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For someone who’s from Penang, I guess this blog will never be complete without a mention to the best chee cheong fun on the island, so here I present to you – Genting Cafe Chee Cheong Fun.

Genting kopitiam, Penang
Genting kopitiam, Penang

Genting Cafe is a kopitiam completely unrelated to Genting Highlands in Pahang, it is in fact located at Island Glades amongst residential area and next to a school. The good thing is, the area is rather close to Lim Chong Eu highway, making it an easy stop right after you get on the island via Penang bridge. Parking though is a different challenge.

There are many stalls in this kopitiam, with chee cheong fun being the star.

The default order is 2 piecces of chee cheong fun, wrapped, and served with the dark sauce (har kou in Cantonese, heh koh in Hokkien) and chili paste, topped with some sesame seeds.

The chee cheong fun warms you up the moment you have it in your mouth, and you just let that peanut butter infused dark sauce and chili work its magic to tickle all the right senses. It’s a dish so simple yet ultimately so satisfying, it’s a wonder why others fail to recreate it.

I try not to miss this whenever I’m back in Penang.

chee cheong fun kosong, simple as it gets
chee cheong fun kosong, simple as it gets

Char kuih teow, prawn mee, and curry mee are pretty legit here as well if chee cheong fun isn’t enough for you.

map to Genting Kopitiam

Genting Cafe
Lorong Delima 3,
Taman Island Glades,
11700 Jelutong, Penang
GPS: 5.3829822, 100.303885
Hours: 7am to 4pm, closed on Wednesday

Discuss : KY eats – Chee Cheong Fun at Genting Kopitiam, Penang

  1. I will take your words that the chee cheong fun here is good. 😀

  2. Dark sauce = prawn paste = Har Gou?

  3. I was wondering why there was no mention of the har gou cheong if it’s authentic Penang CCF (ah, I see you refer to it as dark sauce). But this is the first time I’ve heard of har gou being peanut butter infused (didn’t know that there was peanut butter in har gou sauce). I like the O&S one coz it comes with lots of fried shallots! 😉

    • eatwhateatwhere: the term “har gou” somehow escaped my mind when I wrote this, prehaps a sign of old age. hahaha.

    • Was there in June last year and my kids all had a blast whacking plates of the shrimp paste CCF. There a little stall outside the restaurant that sells miniature you tiau for 30 sen a piece and the sesame seed coated maa keok is just ace with the in-house kopi o!

  4. I prefer my ccf in curry sauce but this one with dark sauce looks like a nice snacks for tea time too! 🙂

  5. I had the worst CCF ever from that Ipoh franchise here – post in my blog tomorrow.

  6. da best chee cheong fun

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