up on Penang. Over on the island, we usually cook fish heads (Groupa preferred, red snapper is ok too) with a heavy dose of curry, and it involves really only the head.

Over at KL, Asian Carp is the preferred fish for a fish head dish, and by fish head it is actually pretty much half a fish. One of the most famous restaurants to serve up this classic dish within Klang Valley is Chong Yen steamed fish head at Chan Sow Lin. My badminton buddies took me there just a couple weeks ago for my first trial at this place.

Chong Yen steamed fish head at Chan Sow Lin
Chong Yen steamed fish head at Chan Sow Lin

The restaurant is located at the light industrial area at Chan Sow Lin. While the restaurant is usually packed during lunch time, parking isn’t usually a difficult affair.

We had to wait for some 5-10 minutes before securing an empty table, but once ordered, those steaming hot seafood (well, freshwater-food actually) came within 10 minutes. I was quite impressed by their speed.

steamed fish head - original style with garlic & ginger
steamed fish head – original style with garlic & ginger

For the four of us, we ordered three steamed fish head. The classic style with minced ginger and plenty of garlic is the one I like most. The fish was super fresh, with the meat soft, smooth, and absolutely delicious. The version with fermented soya bean were good too, but I think the stronger tasting ingredient somehow masks too much of the fish’s original taste.

There are only two preparation methods here, and each portion is good enough to share between two person. Three for four of us was a bit of an overkill, but I have friends with very healthy appetites, so..

yong tau foo, pork, vege, and steamed fish head with fermented soya bean
yong tau foo, pork, vege, and steamed fish head with fermented soya bean

Other than steamed fish head, they also serve pretty decent yong tau foo, rather good pork with muay choi, vegetable, roast chicken, and a few other dishes.

If you love steamed fish, this is definitely one place you should check out.

map to Chan Sow Lin steamed fish head

Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head
No. 22-24, Jalan 2/89C
Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin 4
55200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.11811, 101.71358
Tel: 012-231 8129
Hours: Lunch

Finally we went to the famous Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee (全蛋面) last weekend. This was the place we attempted to go a couple months ago, but my house mate got lost on the way, ended up driving around KL for almost 2 hours before finally admitted defeat and ate at some road stalls at Bangsar instead. That incident gave her an excuse to upgrade to an expensive GPS phone, but anyhow, we got there this time (we didn’t use the GPS)

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
this place is usually packed with hungry customers

For the three of us, we ordered a wan tan with mushroom noodle, a mushroom chicken feet noodle, a curry chicken noodle, deep fried sui kow, a plate of deep fried prawn, and some oily vegetable. See, the good thing about this place is the variety of different “wan tan mee” you can order. The other toppings include the original wan tan and char siew (BBQ pork), curry wild boar, ginger duck, pork knuckle, sui kow, and Hakka stew pork.

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
some of the good stuff we ordered

The noodle served here was actually pretty good, though I feel that it is still 2nd to the stall in Pudu, but still pretty good nonetheless. The toppings and other items were pretty decent as well, and the RM 6 deep fried prawn really offered value for money. Other than the traditional chili, this place also offered two types of delicious sambal to go with the side dishes (sui kow and prawn).

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
prawn, sui kow, vegetable, noodles, best

The meal was pretty satisfying. However, they can be a little pricey. Including drinks, we had to part with RM 36 for the three of us. That was for the 3 plates of noodle and three side dishes ordered. Then again, you do get the variety and a different taste from the ordinary wan tan plus char siew.

Map to Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
turn right from loke yew to sg. besi and you’ll get there in a jiffy

This place opens from about 8pm till the wee hours.

190H Jalan 2 1/2 Miles Sg Besi,
55200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.122819, 101.709087
Phone: 03-9222 8177