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Dinner in Klang consists mainly of three big categories – bak kut teh, seafood, and taichau places. Today, let’s look at one of the older, more traditional taichau  (or in Hong Kong – “tai pai tong”) that offers some rather unique dishes – Hin Kee Restaurant.

Hin Kee Restaurant, Klang
Hin Kee Restaurant, Klang

Hin Kee is located across Jalan Meru from Klang Parade, on a parking lot/medan selera sort of set up within the residential area. The restaurant itself is a zinc roof with no wall type of set up, and it’s reasonably clean, with ceiling fan to boot.

Like most of these old school places, there’s no printed menu. There is however, a few rows of dishes printed above the stall, all in Chinese characters. You can always ask the server for suggestions, which we did.

sumptuous meal at Hin Kee, Klang
sumptuous meal at Hin Kee, Klang

We ended up ordering 6 different dishes – deep fried pork offal with ginger, duck noodle, grilled squid, lala (Thai style?), vege, and fried Hokkien mee.

The dishes did not take too long to arrive, which is always a good thing.

duck noodle, grilled squid, lala, Hokkien mee
duck noodle, grilled squid, lala, Hokkien mee

So how are those dishes?

Pork offal – simply excellent, prepared right on point with those ginger balances porky taste. This with some beer would be heaven! Grilled squid was similarly enjoyable, with texture that’s just right, fresh, and bits of caramelized skin really bringing it to the next level. Love it.

The noodle dishes were pretty good, though I enjoyed their duck noodle quite a bit more than Hokkien mee, which I found pretty average.

pork offal with ginger
pork offal with ginger

We thought the lala dish was a bit.. odd tasting. It was sort of like Thai steamed fish sort of sauce, sourish and slightly spicy, but with lala. I guess some may like it that way, but not exactly my cup of tea.

Overall though it was a very positive experience, will order a different type of lala preparation and perhaps skip the Hokkien mee next time. Pork offal & squid would be the two dishes I’d definitely order.

map to Hin Kee, Klang

Restoran Hin Kee
26, Jalan Dua, Taman Meru,
41050 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.063454, 101.451322
Hours: Open for dinner

Discuss : KY eats – Old School Dishes at Hin Kee Restaurant, Klang

  1. Never mind old school or what school, those dishes are right down my alley. That Hokkien mee looks like our Sibu Foochow fried mee. Yum! Yum! Everything looks just great!

    • suituapui: Ooo I didn’t know there’s such thing as Sibu Foodchow fried mee, learned something new today 😀

      • kekeke rosberg

        or maybe the sipoo fried mee just copied the Hokkien mee and called it their own hahahah #exclusiverealnews #daphaq

  2. Grilled squid certainly a rare dish at Dai Chow place like this.

  3. kekeke rosberg

    everything will taste mediocre now after having dragon meat #realnews

  4. This dai chow must have some Thai influence based on the grilled squid and Thai-style la la. The Hokkien mee looks a bit too wet. I don’t think I’ve had offal fried…and with ginger…I would love that! 😉

    • eatwhateatwhere: yaa, I guess in general a lot of Chinese food in Malaysia is influenced by other cultures surrounding us too.

  5. duck noodles sounds tempting – i saw duck satay on one of the delivery merchants in my area recently, and i’m hoping to order that soon 😉

  6. “The dishes did not take too long to arrive, which is always a good thing” is my type of eatery. I don’t like to queue for food so no matter how good the place is, I wont queue. I’d rather go to the second best place with lesser crowd to eat.

  7. That is my strategy – always ask for the server’s suggestions.

  8. wow.. really good… i like it

  9. the pork sparepart looks keat!

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