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There are two types of travelers, the one that plans for everything including transportation, hotel, point of interests, and which restaurants (and sometimes what to eat) to dine in; then there’s the type who likes to have a bit of surprises and a sense of adventure. It’s not surprise which type is me, and luckily, my brother is pretty much the same.

pork offal soup with rice, breakfast of champions
pork offal soup with rice, breakfast of champions

One of those adventures brought us to this pork offal soup with rice place when we went to Bangkok over CNY with mom.

This little stall is located on Soi Sukhumvit 55, the road in which we walk by on the way from our hotel to the Thong Lo BTS Station (Bangkok Mass Transit System, not that Korean boy group thingy..)

What intrigued us was how busy the stall is, and that it is seemingly a slice of time capsule wedged in between two roles of shop houses in this increasingly modern city that is Bangkok. So we did a bit of pointing here and there and had our orders for brunch.

blood, intestine, kidney, liver, and meat
blood, intestine, kidney, liver, and meat

As it turns out, they serve only one dish – pork offal soup with rice, and yep, just like Klang, there are people who has rice and porky goodness as breakfast.

the stall is wedged between two buildings
the stall is wedged between two buildings

The soup came with a good mix of coagulated blood, intestine, kidney, liver, and pork slices, the soup is quite flavorful if slightly too salty for my taste, there’s also generous amount of cilantro to provide some balance to those fatty bits. The chili sauce condiment accompanying the dish is rather spicy too, as you’d expect from Thailand.

It was overall a rather yummy dish and one of the best meals we had in Bangkok. For 35-40 baht per bowl, this was also one of the more affordable meals too.

there's a coffee stall next to it too
there’s a coffee stall next to it too

pork offal soup bangkok map

Pork Offal Soup (Opposite El Gaucho)
Soi Sukhumvit 55,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
GPS: 13.730904, 100.581437

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  1. That pork offal soup & rice in Bangkok is very similar to what we have here in KL. I remember having pork offal soup in a place just like that….along an alleyway somewhere near Petaling Street a long time ago, the best that I can remember.

    • eatwhateatwhere: yaaa, the taste is not too different from each other, but I do like the way they make their coagulated blood a bit better than ours.

  2. I feel insecure when nothing planned for my trip, LOL

  3. i wanna ask for extra liver but less kidneys and intestines 😀

  4. i really can’t do without well planned, but yeah… without planning will get surprisesss!
    this place looks really wow, but do take care of your cholesterol XD

    • Ai Wei: Sometimes it’s the good surprises! Yah will have to check on my cholesterol level soon!

  5. I am generally happy to go vegetarian 😉

  6. im curious how the pork taste.. i never eat it hahaha

  7. Enjoy!, the pork is very delicious!

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