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Before we begin, yes, these photos and this meal was taken just before Covid19 time, and not because we were anti-mask or trying to be funny. I’m not sure about you, but I sure miss those time when I frequent Kota Kinabalu and day to day life was much simpler, seemingly a lifetime ago now isn’t it?

Kota Kinabalu Signal Hill Eco Farm
Kota Kinabalu Signal Hill Eco Farm

Anyway, on this trip, my buddy Yann May took us to check out one of the hidden treasures this part of Kota Kinabalu – Signal Hill Eco Farm.

The Eco Farm is located just a few minutes away from the heart of Kota Kinabalu at Signal Hill. However, the ambiance here is as far from the city as you can imagine. It is as much a plantation and farm as it is a restaurant, and that is the charm of this place, pretty much everything you eat is grown just a few tens of meters away from the table.

moringga egg, lady fingers, bitter gourd salted egg, purslane
moringga egg, lady fingers, bitter gourd salted egg, purslane

The menu here consists of mainly vegetable dishes, but also comes with options for free range chicken, duck, and tilapia fish.

For dinner, we ordered moringga omelete (free range chicken egg, RM 10), fried okra (RM 8), bitter gourd salted egg (RM 12), and purslan (telinga tikus, RM 8). Dishes did take a while before the slow-ish kitchen got them prepared, we were able to make good use of those waiting time by having a bit of sight see around the farm.

kale juice
kale juice, May, KY

Well, the vegetables were undoubtedly fresh, but to be perfectly honest, the chef didn’t have much of a magical touch preparing them. There were adequate and comforting, but not something that wowed me. However, the experience at Signal Hill Eco farm was quite a unique one, and a place that definitely worth a visit if you find yourself at Kota Kinabalu and just about got tired of having more seafood.

signal hill eco farm menu (1) signal hill eco farm menu (2) signal hill eco farm menu (3)

signal hill eco farm menu (4) signal hill eco farm menu (5) signal hill eco farm menu (6)

KK eco farm map

Signal Hill Eco Farm
Jalan Wong Thau Yong,
88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS: 5.984623, 116.08289
Tel: +60 16 789 1873

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  1. I sure miss the good, old days when we don’t have to put on any mask yet.

    Perhaps the chefs need to attend some cooking lessons first. :p

  2. Moringga egg? Sounds healthy! I wonder when I will ever be able to make my way to Sabah again. Sighhh!!!

  3. No thank you….I don’t think I want to eat any rats’ ears…hahaha! 😀 Everything sounds so healthy here…including kale juice! 😉

  4. Bet I would love this place. Got my eye on all of those fresh greens.

  5. I remember eating at this restaurant; driving there was a bit of a challenge because I remember going through a very steep hill, so I had to drive very carefully, especially in the dark. When I arrived at the restaurant, there were a lot of vegetables and plants grown in front of the entrance, and it looked beautiful. The inside of the restaurant is also gorgeous, with many ponds and décor. I don’t remember what I ate, but there were duck eggs because the taste of the duck’s eggs is permanently stuck in my taste buds. After all, it was very delicious.

    For me, I think the price for the food is reasonable considering that most of the ingredients are homegrown and farmed. They must’ve needed a lot of staff to maintain the freshness of the vegetables and more team to cook and serve the customers. So for me, eating there is very is worth it, and I enjoyed every bit of the experience there. As you said, it’s a place for good comfort food. Thank you for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading it!

    • Alicia: agreed pricing are more than reasonable for the experience & quality of fresh vegetable!

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