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I went to the Shah Alam stadium for the autocross event that my friends were participating but instead bumped into this interesting 4×4 event just across the other side of the stadium. Much like autocoss events, the 4×4 challenge is held with the time trial format. Whichever car that finishes the course in shortest amount of time wins.

4x4 challenge at Shah Alam
a jeep splashing through the mud

There are two participants for every car (4×4 jeep). Whenever the vehicle gets stuck, which happens frequently, the co-driver will have to go down and get the towing cable tied to the nearby tree to pull the truck out of the mud. Not exactly an easy task.

4x4 challenge at Shah Alam
co-driver getting busy

I did not stay long at the area as it was starting to rain, but was able to snap a few photos. Interesting stuff, definitely a lot more work than normal racing.

The bernama article on this event.

I was at SSO 1.6 at Shah Alam as a spectator. As opposed to GRA Autocross events, the course at SSO is much longer and faster, hence slightly more dangerous. The following pictures illustrate how risky autosports can be, and why it is important to race only in controlled situation like this.

It happened as the Kancil was coming to the first big left turn at high speed. As the driver started turning the car, the 2 left wheels started to lift off the ground, and momentum just carried and toppled the car 270 degree, damaging both side mirrors and smashing the windscreen. Luckily the driver appeared to be unhurt and in good spirit.

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
270 degree overturned

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
marshalls helping to push the car upright

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
driver appeared to be in good spirit

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
organiser cleaning up the area and move the damaged car off the track

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
white MR2 attacking the corner

After the success of the first GRA Autocross at KLCC on last November, the organiser followed up with the highly anticipated second installment of the same event. This time with more participants and slightly altered course. I was there again as a spectator snapping pictures, perhaps I might take the dive and participate in the next round, we’ll have to see about that.

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
MC announcing as the red MR2 is getting ready

The results are posted here. Due to slightly longer straights and less turnings, the results are somewhat different from the previous event. For example, Julian Pang was not able to dominate with his Proton Wira 1.6 that is only equipped with the original engine.

Here are some photos I took at the event. I will be posting more photos in the gallery and some videos of the event in these few days. Enjoy!

Updated: Pictures are up at

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
Mickey doing his run, notice the taxi sign on top of his car

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
red MR2

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
Lotus Elise

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
BF Goodrich sponsored car, Subaru Impreza

After the successful inaugural Grass Racing Autosports (GRA) Autocross at KLCC on the 20th of November, 2005. GRA is following up with the 2nd round of the same event, and at the same location too.

A look at the GRA Yahoo Group, the details are as follow:

Time : 7.00am – 7.00pm
Date : Jan 15, 2006
Round 2, Sanctioned By AAM, Organized By & Promoted By GRA, Official Club Endorsement by AMC

Entries are open. Get your forms at GRA Yahoo Group (need to login with your yahoo account and join the group) and submit it to Avionic Enterprise at (see map)

No. 42 SS26/13 Taman Mayang Industrial Park
Petaling Jaya, 47301, Selangor

GRA map

The last event was absolutely entertaining, I am hoping the same MC will be there again to entertain the crowd. I have also taken some videos of the last event: fairladyz, Mickey’s MR2, MK’s MR2 heroic run, and the black Lotus Elise. Lotsa pictures in the Gallery too.

I am most likey to be there not as a participant but cheering for the MR2 club members and friends as my car is not at it’s healthiest moment now. Furthermore, there’s this whole lack of skills thing…


Sepang Drag Battle
B class participants getting ready to the drag strip

After attending the GRA Autocross at KLCC and Drift Gateaway at Port Dickson the past two months, I followed up by going to the last local motorsports event of the year in the Sepang Drag Battle at Sepang F1 Circuit.

The competition is splitted into 5 different categories as follow, from standing race to the 402 meter end point:

  • Category A: Open
  • Category B: 2WD Forced Induction (turbo and supercharged cars)
  • Category C: 2WD Normally Aspirated
  • Category D: 2WD Limited
  • Category E: K-Car (Perodua Kancil, Kelisa, and Kenari)

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