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To be honest, while not being a habitual alcohol consumer, I do enjoy my beer every now and then. A cold beer and some finger foods in front of the TV with my favorite sports team on after a tiring day is just about the most a guy can ask for.

I liked my beer cold, in fact, as cold as possible, and always thought that chucking it down in big gulp is the most satisfying thing ever.

Kilkenny Ruby Red Society
Kilkenny Appreciation Night, at The Bee, Publika

And then I went to Kilkenny’s Appreciation Night at Publika the other day and got a whole new revelation. This was the first event hosted by Kilkenny in Malaysia, with a promise of taking the guests on a journey to experience all things Kilkenny.

Michael (The Star), Tim (Nuffnang), Suanie & Haze (bloggers, Ashley (Esquire magazine), and many others
Michael (The Star), Tim (Nuffnang), Suanie & Haze (blogs), Ashley (Esquire magazine)

The event was attended by quite a lot of familiar faces. Michael from The Star, Ashley from Esquire magazine, Timothy and David from Nuffnang, Eileen from Mindshare, Ernest who draws cartoon, Suan, Haze, representatives from GABs, and more.

the smell test, guess them right and win a prize
the smell test at the Sensory Station, guess them right and win a prize

We started the night with a glass of Kilkenny in hand and got to mingle with like minded people.

Kilkenny set up a Sensory Station on location and I think it’s quite a neat little idea. There were seven bottles containing different smells at the station, and participants were asked to identify what each ingredient was.

I managed to identify about 4 out of the 7 (with a bit of cheating), and it just goes to show that while many of us have keen sense of smell, it is often not easy to match it to what we remember. These are pretty “normal” ingredients tho – nuts, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, elder flower, and so forth.

Kilkenny Masterclass experience by Ben Ng from GAB Professional Solutions
Kilkenny Masterclass experience by Ben Ng from GAB Professional Solutions

Highlight of the night was undoubtedly the Kilkenny Masterclass conducted by Ben Ng from GAB Professional Solutions.

In the first “experiment”, we got to try the ale served super cold at between 0-4 Celsius, temperature achieved with the help of some dried ice. It was very easy to drink and actually tasted quite bland.

Next, we tried the same Kilkenny, now at between 4-6 Celsius and it was almost like a completely different beer. Much richer aroma and stronger taste. Ben then explained that on extreme cold temperature, the taste and aroma is muffled, but allowing it to warm up just a little and you get to enjoy the full spectrum of taste and aroma from the famous red ale.

That thick foam on top of the beer? It isn’t there to short change you for a smaller portion of beer, but actually adds to the smooth character of the overall experience.

Another important difference we got from the class was the difference between ale and lager. In short, ale is top fermented in warmer temperature while larger uses bottom fermenting yeast with colder temperature. Ales are usually light to dark brown, with a more robust and fruity flavor. Kilkenny is of course, one of the most popular ale in the country.

beef balls, chicken kebab, fish fingers, quiche, and calamari for food pairing
beef balls, chicken kebab, fish fingers, quiche, and calamari for food pairing

Of course, beer is never complete without some finger food to go with. All throughout the night, we were served dishes that were carefully chosen to pair with Kilkenny.

I particularly enjoy the quiche, fish fingers, and calamari as seafood complements the aroma and richness of Kilkenny very well. Chicken kebab, and somewhat surprisingly, the beef balls worked well as food companion to this Irish import too.

sand art performance by Loong Bee
sand art performance by Loong Bee

After the Masterclass experience, we were also treated with a pretty unique sand art show by the one and only sand art performer in the country, Loong Bee. The performance took us through the journey of Kilkenny, from its introduction all the way back in 1710 to being a global brand in the 21st century.

We had a great time at the Kilkenny Appreciation Night, and certainly look forward to more of these in the future.

More info on Kilkenny:

When you are in the F&B event scene long enough, things can get a little bit predictable, and sometimes even boring, uninspiring. The Kronenbourg French Art of Culinary at Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie was entirely unlike those events.

Kronenbourg 1664 - The French Art of Culinary at Nathalie's
Kronenbourg 1664 – The French Art of Culinary at Nathalie’s

Carlsberg Malaysia sure knows how to a proper party. While waiting for everyone to arrive, we were handed ice cold Asahi Super Dry, and servers fed us tiny tid bits to get the appetite going.

I found the in-spoon crème brûlée particularly yummy, well, cos it had foie gras as one of the ingredients. There were also green apple espuma, popcorn truffle scramble egg, and marinated salmon tart in herbs mousse. This is how you keep guests happy even while waiting. We also took the opportunity to social around a bit with like minded people.

French Style King Fish Maki
French Style King Fish Maki

Onto the dinner, our first dish was an exquisite Western interpretation of the popular Japanese dish – maki. The French style King Fish Maki is served with preserved lemon mousse, mesclun salad, balsamic and lemon dressing.

The fish was imported, the maki was fresh, a bit zesty, and never once lost it’s French root even while visually looking more like it’s Oriental cousin. Imagine Bérénice Marlohe (of Skyfall) in a kimono.

Kronenbourg 1664 was the beer paired with this dish.

Hokkaido Scallops and Foie Gras Duo
Hokkaido Scallops and Foie Gras Duo

Sticking with seafood, the next dish was Hokkaido Scallops and Foie Gras Duo, Green Cabbage. The dish was cooked with Kronenbourg 1664 and served on cabbage broth emulsion.

Scallops and foie gras are two of my favorite ingredients, and the combination of them two? Excellent. I did feel that the cabbage was perhaps just slightly too hard, I’m nitpicking.

Floating Somersby Apple Cider Sorbet, Roasted Venison Tenderloin
Floating Somersby Apple Cider Sorbet, Roasted Venison Tenderloin

Floating Somersby Apple Cider Sorbet proved to be just the palate cleanser we need before switching from seafood to red meat. The sorbet was sweet and delightful, and I really love the super thin apple slice that comes with it. Exquisite.

The meat dish of the day was Roasted Venison Tenderloin, celeriac puree sauce with chocolate flavors, hazelnut tuile & thyme polenta. This was paired with Grimbergen Ambree. Another lovely dish, the bitter sweet tasting beer complimented the meat very well.

French Blue Cheese, Dry Fruits Chutney
French Blue Cheese, Dry Fruits Chutney

We started winding down French blue cheese and dry fruits chutney. The blue cheese pungent as any good blue cheese should, with fruits chutney giving it the opposing sweet taste. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love blue cheese.

Homemade Brioche "Pain Perdu"
Homemade Brioche “Pain Perdu”

Unfortunately, every dinner has to come to an end, and this session was concluded with Homemade Brioche “Pain Perdu” (toast), vanilla custard sauce, apple and pear tarte tatin, with a serving of Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc ice cream.

By then, my respect to chef Nathalie’s capability was well entranced, and I know that I will be visiting this place again in the future.

Kronenbourg Blanc, MPO musicians
Kronenbourg Blanc, MPO musicians

All throughout dinner, musicians from MPO plays a light tune at the background, with Soren, the Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia giving his short introduction to each dish and beer pairing in between. It was one of the best such events I’ve ever attended, thank you Ee for the invitation.

Asahi Super Dry, Somersby, Kronenbourg Blanc, Kronenbourg 1664, Grimbergen Ambree
Asahi Super Dry, Somersby, Kronenbourg Blanc, Kronenbourg 1664, Grimbergen Ambree

map to Menara Taipan, Kuala Lumpur

Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie
Menara Taipan, Jalan Puncak
50250 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.15232, 101.70633
Tel: 03-2072 4452

I was initially going to skip this party, until I saw a pretty awesome costume idea off Reddit (my number one time waster these days). Decided to give it a go and thanks to Siao Ling, I got a pair of invites to the Jagermeister Halloween The Beginning Party at Carcosa

Jagermeister party and my silly costume
Jagermeister party and my silly costume

A day prior to the party I drove around the neighbourhood a bit and found a couple empty cardboard boxes for my prop. I spent probably about an hour and a half to build this costume with another RM 6.90 spent in buying some safety pins, and utilized half a roll of duct tape too. Together with a couple of pillows, a pair of riding gloves, and some plastic bags, the costume was done.

Every house should have some duct tape and WD40, these two things will solve 90% of all household problems.

we partied hard! Ee Laine, KY, Haze, Michael, Elle, Fooi
we partied hard! Ahfa, KY, Haze, Michael, Elle, Fooi

Haze did everyone’s make up here, the only one missing was Terence, who decided to ffk for a few hours because lame reasons. Fooi looked decent in here but he eventually went full retard due to too many shots of Jagermeister.

the loot - a Carlsberg beer tower and a Jagermeister mini fridge
the loot – a Carlsberg beer tower and a Jagermeister mini fridge

My costume was one of five that won the prizes – a Carlsberg beer tower and a very sweet Jagermeister mini fridge. These will be very useful for the next x’mas party. I also had most photos taken with me in my life time, felt like the bride in a wedding night, it was glorious!

Thanks again Siao Ling for the invites!

One of my waist line management activities is also the number one sports of the country – badminton. I’ve been playing it with the same group of dudes since about 5-6 years ago. We always collect a little bit more than is needed to pay for the shuttlecocks and court, then use extra money for a feast every so often.

The trip to Restaurant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, however, was not from those extra money. This trip was made possible by one of our members’ generosity. Chi decided to buy everyone a meal out of the mere joy of sharing, so thank you boss!

Restuarant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, fresh seafood
Restuarant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, fresh seafood

Though the restaurant is located at the god forsaken place that is Bukit Beruntung (the exit North of Rawang on the North South Highway), getting there proved to be pretty simple. A couple right turns after the highway gets you there. Without crazy Friday evening traffic, a drive to Bukit Beruntung from PJ/KL shouldn’t take more than 35 minutes or so.

The restaurant is a glorified kopitiam with air conditioned as well as normal fan-cooled dining area. Since no one was going to smoke in between meals, we opted for the climate controlled option.

vegetable curry, vitamin c, chef's special tofu with minced pork
vegetable curry, vitamin c, chef’s special tofu with minced pork

We had the typical Chinese style dinner, with steamed rice to go with these dishes.

First to came were the vegetable curry, a couple dishes of fried vegetables, and chef’s special tofu with minced pork. Though lacking any seafood, poultry, or meat, the vegetarian curry was rich and flavorful, not quite as strong as those good Indian curry, but plenty good from a Chinese restaurant.

The tofu with minced pork was delightful – silky smooth tofu with thick sauce and the contrasting texture from minced meat. Highly recommended.

Siamese style tilapia, more vegetable, German style pork knuckle
Siamese style tilapia, more vegetable, German style pork knuckle

A couple richer tasting dishes came next. The Siamese style tilapia is your typical deep fried fish with richly flavored sauce poured over. They executed this perfectly, the sauce a mixture of sweet, sour, and spicy taste that has a hint of Vietnamese influence thanks to the use of basil leaves. I like it, and you should try the chili padi if your system tolerates spicy food.

German pork knuckle is a dish that is making in-roads at local Chinese restaurants (such as New Paris, SS2), the version here is one of the finer specimen I’ve tasted. Crispy on the outside, but steaming hot and soft on the inside, the skin is also seasoned to perfection.

pork ribs with orgasmic sauce, chicken wings, seafood tofu
pork ribs with orgasmic sauce, chicken wings, seafood tofu

After the two heavy dishes, we were served 3 others that were anything but light.

The pork ribs covered in a creamy peppery mushroom sauce was super delicious. The dish also came with some deep fried mantao so that you never waste a drop of those delicious sauce. The pork was tender, succulent, and the sauce absolutely stunning, it became our favorite dish.

We also tried two types of chicken wings here – one with Guinness and the other Marmite. They were again, rich, heavy, and goes extremely well with some whisky (which we brought with us along, I don’t think corkage was charged)

Last but not least, we also had two types of seafood tofu served. One to be enjoyed with Thai chili sauce, and the other covered with a sort of sauce that is not entirely unlike cake icing, but strangely it worked very well too. The home made seafood tofu tastes like a happy marriage between tofu and fish cake, they were very delicious.

these are my badminton kaki, I'm the second youngest in the pics :D
these are my badminton kaki, I’m the second youngest in the pics 😀

The bill came to about RM 290 for the 11 of us, which translate to about RM 26 per person, practically a steal for what we had that night. The individual dishes were all very good, but I thought it would be better if we balance them with some lighter tasting dishes in between, like soup instead of curry, and perhaps a dish or two that is prepared by steaming.

If you’re willing to drive a bit for good food on the cheap, Restaurant Triple round is definitely a place to check out.

map to restaurant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung

Restaurant Triple Round
No.1, Jalan Melati 2B,
Bandar Bukit Beruntung,
48300 Bukit Beruntung, Selangor
GPS: 3.40614, 101.55628
Tel: 012-380 1162

And we did it! The largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the whole Asia happened right here at Changkat Bukit Bintang with a total of over 10,000 people turning up for the event, painting the entire street and bars with a sea of green.

I was there, and I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was as eventful as the one we experienced.

St Patrick's Day at Changkat Bukit Bintang, getting started
St Patrick’s Day at Changkat Bukit Bintang, getting started

Amazingly, we is only the 6th installation of Guinness St. Patrick’s festival here in Malaysia, and we are already on top of Asia. Perhaps in a few more years we’ll have it as big as the big boys over at Europe and America.

Suan, FA, and myself arrived at the scene pretty early to beat the crowd (and to allow ourselves to have more Guinness, of course), and things are already starting to get busy by around 6+ in the evening. The street was blocked from traffic, and everywhere was decorated black and green.

plenty of friendly servers on stand by
plenty of friendly servers on stand by

I give credit to the event organizer for hiring plenty of help for the event. Friendly servers everywhere, and most importantly, Guinness stands being set up right along the street at practically every 10 meter or something. There were tables and chairs on the road as well.

It was everything you’d need to have a good time, and more.

looking the concentration Huai Bin has
looking the concentration Huai Bin has. Robb was there too

A bunch of us also dropped by Arthur’s Lounge (converted from Frangipani for the day) and got to try pretending to be a waiter and pour a perfect pint (in which we got to drink right after).

Check out the level of concentration on Huai Bin’s face in doing just that!

and that's how you pour a perfect pint
and that’s how you pour a perfect pint

We then proceed to go upstairs and hanged out a little while our personalized Guinness mug was being prepared, and best of all, there were food served as well. Little servings of salmon on bruschetta, meatball on toothpick, spaghetti in a soup spoon. You know, those tiny fine food, which went well with the beer, of course.

and the party is on, full blast
and the party is on, full blast

All these while, the party right outside was going on full blast. The parade with clowns, stilt walkers, Irish dancers, and lots of other entertainers.

As I was chilling with some of my colleagues from four other countries, the Guinness bikers strolled by with their Harleys, instantly triggered a flood of flashes as party goers were eager to take photos of them. (by the time I got out from the bar, they were gone, garhh.)

HB, Suan, FA, Michael, Marcky, and more!
Huai Bin, Suan, FA, Michael, Hitomi, Marcky, yes we obviously had fun.

At the other end of Changkat was a stage where you can near laughter from the crowd as you go nearer. That’s where the comedians were at work. Serena C and Prem were on the scene hosting the entire event, it was really a massive party.

And then the fireworks came on, and the crowd literally went wild with their cameras. Good times!

some fine folks from all around too
some fine folks from all around too

So that pretty much summed up my St. Patrick’s Day. Good beer, great time, and even better company. How was yours?

If you’ve missed the big one at Changkat, there are still a few upcoming Guinness St. Patrick’s celebration for this year yet!

  • Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh – 24th March 2012
  • Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching – 24th March 2012
  • SOULed OUT, Sri Hartamas – 22nd & 29th March 2012
  • Backyard, Sri Hartamas – 29th March 2012
  • Jonker Street, Melaka – 31st March 2012
  • Pelita Commercial Center, Miri – 31st March 2012