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Ozeki Italian Cuisine is situated at the back corner on ground floor at Wisma Cosway, occupying the lot that was previously held by a Tosaya, a Japanese restaurant that I went quite a few times over lunch but somehow never bother to write about.

Ozeki is a name I’m familiar with, when my office was at KLCC, I used to frequent Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine at Menara TA whenever my wallet and taste buds agree. So when I found out that they open this Japanese infused Italian restaurant, I knew that I must give it a try.

Update 8/8/2013: Unfortunately this place is closed, perhaps too ahead of it’s time

Ozeki Italian Cuisine at Wisma Cosway is non-halal
Ozeki Italian Cuisine at Wisma Cosway is non-halal

The restaurant is non-halal, they have coffee, wine, pasta, pizza, steak, and pork in the menu. Today though, we’re going to talk about their lunch menu, which I thought provided awesome value for what you get, albiet with limited choices of only 4 sets.

We’ve tried two of the four so far.

black angus steak platter
black angus steak platter

The Black Angus Steak Platter was the one that caught my attention on my first visit (and also my second visit, hehehe).

At RM 30 it is also the most expensive option, but you get mixed salad, appetizer (mixture of beans of some sort, varies from day to day), a baked tiger prawn, Italian steamed egg custard that tastes very similar to chawanmushi, and soup of the day (I had mushroom soup once, and minestrone soup another time).

Then of course, there’s the 80 gram black angus beef prepared to your liking, I like mine medium rare, and they prepared it exactly how I wanted. It was savory, juicy, and went very well with the Japanese steamed rice and mushroom. RM 30 was well worth it, and they serve cold water with no extra charge too.

roasted chicken and risotto platter, soup included, but not the coffee
roasted chicken and risotto platter, soup included, but not the coffee

If you go with the Roasted Chicken and Risotto Platter (RM 26), you get everything described above, but instead of beef & rice, it’s cheese risotto and roast chicken thigh with chef’s special sauce. This was actually a pretty big serving and my colleague who tried it gave nothing but glowing review.

The other two selection on the lunch menu are Vongole Pasta Platter (RM 24) and  Tonkatsu Panini Platter (RM 18). The former is pasta with clams and mushroom, and the cheapest option is a pork sandwich, both serves with soup of the day and Italian steamed egg custard.

If you haven’t tried Japanese style Italian food (if that make sense) and don’t want to break your budget, lunch at Ozeki Italian Cuisine would be a good place to start.

wisma cosway map

Ozeki Italian Cuisine
Ground Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2148 9390
GPS3.150875, 101.711812
Hours: Lunch and Dinner 

Ozeki Italian Cuisine

Nasi Lemak Itik Salai, now that’s something that you don’t commonly see. We are used to nasi lemak having sotong (squid), ayam goreng (fried chicken), daging rendang (beef), and for the non-halal version, even pork; but itik salai (smoked duck)? That’s pretty interesting so far as Malaysia’s national dish nasi lemak goes.

note: this place has moved. new address is at No 70 jalan Pekaka 8/3, Kota Damansara Section 8
(Same row with jabatan pendaftaran and hospital Pusrawi)

Izwan Woon Abdullah, located just behind Taman Bahagia LRT station
Izwan Woon Abdullah, located just behind Taman Bahagia LRT station

The restaurant that offers this dish is Izwan Woon Abdullah, located just behind Taman Bahagia LRT station at SS3, a few doors down from the famous pork noodle and Luckly Loke tai chao at the corner.

nasi lemak itik salai, you don't see this very often
nasi lemak itik salai, you don’t see this very often

The restaurants offer nasi lemak and a few other more traditional Malay dishes, but I had to try their nasi lemak itik salai.

The plate comes with fragrant nasi lemak on a slice of banana leaf, a side of sambal, anchovies & peanuts, half a hard boiled egg, smoked duck, and some brown sauce for the duck.

The brown sauce though, was a waste of time, so we asked for more sambal instead, which more than made up for it. :D

the sambal and the rice itself was quite awesome too
the sambal and the rice itself was quite awesome too

The sambal was top notch, spicy and very flavorful, and the duck tasted pretty close to Chinese style smoked duck but with a slightly different taste that I can’t exactly point out, it was good, and certainly a different experience being paired with nasi lemak. I find myself enjoying it.

they have nasi lemak ayam too, and the otak-otak is pretty good
they have nasi lemak ayam too, and the otak-otak is pretty good

Their nasi lemak with chicken was able to satisfy one of the biggest nasi lemak fan in Horng, and otak-otak Johor (RM 0.80 per stick) was delicious enough we ordered second servings (even Suan who was from Johor approved of the taste).

The restaurant has been in business some 2-3 months and I sure hope it stays. I’ve only been there a couple times but looking forward to head there more often. =)

map to izwan woon abdullah, nasi lemak itik salai

Restoran Izwan Woon Abdullah
SS 3/59E Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor
GPS: 3.109904, 101.611722
Hours: lunch and dinner

Nasi Lemak Itik Salai

Yes, this is yet another curry mee post. More specifically, a curry mee place with coagulated pork blood in the list of ingredients, the only way real curry mee should be.

It is the same back story from Penang One post is what led me to this place.

Update (8/9/2013): seems like this stall is closed due to the health of the operator.

restaurant Millenium 86 at Seapark
restaurant Millenium 86 at Seapark

A man’s gotta have his curry mee, and I’m actually glad that this stall is now much closer to home than when it was located at Restaurant Good Food. To me, this means that I don’t need to necessarily wake up before 8:30 for restaurant okay’s curry mee, or brave the traffic to Puchong for Penang One.

glorious Penang style curry mee, with coagulated blood
glorious Penang style curry mee, with coagulated blood

The curry mee is as good as I remember. Pork blood, prawns, cockles, tofupok, long beans, and of course that slightly charred chili paste with fragrant coconut milk based broth. This is Penang style curry mee as close as you can get, and would have been absolutely perfect if not for the lack of cuttle fish, but I’m not complaining.

If you love curry mee, this is definitely one of the very few places worth going. The operator also offers Kuih Teow Soup, I should try it next. :D

map to Restaurant Millenium 86 at Sea Park
map to Restaurant Millenium 86 at Sea Park

Restaurant Mellenium Eighty Six
Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya

GPS3.108099, 101.623983

Restaurant Mellenium Eighty Six

I’m a big fan of curry mee, in fact, it is probably my second most favorite hawker dishes all of time, just right behind char kuih teow.

But unlike char kuih teow that are almost always served with the same ingredients, curry mee can be tricky. There’re the Ipoh/central region variety that comes with curry chicken, cockles, and (if  you are lucky) pork skin, and there’s the Penang version with prawns, santan based broth, cockles, and increasingly rarely – coagulated pork blood.

P/S: this stall has moved to Seapark, PJ. Click here to find out.

hail to Penang curry mee, with pork blood!
hail to Penang curry mee, with pork blood!

The Penang version curry mee isn’t the most common hawker offering in Klang Valley, and as far as I know, only a handful of  them serve up a bowl with all the ingredients. So when I found out about this curry mee stall at the newish hawker center at PJ Old Town by the name of Restaurant Good Food, I was rather excited.

prawns, cockles, blood, and tofupok
prawns, cockles, blood, and tofupok

The operator did speak fluent Penang hokkien, and the bowl of curry mee did indeed come with all the bell & whistles you’d expect – with some extra long beans & lime, but minus the mint leave (i’m nitpicking here).

Apart from the prawns being a bit smallish, this was actually a very good bowl of curry mee, it was the “right” flavor all the way down to the proper sambal with that iconic slightly burnt taste to it. I liked it.

For me, the curry mee at Restaurant Okay at SS2 still edges over this one, but I can almost never wake up in time before they are sold out (usually by 9 a.m. on weekends). This place opens till around 3pm, so hureii!

map to Restaurant Good Food in PJ Old Town

Restoran Good Food
Jalan Penchala
Seksyen 51,
46000 Petaling Jaya
GPS3.087026, 101.641479
morning till 3pm, close every 1st & 3rd Sundays 

Olympus E-PL3

I’m a curry mee lover, but I am bias, I almost usually only love the Penang style curry mee, you know, those with coagulated pork blood, prawns, and sea hum. My favorite Penang style curry mee at Klang Valley is the one at Restaurant Okay, SS2.

note: This kopitiam is now a restaurant, no more hawker stalls

The KL/Ipoh style curry mee has always been playing second fiddle, and to me, almost always an inferior dish… until I tried this one from Blue & White kopitiam just behind Fahrenheit 88.

curry mee at Blue & White kopitiam
check out those cockles and chicken

The stall wasn’t a particularly busy one either, but I ordered a bowl of curry mee just to give it a try earlier this week. The lady asked if I wanted cockles, I told her yes. Cockles aren’t the healthiest seafood, but I like mine almost raw, I like them juicy, and that’s exactly how they serve cockles here, and in abundance too!

cockles and deep fried pork skin too, yums
deep fried pork skin too, yums

The RM 5 bowl of goodness also comes with a few pieces of deep fried pork skin, another heart attack inducing agent that I can never resist – very yummy. The broth is of course, curry chicken based, and the were ample amount of chicken pieces too.

A few pieces of tofupok and some long beans made up the rest of the ingredients, it was a hearty meal and one that was way above my expectations. Revisit, I shall!

petai and (very small) prawns at the "siu chau" stall
petai and (very small) prawns at the “siu chau” stall

By the way, the “siu chau” (小炒) stall at the same kopitiam also serves pretty good petai prawn that goes for RM 7 or so with an extra egg. It’s a bit spicy, and for sure will leave your pee smelling like petai for the next 2 days.

Bon Appétit!

map to Blue White Teow Chew Porridge Kopitiam

Blue White Teow Chew Porridge Kopitiam
Jalan Gading, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.14622, 101.71415

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