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A few days ago my cravings for Thai food suddenly hits, and since we’re not out of this whole Covid-19 wood work just yet, I was giving myself some dining criteria – somewhere that’s not crowded and somewhat open air. A bit of Google-fu later, we found ourselves at this relatively new Thai restaurant in Bandar Baru Klang by the name of Baan Korat.

Baan Korat, Bandar Baru Klang
Baan Korat, Bandar Baru Klang

Baan Korat is operated by a couple, with the chef (the wife) being a Thai. Just by that alone you know you’d be getting an authentic experience, right?

Well, luckily, yes!

The restaurant offers Thai steamboat, as well as a selected number of mainly street dishes to go with steamed rice (see menu below). The ambiance is not unlike those shops you find in Hatyai.

For the two of us, we ordered a bowl of tomyam seafood (RM 13.90), a Baan Korat special (RM 13.90), a couple moo ping (pork skewer, RM 3 each), and a serving of their Thai fish cake (RM 10). I had originally wanted grill cockles (RM 13) or grilled stuffed squid (RM 15) but unfortunately those were not available during our visit.

tomyam, baan korat special, fish cake, moo ping (pork skewer)
tomyam, baan korat special, fish cake, moo ping (pork skewer)

As for how the food tastes, well, the two soup dishes were top notch. The tomyam was full of flavor without having to be super spicy. The Baan Korat special has a pork broth that carries a strong hint of crushed peanut taste to it, and laden with seafood, egg, as well as minced pork. I thought it was quite delicious as well.

As for the two side dishes, I’d say moo ping is a must order for the fans of pork, and those fish cakes .. well, probably best be skipped even if you’re a fan of fish cake, or especially if you are one..

Thai ice tea is one of my exceptions to sweet drinks
Thai ice tea is one of my exceptions to sweet drinks

Overall though, this is shaping up to be one of those places I would definitely love going again. Happy food hunt and stay safe!

baan korat thai food menu (1) baan korat thai food menu (2) baan korat thai food menu (3)

baan korat thai food menu (4) baan korat thai food menu (5) baan korat thai food menu (6)

map to Baan Korat restaurant

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant
No 10, Lorong Tiara 1b,
Bandar Baru Klang,
41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.063487, 101.470247
Tel: 012-350 3003

I remember way back when going to office was a thing, me and my colleagues would sometimes walk over to the myNEWS outlet at Avenue K and grab lunch, I remember one of my favorites being the spicy tuna sandwich.

myNEWS now has an app as well
myNEWS now has an app as well

Fast forward to now, myNEWS has expanded their selection in this section and I’m happy to get to try some of their Japanese inspired bakes & ready-to-eat meals.

Before we talk about the food, you can also win amazing Ang Pow worth RM188,888 with myNEWS, and all you need to do is by spending RM 18 and above in a single receipt using myNEWS app and receive 1 stamp. Collecting 3 stamps and you’ll be rewarded with e-Ang Pow into your app!

Golden Egg Combo Sandwich, Salted Egg Chicken Onigirazu
Golden Egg Combo Sandwich, Salted Egg Chicken Onigirazu

Starting with something for the salted egg fans, there’s Salted Egg Chicken Onigirazu and Salted Egg Chicken pasta.

Onigirazu is something like a cross between an onigiri and a sandwich, and this version comes with a piece of fried chicken wrapped around with Japanese rice and of course, those delicious salted egg sauce.

The Golden Egg Combo Sandwich  is perfect for those who can’t decide if they want egg or chicken in their sandwich, so in this case, grab both!

Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Donburi, Salted Egg Chicken pasta
Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Donburi, Salted Egg Chicken pasta

The Salted Egg Chicken pasta tastes best after heaving up in an oven for 1.5 minutes, almost-instant gratification.

For those who loves lor mai kai, the Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Donburi has a taste that is actually very close to it, which unsurprisingly, makes it one of their best-sellers. I think having with a bit of chili sauce may enhance the taste, but I liked it as is as well.

Strawberry and Mango Peach Croissants
Strawberry and Mango Peach Croissants

Lastly, we also tried their strawberry and mango peach croissants, both may not look like your typical croissant but they do taste rather good! I popped them in toaster oven for about 3 minutes to warm up the pastry while keeping the sweet fruity fillings still slightly cold, giving it a nice contrast. Best served with coffee, which of course you can conveniently get from myNEWS as well.

Additionally, ice cream fans will be happy to know that the Maru Kafe also offers some delicious soft serve dessert in chocolate or mixed flavor

Before we begin, yes, these photos and this meal was taken just before Covid19 time, and not because we were anti-mask or trying to be funny. I’m not sure about you, but I sure miss those time when I frequent Kota Kinabalu and day to day life was much simpler, seemingly a lifetime ago now isn’t it?

Kota Kinabalu Signal Hill Eco Farm
Kota Kinabalu Signal Hill Eco Farm

Anyway, on this trip, my buddy Yann May took us to check out one of the hidden treasures this part of Kota Kinabalu – Signal Hill Eco Farm.

The Eco Farm is located just a few minutes away from the heart of Kota Kinabalu at Signal Hill. However, the ambiance here is as far from the city as you can imagine. It is as much a plantation and farm as it is a restaurant, and that is the charm of this place, pretty much everything you eat is grown just a few tens of meters away from the table.

moringga egg, lady fingers, bitter gourd salted egg, purslane
moringga egg, lady fingers, bitter gourd salted egg, purslane

The menu here consists of mainly vegetable dishes, but also comes with options for free range chicken, duck, and tilapia fish.

For dinner, we ordered moringga omelete (free range chicken egg, RM 10), fried okra (RM 8), bitter gourd salted egg (RM 12), and purslan (telinga tikus, RM 8). Dishes did take a while before the slow-ish kitchen got them prepared, we were able to make good use of those waiting time by having a bit of sight see around the farm.

kale juice
kale juice, May, KY

Well, the vegetables were undoubtedly fresh, but to be perfectly honest, the chef didn’t have much of a magical touch preparing them. There were adequate and comforting, but not something that wowed me. However, the experience at Signal Hill Eco farm was quite a unique one, and a place that definitely worth a visit if you find yourself at Kota Kinabalu and just about got tired of having more seafood.

signal hill eco farm menu (1) signal hill eco farm menu (2) signal hill eco farm menu (3)

signal hill eco farm menu (4) signal hill eco farm menu (5) signal hill eco farm menu (6)

KK eco farm map

Signal Hill Eco Farm
Jalan Wong Thau Yong,
88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS: 5.984623, 116.08289
Tel: +60 16 789 1873

Kung pao chicken is dish that is familiar to many of us, especially those who have spent some time ordering for a single serving Chinese “tai chao” dish around Klang Valley. It is coincidentally also a dish that is pretty simple to prepare on your own, as I have shared before some 15+ years ago.

kung pao chicken sweet potato recipe
kung pao chicken sweet potato recipe

Today, I want to share a slightly tweaked version of this traditional dish, by incorporating some sweet potato that I’ve gotten my hands on. Here I present to you – Kung Pao Chicken with Sweet Potato! (I know, I could be more creative with the naming, like Sweet Earthy Phoenix combo or something…)

Check out the video of the recipe below:


  • 2 quarter chicken legs (or other parts if you so prefer), cut into bite sizes, deboned if possible
  • 1-2 sweet potato, cut in small chunks
  • half cup cashew nuts (optional)
  • 1/2 clove garlic
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 1/2 dozen dried cili
  • 3-4 cili padi (optional)
  • cooking oil


  • 1.5 table spoon dark soya sauce
  • 1 table spoon soya sauce
  • 2 table spoon dark vinegar

cast iron pan comes in handy for frying too

Cooking Instructions:

  • heat up cooking oil
  • start with ginger, garlic, and cili (both)
  • add cashew nuts if they’re not toasted, stir fry till fragrant
  • add chicken and sweet potato together, cook for 5-7 minutes
  • add sauce, and stir for additional minute
  • put on some spring onion or cilantro before serving (optional)


I first got to know about Datang Sitok Cafe from an article online, and was happy to find out that it is actually located less than 10 minutes from where I stay, further more, it is actually just a stone’s throw away from our usual jogging park.

So, being a fan of Sarawak Laksa, naturally I had to check it out.

Cafe Datang Sitok, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam
Cafe Datang Sitok, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

Cafe Datang Sitok is located at Seksyen 7 directly next to Unisel, or North of UiTM. A simple shop lot with non existent interior decoration. There’s your usual plastic chair and table, some fans for your comfort, and hawker stalls in which your food is cooked.

Owners who run the place appears to be a couple, with the lady & main cook originated from Sarawak. (yes, I asked)

The menu consists of slightly over a dozen different dishes, with majority of them rice dishes.

We went for two of their three varieties of Laksa Sarawak – normal, and Pattaya version. Had wanted to try the “super special” with big head river prawn but unfortunately the boss told us supply was hard to get during MCO. We also ordered their cucur udang (prawn fritter) as a side dish as well.

Sarawak Laksa & "Pattaya" Sarawak Laksa
Sarawak Laksa & “Pattaya” Sarawak Laksa

The laksa (RM 8) came with all the usual ingredients – shredded chicken, bean sprout, thick meehun, prawns, coriander, shredded omelet, fish cake slices and sambal with calamansi. The fish cake being the additional ingredient that isn’t supposed to be in laksa Sarawak, but in this case, it didn’t spoil anything.

The Pattaya version (RM 10) is essentially the same dish but with a giant thin layer of omelet wrapping the entire dish, taking a page from nasi Pattaya, quite innovative I must say!

Most importantly, these laksa passed my taste test. It was proper, well cooked, and albeit not very thick, the soup does have a decently strong flavor to it. I particularly love the sambal as well, chunky & strong.

cucur udang
cucur udang

Oh, if you’re there, don’t miss out on their cucur udang (RM 5) as well. The plate came with 2 pretty good size prawn fritters that hits the right spots, they’re crunchy and rather delicious, especially with those slightly sweetened sambal accompanying the dish.

I’m going to go back there to try some of their other items next.

cafe datang sitok menu (1) cafe datang sitok menu (2)

datang sitok cafe map

Datang Sitok Cafe
No 14, Kompleks Anjung 7,
Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS: 3.076586, 101.496307
Tel: +6013 576 0800
Hours: 11:30am–10pm, closed on Mondays