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Out of the many ways in egg preparation, the most challenging method must be the all elusive poached egg, and it is probably also the reason why they aren’t very popularly served.

A perfect poached egg has the yolk still runny with a hardened crust but no raw egg white at all. It is almost a boiled version of telur mata kerbau, expect much healthier and I reckon, tastier.

haze with a perfect poached egg
my first crack resulted this poached egg above

Over at Blogger MasterChef competition where I was invited as one of the judges (more on that in future post, I promise), the skills challenge for the contestants was preparing poached eggs.

Chef Ryan Khang did a demo on a simple way to prepare perfect poached egg, I tried and it worked perfectly. I am sharing this recipe. 😀

making poached egg
1. create vortex then pour egg in, 2. cook for 2 mins, 3. flip, 4. done

The “recipe” is very simple. Fresh eggs are preferred as the egg whites will be less susceptible to become separated from the yolk. Also, bigger does not mean better when it comes to egg. Eggs in room temperature is assumed in this method, otherwise you might have to let it cooked longer than described.

  • bring water to boil in a saucepan or pot with water tall enough to cover an egg’s height
  • add a couple tablespoon of vinegar, this is to prevent dispersion of the egg white
  • crack egg into a cup first
  • when the water is boiling, stir saucepan/pot to create a vortex
  • add another tablespoon of vinegar to the cup with egg then gently pour the egg into middle of the vortex
  • switch off the fire and let cook for 2 minutes
  • slowly flip the egg over, covering the egg yolk and let it cook for another 2 minutes
  • (alternate extra step) dunk the poached egg in water to remove vinegar taste
  • ready to serve!

flipping poached egg
flipping the egg very gently

There you go, poached egg in less than 5 minutes. It is actually easier than it sounds, try this at home to get a hang of it, then impress your boyfriend/husband with a prefect breakfast (of course with bacon and toast together!)

interesting side note: my first experience tasting poached egg was at Kin Kin pan mee

We need garlic in stir fry vegetable, in steamed fish, with soya sauce as garnish, in marinated lamb, etc etc.

Peeling and dicing garlic though, is a chore that I personally don’t enjoy, and doubt many of you do. It is one pre-cooking preparation that I want to get over with as fast as possible, and I think after months of intense cooking, I have found the fastest steps, so here goes!

4 steps in dicing garlic

Peel & dice garlic in just 4 steps!

  • take the whole bulb of garlic, and chop off the root portion with a cleaver
  • using the same cleaver, press individual bulbs till it deformed slightly
  • the previous step loosen the skin, now you can peel them off easily
  • chop away!

Here you go, now you have enough garlic for probably anything you want to cook for the day!

Cheers and happy cooking!


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