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Proton Savvy with body kitsIn a recent test done by the leading insurance company NRMA in Australia, Proton Savvy scored the highest in reversing visibility in the small car category. This is certainly a good news for the national car maker than often gets poor reviews especially at foreign markets.

The Savvy scored a very good four out of five stars in NRMA’s index, only 6 other cars scored higher, and they are all cars that cost more than twice of Savvy’s asking price. This is out of the total of 270 cars tested. The test procedure is designed to indicate how easy the driver is to spot an object of a child’s height through the rear windows.

Savvy scored well in this test due to its large rear window and the presence of electronic rear sensors. I suppose going with Savvy isn’t a bad choice if you have little kids running aroun the drive way.

It is also interesting to note that the Mitsubishi 380, rumoured to be the Proton Perdana replacement in near future, is among one of the six cars that scored zero star in the same test.

I was at outside KLCC tower two one afternoon after work and spotted the Proton Waja Limousine that I believe, own by a high ranking government officer or politician.

Proton Waja limousine
front view, not the government emblem on top of the number plate

Not to be confused with the Proton Chancellor, this is a true limousine version that is alot more elongated than the former. Form the look of the back, it shares the same exhaust tips as the 1.8 version. My best guess would be that it uses the same 1.8 liter Renault engine.

Proton Waja Limousine
side view, you can see the limousine version is much longer

I did not manage to find information on this model, I guess it’s a limited production solely for government usage. A pretty decent looking limousine model.

Proton Waja Limousine
back view, you can see the double exhaust tip

Looks like Naza‘s rebranded Peugeot 206 (NX2) will be priced at RM 65k. I came across this from surfing motortrader, take a look at the screen shot. Some of the dealers are already starting to take orders for the 1.4 liter 206.

Naza's Peugeot 206
Rm65k for the rebranded Peugeot 206

The official engine isn’t listed yet. However, from wikipedia, I found out that there are basically two versions of the 1.4 liter engine. The TU3 I4 makes 74 hp and 121 Nm torque while the ET3 churns out 88 hp and 133 Nm torque. Pretty respectable power for a car that is only about 910 kg. In comparison, the 1.3 Myvi engine produces 87 hp and 116 Nm of torque at a slightly heavier 960kg. Generally, a higher torque contributes to better stop-and-go city driving experience.

I think at this price point, it will be a pretty good alternatives to the other compact 4-door saloon, and not be viewed as “like Satria but prettier”. This will put it in direct contention with Hyundai Accent, Getz, Inokom Matrix, and Proton Gen2.

A couple of posts from Paul’s site covering the story with some pictures of the car at here and here.

Unlike in the States where you can have a customised number plate, here in Malaysia our car number plate system is pretty restrictive. Apart from the handful of commemorative special issued plates such as “putrajaya”, “proton”, “perodua” and so forth, most of us have the standard (up to) 3 alphabat and (up to) 4 digit plates.

Over the years I have seen several interesting plates, such as PEN 15 and PAR 15 from Penang. There’s also a guy with CA 511 that has a bolt connecting the 11 to make them look like a H. Anyone waiting for PUK 1?

These photos were snapped with my camera phone while driving at Subang Jaya a while back. Pretty nice WAJ4 for a black waja. How appropriate.

nice proton waja number plate waj4
Black waja with WAJ 4

nice proton waja number plate waj4

SSO Proton Putera R3

These pictures of the SSO Proton Putra R3 were taken at the Sepang F1 Circuit during the A1GP practise session. The car was parked right next to the SSO Proton Satria R3 and Tengku Djan’s Proton Gen2 R3.

SSO Proton Putera R3

SSO Proton Putera R3
Rear view

SSO Proton Putera R3

SSO Proton Putera R3
Funny how the car is fitted with Yokohama Advan A048 semi slicks, but the stickers on top displayed the street going Advan Neova AD07