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When it comes to food that represent Malaysia around different embassies all over the world, satay is probably right on top of the list. Not only it is delicious, these meat on stick is also portable, easy to store, simple to cook, and super convenient to eat.

Satay Sri Melaka, Lembah Keramat
Satay Sri Melaka, Lembah Keramat

For most of us, satay usually means chunks of chicken or beef served on skewer that’s not unlike Japanese yakitori, but if you spend some time looking around, there are other varieties available that may surprise some of us – and for those who likes it a little different, take a look at Satay Melaka.

Satay Sri Melaka is located at Lembah Keramat, some 20 mins away from KLCC, closer to Zoo Negara area (makes for a great after-zoo early dinner spot if you ask me). This is a “lesser developed” area of KL, parking is a breeze, and prices aren’t overwhelming.

plenty of peanut sauce with sambal to go around
plenty of peanut sauce with sambal to go around

The selection of satay here should satisfy even the most picky of eaters, there’s beef, chicken, mutton, as well as various different innards – chicken heart, liver, gizzards, and even beef tripe.

I thought the chicken was perhaps a bit dry (would be great to have some chicken skin), but those innards were really lovely, with beef tripe being my favorite. For chicken satay my favorite would be Satay Ampang.

The peanut sauce and sambal was quite top notch and adds to the overall flavor in ways that every satay place should. Spicy, flavorful, and with just enough spice.

meat, chicken, liver, stomach, they've got it all
meat, chicken, liver, stomach, they’ve got it all

If satay is what you long for, this is a worthy place to check out for sure.

map to satay sri melaka

Satay Sri Melaka
74, 64, Jalan AU 4/6,
54200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
GPS: 3.201103, 101.756342
Tel: 011-1157 7115
Hours: 4pm to midnight

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  1. Wowwwwww!!! That sure is a whole lot of satay! Must be really good, can give the celebrated Kajang one a fight for the money?

  2. liver and heart satay! that’s among the top 10 reasons i miss malacca … you’ve made me very tempted to head to lembah keramat 😀

  3. Oh, got chicken liver and heart….I like! 😉 Nope, don’t like beef perut. Hey, I actually don’t mind chicken satay without the skin (coz I always remove them anyway…hehe!). Luckily, I have a very good satay in my taman, no need to travel far for it. ^_~

  4. I love satay and they even have liver and heart too. What’s the price like ah? So is it satey, satay or sate? ahaha

    • CleverMunkey: My friend bayar, but the price is quite ok for sure. It’s Malay Yakitori 😛

  5. Hi KY,

    Waaaaa didnt know you have a blog, so cool !!! Suggest more good place for Sabah laahhh

  6. kekeke rosberg

    very nice #foodpr0n post, i like it, i like it alot #foodpr0n

  7. kekeke rosberg

    wahh so much meat, where do they get them from? hmmm and zoo negara so close by…

  8. There is a pretty good pork satay nearby my house, so I can just get my fix there, hehe 😛

  9. Agreed. They are a very convenient food.

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