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On my last work trip to KK, my buddy Yann May suggested that dinner should come in the form of chicken wings. I like chicken skin, and wings has the most skin, so, why not?

And that’s how we got ourselves to Lido Square at Lintas.

Lido Square, Lintas, Kota Kinabalu
Lido Square, Lintas, Kota Kinabalu

Lido Square is this huge food court situated about 15 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu city center. Like most food courts, there are dozens of different stalls offering a wide variety of dishes, many of these are pork free, but some aren’t. If halal food is a must, choose wisely.

We ended up having more than just chicken wings, of course.

The highlight, for me at least, would be those big cockles – RM 10 for half a kilo if you have them boiled, or RM 15 if fried. These cockles are several times larger than those you typically find in Klang Valley – only 9 pieces for half a kilo. They were absolutely on point and delicious! I love it, the lady doesn’t eat cockles, hmph.

May approves of these cockles, I think?
May approves of the stingray, but maybe not cockles!

The ikan pari (stingray, RM 25) was properly grilled and rather tasty as well. The fish was fresh, and prepared to a texture that lets you chew down 90% of the cartilage. We enjoyed the fish quite a bit.

melvic chicken wings is the "brand" to go
melvic chicken wings is the “brand” to go

Then there’s we came for – MELVIC chicken wings. That took quite a wait as the stall is almost always pretty busy.

The wings were nice, sweet with all its honey goodness, and made better with a squeeze of limau on top as well. These are comparable with some of the best wings in KL too.

the popiah is a bit of a disappointment
the popiah is a bit of a disappointment

If you’re a fan of popiah, I can safely say that you may want to skip the version here in KK. Their “Northern style popiah” is almost acceptable, but the Lido style popiah was just a blend of thick popiah skin with not much else to shout about. I’ll avoid.

Other things worth checking out would be the freshly made mochi, and those steamed soup. Plenty of stalls we had no stomach space to try, perhaps next time!

map to Lido Square, Lintas, KK

Lido Square
Jalan Penampang,
Lido Square,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS: 5.943246, 116.081579
Hours: 7:30 am to 11:30 pm

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  1. Give me that stingray and wings, no thank you for that huge siham 😛

  2. Oh my goodness! They’re soooo big, so juicy and succulent. Had some tiny, miserable ones here the other day, so disappointing!

    Popia Penang? I saw the lady making the skin at the market but I do not recall eating popiah anywhere there. They do have very nice ones in Kuching, nicer than th eones I had in KL but of course, cannot beat the ones I make myself at home. Hehehehehe!!!

  3. Wah, the sihum so big, cannot get here lah….I want…the bigger, the better! ^.^ I’ve never had fried sihum. I wonder how they cook it…dig out the flesh first and then fry? 😉

  4. argggh, cockles – my one true culinary love! these look so good, i’m thinking of moving to kk for a month! 😀

  5. Fried sihum, we have that in Sarawak as well. They will fry with the shell but personally i prefer boiled one cause fried one often taste salty.

  6. CCTV Malaysia

    seriously looks very nice… i want to try also.. thank you

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