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Ask anyone about prawn mee in Penang and chances are the name Old Green House kopitiam will be in among the top 10 lists, doubly so if the list is created by youngsters who does not like to go to bed at reasonable hours.

Green House prawn mee stall, with extras to choose
Green House prawn mee stall, with extras to choose

Well, if you’re one of those who likes to have your prawn mee in for dinner or in the wee hours (operating from 6pm to around 3am), the stall at Old Green House kopitiam is the perfect choice.

In addition to the usual ingredients of prawns, egg, your choice of mee/meehun, and pork slices, there’s a host of different additional “extras” you can choose from depending on availability – from pork intestine, ribs, meatball, pork skin, roast pork, and even sausages. Additionally, you can have it with classic prawn mee soup, loh mee, or a mix between the two (often my choice!)

A standard small portion goes for RM 6.00, and additional ingredients run from RM 1.20 to RM 3.00.

pork intestine, and roast pork, two additions to the standard bowl
pork intestine, and roast pork, two additions to the standard bowl

The soup is flavorful enough, and ingredients given are plentiful (see video), I was hoping they do also provide the classic kangkung but unfortunately it was missing on my visit. Both intestine and roast pork did give it that extra edge for me, and I’d be returning for those pork skin next time!

Another prawn mee/loh mee place to check out is the 888 Prawn mee at Lebuh Presgrave

map to old green house kopitiam

Old Green House Restorant
223, Jalan Burma,
10050 Georgetown, Penang
GPS: 5.423733, 100.321125

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  1. Penang? Still going here and there? I don’t know when I shall ever get to travel again – just when I thought it was all right and here we go all over again. #staysafe #staywell #stayhome

  2. MIght visit this when I go to penang. Would love to try the pig skin. 😀

  3. places like this are perfect for those of us who were studying in USM and were still, erm, studying at midnight and wanted to get out of our hostel rooms for a bite 🙂

  4. Is Green House and Old Green House same? I tried prawn mee from Green House on my last trip 😛

  5. I like my prawn mee with its traditional ingredients of prawns, sliced lean meat, egg (hard-boiled not braised), kangkung & sambal…hehehe….no messing around with all those added ingredients like sausages, mushrooms (!), braised egg and meatballs except maybe pork ribs & intestines. 😛

  6. Try these 2 places as well which I found pretty good on my last trip back to Penang

    1) One Corner Cafe on Jalan Bawasah Larut
    2) Swee Kong Coffee Shop on Burmah Rd (opposite Pulau Tikus police station)

    Both operate in the morning, so I’d advise to get there before 8am, especially the Pulau Tikus one as she tends to sell out around 8:15am (I got there at 8:30am and got told all done for the day)

    Be warned, both operators are also pretty grumpy as well 😛

    • oJordan: thanks for the tips! I’m familiar with the one at burmah road but not the one at Jalan Bawasah.

  7. I was looking for the green house 😉

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