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Peugeot 307CC

June 11, 2006 2 Comments

Black Peugeot 307CC rear look
Peugeot 307CC rear shot

I was at the Peugeot showroom the other day when one of my friends was booking a Naza Bestari (rebranded Peugeot 206) and saw this gorgeous black Peugeot 307CC.

Black Peugeot 307CC side view
Peugeot 307CC side view

Peugeot originally launched the 307CC (coupe-cabriolet) in 2003, the 4 seater vehicle comes with a folding hard roof and yet still offers a pretty respectable 204 liter boot space. The size of the car isn’t very big, however, total length of 4357mm and width of 1759mm is in fact shorter but wider than the familiar Proton Waja’s 4465mm and 1740mm. This gives the car a better stability with the wider wheelbase.

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Looks like Naza’s rebranded Peugeot 206 (NX2) will be priced at RM 65k. I came across this from surfing motortrader, take a look at the screen shot. Some of the dealers are already starting to take orders for the 1.4 liter 206.

Naza's Peugeot 206
Rm65k for the rebranded Peugeot 206

The official engine isn’t listed yet. However, from wikipedia, I found out that there are basically two versions of the 1.4 liter engine. The TU3 I4 makes 74 hp and 121 Nm torque while the ET3 churns out 88 hp and 133 Nm torque. Pretty respectable power for a car that is only about 910 kg. In comparison, the 1.3 Myvi engine produces 87 hp and 116 Nm of torque at a slightly heavier 960kg. Generally, a higher torque contributes to better stop-and-go city driving experience.

I think at this price point, it will be a pretty good alternatives to the other compact 4-door saloon, and not be viewed as “like Satria but prettier”. This will put it in direct contention with Hyundai Accent, Getz, Inokom Matrix, and Proton Gen2.

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