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Prawns used to be a luxury for me, I mean, it is still a luxury, but it used to be as well. It is a good day whenever I get to eat some good prawns, and when there’s an entire kilo of the freshest prawns to be had, well, that just pretty much guaranteed a great week!

steamed fresh prawns with scallion
steamed fresh prawns with scallion

Anyway, enough nonsense. Today I want to share with you the simplest way to prepare prawns in your kitchen, and one that is most perfect when you have them super fresh. In my case, they were delivered alive, just like how you’d have them in certain fancy seafood restaurants.

Here’s the recipe.


  • fresh prawns
  • ginger, 2-3 inches, sliced
  • scallion, cut into 2 inches, thin sliced
  • soya sauce and shaoxing wine for condiment

Cooking Instructions:

  • place prawns in a stainless steel plate
  • steam in high heat for 10 mins with scallion and ginger on top
  • mix 2 part shaoxing wine & 1 part soya sauce as condiment
  • ENJOY!

It is really the simplest of recipe, and that’s how they usually serve fresh prawns in seafood restaurants in Kota Kinabalu (such as Welcome restaurant), try it to believe it!

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  1. Drool! Drool! That looks good! I’ve stocked up lots of seawater prawns in the freezer. Maybe we can have that one of these days.

  2. It can’t get any fresher than prawns that are still ‘dancing’ when they’re steamed! 😉 As much as I pity those poor babies being cooked alive, I once had drunken prawns cooked tableside just like that too…so sweet & succulent (this also reminds me of those Aussie clam boil with live yabbies thrown in). P/S: Are you rearing your own prawns in your pond? LOL. Otherwise, how-lah to get those prawns back to your house still kicking and alive?

  3. Ooh, that does look delicious.

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