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While many restaurants boosts a certain unique selling point that draws customers with fancy dishes, deco, or exciting new tastes, there also exists those that are none of those – a place that is seemingly running in exactly the same way the day it was established, and through various decades, staying on as a sort of time capsule.

Thye Huat at Berkeley, opens from Mon-Sat
Thye Huat at Berkeley, opens from Mon-Sat

A restaurant that brings you back in time with a sense of nostalgia and peace, if you would. In the era of quirky instagrammable cafes and fad based food, this is an increasingly a rare sight.

One of my favorites of such place is Thye Huat at Taman Berkeley.

yam cake anyone?
yam cake anyone?

Located at Lorong Lang, just a few minutes from the old Sungai Rasau toll area, this kopitiam certainly fits the bill. Floor with mosaic laid decades ago, a single stall offering different simple dishes on different days of the week, and even some nyonya kuih to boot.

In addition to the dishes such as curry mee, mee siam, laksa, prawn mee, curry puff and so forth, the half boiled eggs and coffee here is also one not to be missed. Expertly crafted by the old operator, the coffee carries an aroma and body that’s as good as some of the modern cafes.

simple breakfast makes for a great start of the day
simple breakfast makes for a great start of the day

I also never missed ordering those perfectly prepared half boiled eggs whenever I find myself here. They’re also cracked and served in the little old china cups for you.

A breakfast here reminds us of simpler days, one with less distractions and modern constant bombardment of “look at me” culture. Will we ever find those peace again?

map to Thye Huat, Taman Berkeley

Thye Huat
Lorong Lang, Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.056372, 101.464057
Hours: Mon-Sat for breakfast

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  1. a time capsule indeed! i can’t be sure if your photos in this post were taken in 2019 or 1979! 😉

  2. Yes, I’m all for anything old-school, provided they have that same standard in every way – exactly like what we grew up enjoying in our growing up years. More often than not, it is just not the same anymore.

  3. Humble restaurant that serves humble food~

  4. kekeke rosberg

    also don’t forget to pour kopi onto saucer then drink

  5. Oh, I love these old kopitiams too…but getting eggs served in a teacup is a first for me (usually they’re served on the teacups’ plates). I do love a good old strong cup of kopi-o before all the lattes and cappuccinos ‘invaded’ us.

  6. those yam cakes look delicious!

  7. I went there yesterday but the coffeeshop is no longer there. Looks like it has closed down.

  8. Haha I grew up directly opposite this place – used to cater lunch- and now that u mention Mee siam and yam kueh – it was really nice and homey. The place looks exactly the same.
    Rumour has it the selangor royalty used to order jam tarts from the owner – a very classy looking old lady- I remember seeing some fancy cars when I was a kid.
    Need to go back soon.

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