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While char kuih teow, laksa, and cendol gets all the attention in Penang, one of the must-eats for me is actually the humble old apong. Specifically, the stalls offering these tiny apong that have been operating at Jalan Burma right outside Union Primary School for decades.

Apong Guan, Penang
Apong Guan, Penang

There are only two of such stalls on the island as far as I know, both offering very mini sized apong made with plenty of eggs, flour, ripe banana, corn, and some other secret ingredients (I think the guy will sell you the recipe for a handsome fee).

I’ve wrote about Apong Chooi back in 2011, so now let’s look at Apong Guan, arguably the more “famous” of the two.

Each Apong now goes for RM 0.60, up from RM 0.35 8 years back, and seven for RM 1.00 maybe two and a half decades back when I first got my motorbike license.

Apong Guan will usually have a small crowd surrounding the stall on weekends, an exercise in patient in these hot climate to be sure. The reward though is definitely worth it. The apong is sweet from the ripe banana & corn, savory from its egg, and perfect in every way. I suggest you order enough to lasts the afternoon, and eat them while hot!

RM 0.60 each for this goodness, must-eat if you're in penang
RM 0.60 each for this goodness, must-eat if you’re in Penang

Apong Guan has been in operation for some 50 years, with no heir apparent in sight, so if you’re longing for something uniquely Penang, this is a stall not to be missed.

map of burma road, penang

Outside Union Primary School,
Burma Road, Penang
GPS: 5.423212, 100.321988

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  1. The two are brothers or something, right? Not on good terms because of the rivalry but the stalls are right beside each other. I remember hearing something like that.

    • suituapui: yah that’s what I heard from years back too, hopefully one of these days they get along with each other perhaps?

  2. it’s quite incredible to imagine how many tens of thousands of people (maybe even hundreds of thousands of people) have tasted and enjoyed apong guan over the past half-century 🙂

    • Sean: even more incredible to imagine how many ppl read your blog in MRT & LRT on daily basis. 😀

  3. kekeke rosberg

    old skool legit business with proper ingredients #apong

  4. Bookmarked and make sure I’ll try this on my next visit!

  5. Advise accepted. I’ll return soon to try them.

  6. sxdvsdv

  7. Which one is more old school…these or the ones I’ve seen that’s folded in three with crispy edges and very basic with just egg/flour mixture in the centre (made in a tiny wok)? I really like the latter but it’s harder and harder to find in KL these days.

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