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Festive season’s here, and it is the time of gathering with friends, family, and as always, food makes up a major part of the agenda.

When it comes to feeding a group of hungry souls, it’s always not a bad idea to get some that offers great value, and this is where dahmakan comes in with a plethora of  yummy dishes at an affordable price – starting at just RM 12!

Use the code BETASTY063 for your first order and enjoy 25% discount, don’t say bojio!

dahmakan meal, starting at RM 12
dahmakan meal, starting at RM 12

For those who thinks dahmakan has a pretty limited delivery windows, well, it’s not true anymore.

You can now order your food to be delivered anywhere from 9 in the morning to 10 at night, and meals can be delivered as soon as in an hour’s time too.

a few clicks, sit tight, and food is delivered
a few clicks, sit tight, and food is delivered

So just fire up the phone or, choose what you want, sit back, relax, and get served!

dinner made easy by dahmakan
dinner made easy by dahmakan

I made an order to test out the combo and some of the newer items on the menu – kam heong chicken rice, rojak buah (fruit with prawn sauce), tealive drink with glass jelly, and a salted caramel biscuit as well.

rojak buah, salted caramel biscuit, kam heong chicken rice, and tealive
rojak buah, salted caramel biscuit, kam heong chicken rice, and tealive

The result was a rather satisfying full meal, who says delivered food must be boring?

dahminum too, choose a drink to go with your meal
dahminum too, choose a drink to go with your meal

Additionally, you can also order drinks (dahminum?) and desserts (dahmanis?) separately to spice up your lunch/dinner, or even have them for those in between meal time snacks.

how about desserts?
how about desserts?

Due to the growing popularity of dahmakan, they’ve also started to partner with different brands to pair with their meals. Take a look:

dahmakan with extras!
dahmakan with extras!

For those who hasn’t check out dahmakan’s menu for a while, do take a peek cos now there’re more items to choose from than ever, including drinks and combos to make it a wholesome meal right at the comfiest place on earth – home.

Remember, use the code BETASTY063 for your first order ya!

I’ve been on a bit of a hot pot hunt as of late (or as well call it in Malaysia, steamboat), especially Sichuan style mala hot pot. So when the opportunity to be one of the earliest group to sample Xiao Long Kan Sichuan Hot Pot (小龙坎火锅) came calling, I was quite excited, to say the least.

Xiao Long Kan at Fahrenheit 88
Xiao Long Kan at Fahrenheit 88

Xiao Long Kan is one of the most popular spicy steamboat chain originated from Chengdu, which is the capital of  Sichuan province in China. So when it comes to authenticity, you can’t do any better than that, this is the ground zero of Spicy mala hot pot.

pork bone broth, tomato, or mala soup?
pork bone broth, tomato, or mala soup?

Xiao Long Kan’s first branch in Malaysia is located at Fahrenheit 88, more specifically, at the side that is facing Starhill shopping mall (don’t try to look for it INSIDE Fahrenheit 88 like I did..)

While there’s plenty of seats spanning across 4 levels, it already gets pretty packed, but a little patience from your end and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is definitely worth it.

original condiment, without all the other fuss
original condiment, without all the other fuss

There’s four different soup base to choose from – traditional spicy soup (mala, a must have), tomato soup, mushroom, and pork bone broth. You can always go for up to three like we did (all except mushroom). Additionally, the level of spiciness can also be customized. Do refer to the menu below.

Condiment situation is different here at Xiao Long Kan compared to just about every other hot pot outlets. Instead of a dozen or even more choices, here they stick to the traditional way of cilantro, green onion, and garlic. A special oil (xiang yu) is then added to the condiment which has the property of lowering heat. You can also choose to add soya sauce or black vinegar, though the good chef does not recommend doing so.

This blend is to ensure the taste of ingredients and soup is tasted to its fullest instead of being overpowered by fancy condiments. Can’t say I disagree.

Australian wagyu A5
Australian wagyu A5, we had to order another portion, so good

And then there’s ingredients. Xiao Long Kan does not lack in “special dishes” not easily found at other restaurants. Some of which even requires some sense of adventure.

We were served with Astralian wagyu A5 (so good we went for seconds), pork ball, pork neck, fish pasteprawns, pork belly, chili beef, rose meat ball, sliced lamb, and these are just the “normal dishes”.

meat slices, duck intestine, pork blood, balls, pig's brain, and tripe
meat slices, duck intestine, pork blood, balls, pig’s brain, and tripe

In addition, we also had duck intestine, tripe, pork blood (my love!), pig’s brain, and even aorta!

I like that they also include a guide on the menu on how long you should cook each ingredients – ranging from 30 seconds (sliced green bamboo shoots), to 8 minutes (pig’s brain). Following the guide ensures that you don’t overcook certain items to the point where flavor is lost, or worse, under cook dishes and end up having an washing machine within…

sliced green bamboo shoots were on point
sliced green bamboo shoots were definitely on point

Their rice cake & fried crispy meat are two of the ready-to-eat items we tried, and both are pretty delicious too. The rice cake should be consumed soonest possible to enjoy that crispy on the outside and soft inside texture.

As a rule of thumb, meat is best cooked in the clear or spicy soup, while vege goes better with tomato/clear soup, as advised by the head chef from Chengdu.  These sort of pairing ensures that taste doesn’t clash, sorta like how you pair red with meat, and white with seafood kinda idea.

Jess, Mei Mei, KY, Eunice, Mag
Jess, Mei Mei, KY, Eunice, Mag at Xiao Long Kan

Overall I got to say that this was one of the best hotpot I had recently, the super thick tomato soup, to the aroma from the red spicy soup, and all those fancy, fresh, and mostly imported ingredients. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back again for more mala goodness.

map to authentic xiao long kan sichuan steamboat

Xiao Long Kan
Lot 03, Block D, 179,
Fahrenheit88, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.147331, 101.713282

xiao long kan menu (1) xiao long kan menu (2) xiao long kan menu (3)

When I first received the invitation for Gin Rik Sha, I must admit that from the name itself I’d have never guessed what this place is all about.

Gin Rik Sha, Plaza Damansara
Gin Rik Sha, Plaza Damansara

Well, as briefed to us, the name Gin Rik Sha actually derived from the “pulled rickshaw” in Japanese, which does not really explain what they serve here and how it is all related, but it is definitely a fun quirky name that I’ll remember.

a drink after a long day's work
a drink after a long day’s work

As it turned out, this restaurant at Plaza Damansara specialized in something that isn’t very common around Klang Valley – modern Indian cuisine with a bit of fusion touch, as well as a fully equipped bar serving wine, whisky, spirits, and even cocktails.

how do you like your cocktails?
how do you like your cocktails?

Started the evening with cocktail, I wanted something sour and was recommended to go with Amma’s Potion made with gin, coriander leaf, lime juice, and cucumber syrup, a good refreshing start to the evening.

My second was Whisky Cha, a play of whisky, masala herbs, and sour which was a tad more sophisticated compared to the refreshing note of the first.

If you’re not a cocktail person, there’s plenty of other drinks to choose from, alcoholic or otherwise (see menu below)

chili chicken is great as bar snack
chili chicken is great as bar snack

If you like something with a bit of a kick to start, Chili Chicken certainly fits the bill. This is Gin Rik Sha’s interpretation to the classic popcorn chicken but one that is quite high on the spicy meter. Juicy inside, crispy out while being spicy and aromatic, I love it, a perfect bar snack to go with beer, or cocktail in this case.

kerala shrimp, wrap it up
kerala shrimp, wrap it up

Kerala shrimp is a classic Indian dish of spicy tamarind flavored shrimp with roasted coconut, and in this case served with toasted chapati instead of rice, which turned out to be quite a good combination. The sauce carried a kick and complimented the seafood well without being overpowering.

banana leaf baked sea bass
banana leaf baked sea bass

If you like fish, check out the Banana Leaf Baked Sea Bass – banana leaf wrapped with fresh aromatic sea bass and basmathi rice and served with brinjal sambal.

This dish is certainly a full meal, love the long grain rice and I wish there’s more brinjal sambal to go with! The fish was prepared properly and not overcooked, a good execution in this case. If this could be tapao as lunch I’d be a happy man.

Other interesting dishes on the menu includes spiced cauliflower rice, vegetable lasagna, chicken briyani, and even rack of lamb. There’s a good variety of modern and traditional classic to choose from.

hello Sammi! carrot halwa filo pastry samosa, kulfi with caramelized bananas
hello Sammi! kulfi with caramelized bananas, carrot halwa filo pastry samosa

In the dessert department, their menu isn’t exactly very comprehensive. We did try the Kulfi with Caramelized Bananas and Carrot Halwa Filo Pastry Samosa with Black Pepper Ice Cream as the sweet endings to the night.  I enjoyed the samosa and pepper ice cream, and thought the kulfi was perhaps ordinary and not having a lot to write home about.

Overall this was certainly an interesting visit, a place fit for after-work wind down or a proper meal with friends. The menu and combination is bolder than most, and I for one welcome more innovations in culinary offerings in KL.

map to gin rik sha

Gin Rik Sha
37, Ground Floor, Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.150079, 101.652613
Tel:  010-243 8266


For those who’re into Ipoh food, Nam Heong is surely a name that’s familiar.

Over the years, they’ve been expanding and bringing some of the most popular dishes from the city of Ipoh and spread it all around Klang Valley and more, good for us who loves a good meal of authentic dish from the area while enjoying the comfort of air conditioned dining area and all that convenience that comes with it.

challenge yourself to these games at Nam Heong Roadshow
challenge yourself to these games at Nam Heong Roadshow

A couple weeks ago, along with others, I was invited to their roadshow at IOI City Mall to check out what it is all about. They’re running the road show across different outlets happening now until mid November, 2019. Check graphic below for dates.

But first, during this period, do use MLINGKY discount code to get 10% off when you dine in during roadshow dates.

I was pretty good at the shooting game
I was pretty good at the shooting game

So, what about the roadshow and what do you do there?

Well, for one, you get to meet the mascot – Madam Ling 玲姐. You’re right, I did not know they had a mascot before meeting her, but Madam Ling is pretty cute. 😀

More importantly, you get to win prizes after you’ve enjoy your good old fashion Ipoh dishes at Nam Heong by playing the different games they have:

  1. Clawing machine 1- eligible for Grand Prizes
  2. Clawing machine 2- eligible for Nam Heong merchandises
  3. Throw the ball into cup – Nam Heong Signature Menu and Retail Items
  4. Shoot the gun – Nam Heong Signature Menu and Retail Items

absolute feast at Nam Heong restaurant
Some of the dishes we sampled at Nam Heong

The prizes are super attractive too:

Beats Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – The Beats Skyline Collection – Midnight Black
XiaoMI Xiaomi  Folding Electric Bicycle
Macwheel Macwheel 36V 10.4AH Electric Foldable Bicycle Bike
Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Bluetooth  SM-R800NZSAXME
G-Shock Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary BIG BANG BLACK GA-735A-1AJR Limited Edition (JAPAN SET)
G-Shock Casio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor GW-9400DCJ-1
SOLVILetTITUS Classicist Multi-Function Mechanical Leather Watch (Case Size: 34.5mm)
Tiffany & Co. Double Loving Heart Bracelet ( 7’inch)
Ipad Mini 4 Gold-128gb
Nintendo Switch Add-on (Switch Lego Marvel super Heroes Game)
LG TV LG Smart UHD TV-55′

yes, we did have an absolute feast
yes, we did have an absolute feast

So if you haven’t try Nam Heong yet, it’ll be a good opportunity to do so during one of their roadshow dates and win yourself some merchandise, or who knows, you may walk away with one of those big prizes!

Madam Ling Roadshow dates across Malaysia
Madam Ling Roadshow dates across all locations

When you do so, don’t forget to use the MLINGKY discount code for 10% off!

Here’s their store locator.

I’ve been using dahmakan for over a couple years now. In the earlier days when they only offer lunch boxes, I used to do “group orders” with my colleagues every now and then.

These days, they’ve expanded to include dinner, and the menu too has expanded with combo sets, drinks, and more.

First, for readers of KYspeaks, use BETASTY063 to get RM12 off your first purchase.

dahmakan deliveries
properly packed eco friendly way

So for those who is new to dahmakn, you may wonder how does it work and how it is different from other food delivery service?

Unlike delivery services that source food from partnering restaurants, dahmakan is an end-to-end provider that handles sourcing of local ingredients, to having in house chefs cook and prepare the meals, and finally having them delivered to your door step. They have a firm control every step of the way to ensure quality and service delivery.

slow cooked beef stew, nasi kerabu
slow cooked beef stew, nasi kerabu

Everyday, there’s usually over a dozen different dishes to choose from, usually with choices of dishes that includes chicken, fish, or beef prepared in either traditional, Western, or even dishes with a bit of Japanese flair. Do check out their menu online.

you can order via web browser with a computer
you can order via web browser with a computer

Ordering is as simple as a few clicks away on your web browser, or if you prefer, there’s also a mobile app on Android and iOS which also help track down delivery time and where the riders are currently at.

or via their phone app, delivery time is always on point
or via their phone app, delivery time is always on point

One of my favorite things about dahmakan is the way you’re able to schedule when the food is delivered. For example, I had mine scheduled between 6:30 – 7 pm and sure enough, it was delivered by 6:51 pm on my doorstep. This makes for easier planning to have them delivered right after you get back home, but not too early, or too late.

I really love the beef stew, mom liked the nasi kerabu too
I really love the beef stew, mom liked the nasi kerabu too

Most importantly though, when it comes to any food services, it’s the quality of food you get. Of the numerous orders I had with dahmakan, they’ve never disappoint. My most recent order of slow cooked beef stew and nasi kerabu were as good as any, and they were still warm when I got them too.

The beef were tender, soft, and properly seasoned. Nasi kerabu was served with plenty of greens, that signature blue rice, and a huge portion of thigh meat. They were delicious.

If you haven’t yet, check out and do use the BETASTY063 promo code. Dahmakan currently delivers to most of Klang Valley.