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One of the places to visit for us when MCO was lifted is this loh bak place by the name of Chap Teo Seng in Klang, or as the locals here would call it – “ngoh heong”.

Chap Teo Seong (Ngoh Heong) at Klang
Chap Teo Seong (Ngoh Heong) at Klang

Ngoh heong essentially means five spice, one of the key ingredients used making loh bak. Call me crazy, I think you should call it loh bak anyway since you usually eat with a condiment of loh (like loh mee), and it’s made of bak (pork). Anyway…

So we finally made our way there one of these nights. Chap Teo Seng is a really old school shop house offering two different choices – the different selection of loh bak, and interestingly, a char kuih teow stall too. Since I’m an adult, I chose both (always!)

the char kuih teow is suprisingly awesome
the char kuih teow is surprisingly awesome

As it turns out, the char kuih teow was quite a revelation. The smallish plate of kuih teow was packed with wok hei, and even more importantly, plenty of juicy seahum. It was so good that this was the first time I was totally fine with char kuih teow committing the Cardinal sin of not having prawns. Delicious!

plenty of choices, don't forget the century egg!
plenty of choices, don’t forget the century egg!

As for the loh bak, well, the loh bak (ngoh heong) piece itself were just ok, perhaps due to them using slightly leaning meat. However, the prawn fritters, spring roll, tofu, and other pieces were generally pretty good. We also particularly love those semi runny century egg, that’s definitely a must order.

Overall this is a place certainly worthy of a visit, and we’ll be going back there again. Remember, Klang isn’t just about bak kut teh!

map to Chap Teo Seong ngoh heong loh bak, Klang

Chap Teo Seng (Ngoh Heong)
7, Lorong Sena,
Kawasan 18,
41400 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.049560, 101.446815
Tel: +6 016 370 1722

Discuss : KY eats – Chap Teo Seng (Ngoh Heong) Loh Bak & Char Kuih Teow, Klang

  1. Whoa doesn’t like to eat loh bak right? Especially when the variety is amazing.

  2. I love loh bak / ngoh heong but their prices can be so expensive with a just a small portion! Good for sharing but if makan sendiri a bit sakit. The ckt looks good! 😀

  3. Oooo…CKT looks so good. COCKLES!!! I like! The lor bak looks great too! Are those their own-made sausages?

    • suituapui: most things look to be own-made here, tho I did not confirm with them. The CKT memang was very good, even if it’s not Penang style!

  4. Thank you for enlighten me on the why those fried food is called Lobak, which I really don’t know the reason all these while, LOL
    I saw you visited this place in the evening/night, are they open on day time also?
    Klang is definitely not all about BKT, to be honest, I don’t like Klang style BKT too, hehe 😛

    • Choi Yen: I think they’re not opened on day time unfortunately. Only from around 6pm onward, and how can you not like Klang bkt! hahaha

  5. A plate of CKT with wok hei and plenty of juicy see hum will surely hit all the right spots. I’d love me a creamy century egg too! I also like a good lobak but not many places do it right (meat too fatty or 5-spice too overpowering). P/S: I also don’t like Klang style BKT wor…hehe! 😉

  6. this ckt really looks wok hei

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