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Have you ever heard about this term – “the curse of knowledge”?

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, communicating with other individuals, unknowingly assumes that the others have the background to understand (wikipedia)

It is something I am always aware and try not to fall into when building this website, so for those of you who thinks this silly little recipe is too simple, well, there maybe others who could benefit from this.

So, I present you the very first dish I ever attempted as a kid, back when I was still in primary school – the Chinese style Omelette.

chinese style onion omelette


  • two eggs
  • 2 red onions (small size), or 1 big ones, sliced
  • cooking oil
  • salt, pepper to taste


  • heat up frying pan with cooking oil (1 tablespoon)
  • throw in and cook onion till they’re soft, add a pinch of salt too
  • add in egg that’s pre-scrambled in a bowl, add some white pepper if desired
  • flip when one side is cooked
  • ready to serve!

I loved this dish so much as a kid, mom would make it probably almost weekly, and it goes very well especially with porridge as well, probably why this was the first dish I ever attempted as a kid (was a failure cos I put onion and egg the same time).

Try it yourself!

Discuss : KY cooks – Chinese Style Onion Omelette

  1. One of my favorite go to dishes. I would add lap cheong or prawns some times.

  2. Psh..touchy touchy.

  3. That looks very satisfying.

  4. Wow, u started cooking during primary school, genius!

  5. Yes, fast to cook, good to eat!

  6. Ish, you say this is a silly little recipe….and then got one better over us by saying you cooked it as a kid. We only know how to play marbles when we were kids…wahahahaha! 😀

    • eatwhateatwhere: haha i was a curious child, and still is curious on too many things.

  7. egg fuyong is the best!!! my mom makes a mean one with ham! (looks like this might be a standard asian mom special. lol.)

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