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Earlier this year, mom, brother, and I decided to head to Thailand for Chinese New Year. Our first stop was Hat Yai, the Southern town that has been a pretty popular spot for Penangites since way back when Penang Bridge wasn’t even a thing.

Tanatip Restaurant, Hat Yai, Thailand
Tanatip Restaurant, Hat Yai, Thailand

Our overall plan was to take KTM Komuter from Sungai Petani, switch over to Thai railway at Padang Besar station, spend a night at Hat Yai, and then fly to Bangkok the next day.

The primary reason was that flight from Hat Yai to Bangkok was 3 times cheaper than Penang to Bangkok at the same time period. Plus you get an extra meal or three in Hat Yai, win-win the way I see it!

fried roasted pork with basil
fried roasted pork with basil

We arrived at late morning, the stalls at the market has already mostly stopped selling at the time, while walking around we chanced upon this restaurant with some beautiful roast pork displayed outside, which was a sign that we as a family couldn’t ignore. That’s how we ended up at Tanatip Restaurant (sign board only in Thai..)

shrimp tomyam, fried century egg with ginger
shrimp tomyam, fried century egg with ginger

We ordered three dishes to go with steamed rice for lunch, and naturally the first dish was to fried roasted pork with basil (80 baht), and it was as you would imagine, roast pork, fried with Thai basil, fish sauce, and the all important chili padi. It was spicy, fragrant, and so delicious I wonder why nobody serves this in Malaysia, simply love this dish.

Naturally, our first Thai meal must include tomyam, the shrimp tomyam (120 baht), it was of course freshly made from scratch, spicy, sour, and tastes as strong as you’d expect. The prawns was quite fresh too.

sumptuous lunch for the three of us at Tanatip Restaurant
sumptuous lunch for the three of us at Tanatip Restaurant

Our third dish was something I’ve never tried before – fried century egg with ginger (70 baht). Yeap, if you love century egg, they are actually even better deep fried (what isn’t?). There’s generous amount of cashew nuts with this dish to probably make it a whole meal by itself if you’re on keto diet.

The random chanced upon restaurant Tanatip turned out to be more than satisfying, while the restaurant itself can perhaps be cleaner and more organized, we have nothing to complain when it comes the food itself.

map to tanatip restaurant, hat yai, Thailand

Tanatip Restaurant
GPS: 7.008262, 100.470211
Tel: +66 74 350 922


tanatip menu 1 tanatip menu 2

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  1. I love century egg with ginger…but I’ve never had it fried before too! Someone should copy that and do it here! 😉

  2. that deep-fried century egg looks fab – but you know how can make it even more fab – add some salted egg yolk along with the century egg! 😀

  3. The pork looks so so so good! Drooling plus plus!

  4. I really do enjoy Thai food. Hungry again now even though I’ve just eaten lunch.

  5. Fried century eggs with ginger sounds so good I am salivating. I am a huge fan of century eggs. Argh! I wanna have a bite of that!

  6. kekeke rosberg

    ah yes hat yai, once upon a time i remember a lady on the street ask me if i want a tanamytip and i was like ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhkay no thank you miss, i then cabut like hell #realnews

  7. wow.. nice… i love visit thai also because of the food..

  8. I was amazed by the cheap prices of those food!

  9. Car rental gombak

    seriously.. i really love thai food.

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