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Quite a few moons ago I went up to Cameron Highland for the second time in my life, and as with the last time, I was not entirely prepared by how long the winding road was, and how tiring a drive that can be, not to mention how frustrating it can get when you’re stuck being a vegetable laden lorry going at 30 km/h.

So, Cameron isn’t as much about the journey as it is about the destination, and one of the destinations to check out would be Water Cress Valley Farm & Restaurant.

Water Cress Valley Steamboat
Water Cress Valley Steamboat

Water Cress Valley, like the menu stated, is both a farm and a restaurant. Right beneath the semi-alfresco (the only way to dine in Cameron Highland) is a beautiful water cress farm. I suppose the water cress served here at this restaurant is right from the farm, and other vegetables most likely from the highland as well, but I’m just guessing.

Since Cameron Highland is many hours away from the closest fishing village, ordering seafood at this part of Malaysia would be a pretty silly thing to do. Hence we went with theirΒ  vegetarian charcoal steamboat set to complete the farm to table experience.

They do offer chicken, deer meat, lamb, and seafood options, I believe this establishment is pork free.

Cameron Highland is famous for vege so..
Cameron Highland is famous for vege so..

The fancy charcoal pot did take a while to heat up, but once it got going that thing was ferocious. There’s no such thing as “turning down the heat, aunty” option. In a way, this sorta forced you to eat at a pace dictated by dead wood.

The watercress based soup was quite interesting in its taste, it was light, subtle, and perhaps lack sophistication. To be honest I thought we could also use a bit more leafy vegetables than what was provided, but there’s plenty of mushroom though so that’s a plus.

vegetarian steamboat set
vegetarian steamboat set

Overall, the experience of dining in at Cameron Highland climate and freshness of produce makes up for the lack of fancy flavor and different condiments. If you’re already on the highland, this would be a place to visit, I wouldn’t suggest a 4 hour drive from KL just for this though.

map to water cress steamboat at Cameron Highland

Watercress Valley
Lot UT/KF/F 160, 159,
Batu 44, Jalan Besar, Tringkap,
39100 Tanah Rata, Pahang
GPS: 4.508113, 101.416869
Tel: 012-506 3252

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  1. I love having steamboat in the cool environment at Cameron Highlands.

  2. I like to get some cooler air up there sometimes. Just need to travel when there is not so much traffic.

  3. i guess nowadays, since quite a number of restaurants in kl serve vegetables from cameron on their menu, the need to travel there for fresh greens is even less. but i love watercress anyway, so yay πŸ˜€

  4. Digital Marketing Malaysia

    Wow… really nice… must try

  5. It’s been many moons since I’ve last seen a charcoal pot like that…really old school steamboat! πŸ˜‰

  6. How come Haze does not go on trip with you anymore?

  7. I had steamboat here during my last visit too and I like Cameron Highland vegetables and flowers shopping (although all my flowers would die after planting at my home ~>__<~

    • Choi Yen: haha, those cold weather flowers don’t grow well in lowland.

      • kekeke rosberg

        ahh no wonder I see so many Cameron flower growers have so much money and buying mansions in KL #business101 #realnews

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