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A couple weeks ago, Suan made me wake up at 6 in the morning on weekends, just because she needed a trail walking buddy to go to Chilling Falls (we went many years ago). She’s a friend for over two decades, I had no choice but to comply.

fried pan mee in all its glory
fried pan mee in all its glory

So we made our ways from PJ to Hulu Selangor way too early on a Sunday morning, and stopped by Rasa (yes, it’s a real town) for a pretty unique type of breakfast – Fried Pan Mee at Happy Like Coffee House.

Rasa is a pretty small town, and being situated less than 30 mins from Chilling Falls makes it a perfect destination for pre-hike stopover. The town area is plenty small and you won’t miss the time capsule of a kopitiam.

So, how’s the fried pan mee?

It is almost exactly like how you would imagine. Literally pan mee, but fried, with plenty of the same type of vege you’d find in normal soup version of pan mee. The portion here is way too big but makes for good carbo-loading pre-exercise routine. I was impartial to the taste, but Suan loves it.

Happy Like Coffee House, Rasa, Hulu Selangor
Happy Like Coffee House, Rasa, Hulu Selangor

If you’re heading to Chilling Falls or any of the hiking trials nearby Hulu Selangor, this would be a worthy stopover.

bonus pic of me freezing my ass off at Chilling Falls
bonus pic of me freezing my ass off at Chilling Falls

map to Happy Like Coffee House

Restoran Happy Like Coffee House
Taman Rasa Jaya,
44200 Rasa, Selangor
GPS: 3.496102, 101.632591

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    wahhh plate looks good, but taste not as good as it looks? Why? Whhhhhyy? To be effective foodpr0n blog we need more details. Also, did you catch some scampi in your groin? #shrinkage

  2. Is that you? Cold, eh? Do I see a tummy? LOL!!! Never had pan mee fried, wouldn’t mind trying!

  3. waking up early + hiking + freezing baths is the terrible trinity of torture!

  4. I heard of Rasa town as my grandmother stays at KKB (Kual Kubu Bahru) which is its nearby town.

  5. It’s filling enough to sustain our entire Chilling Falls hike before needing refueling at 12PM. You should try the wantan mee next time. Pretty good also!

  6. The first time I had fried pan mee, I was like…huh, pan mee that’s fried? I don’t really like pan mee to begin with…but fried pan mee, I like wor! 😉 The one I had at Millennium Eighty Six (Paramount Garden) was fried with ingredients that you’d find in fried hokkien mee (unlike your pan mee ingredients here). I liked that version probably because I love hokkien mee.

    • eatwhateatwhere: oOo that’s quite an interesting take, millenium 86 in PJ I’m familiar with!

  7. Try the wantan mee next time. Pretty good. If you lucky/ early you can also get it served with their curry “paikut”

  8. KY,
    You should try the Dry curry ribs wanton noodle next to the cinema. Diagonally across the street there is a corner coffee shop call 快乐 。。sorry about my chinese and i think it is call like this try their coffee….they use to have this 新和发 a very old famous restaurant whereby during the old days people from KL and all over Selangor to come and dine as their hokkien self made noodle is Good…but now the owner dosent make the noodle anymore and has been deteriorate……

    • Wilson: ahh, thanks for the tips. It’s a shame that some of these old school places doesn’t have a succession .. “plan”.

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