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Ngau Hor, or Cantonese style fried beef noodle, isn’t exactly a dish that is offered in many places. Truth be told, I can’t say that I’ve tried many ngau hor in my life, but if you ask me which one I’ll have right now, this version at New Apollos kopitiam will be my take.

New Apollos at USJ 4
New Apollos at USJ 4

New Apollos is a busy kopitiam this part of Subang, with perhaps over a dozen different stalls operating within. The ngau hor stall offers Kong Fu Chau, Sang Har Mee (river prawn noodle), and also venison, in addition to beef noodle (I should try them).

For RM 11, you get a big plate of Cantonese style hor fun with generous helpings of super tender beef coated with starch, its flavor perfectly balanced as well. If you love this dish, you’d enjoy this version.

ngau hor (beef noodle), perfectly executed
ngau hor (beef noodle), perfectly executed

Kuih Teow Soup is also good here, along with the rather unique offering of paus, check out the New Apollos tag.

map to New Apollos kopitiam, USJ 4

Restaurant New Apollos
2, Jln USJ4/6B
Subang Jaya
GPS3.051770, 101.576209
HoursLunch and Breakfast, Closed on Tuesdays

Discuss : KY eats – Ngau Hor (beef noodle) at New Apollos, Subang USJ 4

  1. I’d go for the soup.

  2. aiyo – i was just visiting a cafe at usj 4 last week, on this same road – if you had posted this last week, i could have headed here too for sang har mee 😀

  3. kekeke rosberg

    lol… so basically wat tan hor… but minus the tan and add beef

    introducing the all new ‘wat ngau hor’ #newmsianrecipe2020

    • kekeke: you’re not entirely wrong, though the broth does taste a bit different, darker too.

  4. I love ngau hor…and you usually find it at places that offer sang har mee or the more affordable wat tan hor (aka “low class” sang har mee with smaller prawns…wuahahahaha!). The ngau hor sauce also has tan (to thicken it instead of just starch) but less than wat tan hor. The popular ones in KL like Sang Kee & Soo Kee comes to mind. I also have one good near me in Kow Siew.

    • eatwhateatwhere: looks like you’re way more well versed in this than me, will need to check out those places myself!

  5. I always eat CKT, but less Ngau Hor… thanks for reminding me to try haha

  6. I am lost over that side of town.

  7. I had this recently at one of the kopitiam at Sri Damansara and it was quite a disappointment because the it was lack of flavour ;(

  8. its one of the numerous off shoot of the jalan imbi famous Soo Kee. get the same delicious food at much lower price and the hassle of going down to kl..

  9. Kenny Lim

    the last time i went was many years back. stop going there when i ate halfway and found a dead cockroach. since then, never been there or step into the kopitiam anymore. here is a good beef noodle to be recommended in Subang

    • Kenny: uhh! Thanks for the tips. To be fair, cockroach would be quite terrifying if found on the plate.

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