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For those who fancy a good bowl of Penang kuih teow soup, there’s now another challenger in Ara Damansara at the kopitiam by the name of Restoran Tien Tien Lai.

Tien Tien Lai kopitiam
Tien Tien Lai kopitiam

Interestingly, I was told about this kopitiam by my mom when she was staying with me for a couple of weeks during the times when Covid-19 seems to be more rampant up North (things has reversed since…). It was a recommendation by one of her friends. When older folks recommends places to eat, more often than not, they’re right.

The kuih teow soup stall in this restaurant offers both kuih teow soup as well as asam laksa. The latter looks pretty good with big chunks of fish in the soup, but I did not try as my love for kuih teow soup usually surpasses asam laksa.

look at those coagulated blood in kuih teow soup!
look at those coagulated blood in kuih teow soup!

The KTS here comes with the usual ingredients of sliced pork, chicken, fish ball, fish cake, spring onion, bean sprouts, and even two of my favorites – coagulated blood and fried pork lard! The combination proved to be as good as I expected, with soup that’s not overpowering, making for a comfort meal suitable at any time.

This is only the second kuih teow soup place in Klang Valley that I know of offering coagulated blood, the other being at O&S kopitiam in PJ.

mom didn't look impressed in this pic but she did like the KTS!
mom didn’t look impressed in this pic but she did like the KTS!

There’s a stall offering superb chasiu as well, and I will soon talk about another very good dish here – yam rice. Stay tuned.

And yes, this is a kopitiam worth visiting for sure.

map to Tien Tien Lai, Ara Damansara

Tien Tien Lai kopitiam
Ara Permata, 33,
Jalan PJU 1a/42,
Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.117288, 101.587120
Hours: breakfasts

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  1. Coagulated blood…hmm…still can’t really stomach this. I could but then again…it puts my taste buds off. 😀

  2. Aiyo, how to lai…so far away, let alone tien tien lai! 😀 Yes, you’re right…the one I tried at O&S is the only one I’ve had that has coagulated blood. I’ve also tried the one in PJ Old Town…and I do agree with you that their fishballs are better than O&S…but it’s the taste of their soup that won me over…it’s the best I’ve had so far. I’ve since found a better kuey teow soup near me (erm, actually more like fishball noodles lah), with good fishballs…and even better fish cake. ^_~

  3. I’m pretty sure I’d love this a lot. LOL at your mum’s expression! I’ve been to O & S before…twice.

  4. hari hari mali. sounds legit pun

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