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I’ve been using dahmakan for over a couple years now. In the earlier days when they only offer lunch boxes, I used to do “group orders” with my colleagues every now and then.

These days, they’ve expanded to include dinner, and the menu too has expanded with combo sets, drinks, and more.

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dahmakan deliveries
properly packed eco friendly way

So for those who is new to dahmakn, you may wonder how does it work and how it is different from other food delivery service?

Unlike delivery services that source food from partnering restaurants, dahmakan is an end-to-end provider that handles sourcing of local ingredients, to having in house chefs cook and prepare the meals, and finally having them delivered to your door step. They have a firm control every step of the way to ensure quality and service delivery.

slow cooked beef stew, nasi kerabu
slow cooked beef stew, nasi kerabu

Everyday, there’s usually over a dozen different dishes to choose from, usually with choices of dishes that includes chicken, fish, or beef prepared in either traditional, Western, or even dishes with a bit of Japanese flair. Do check out their menu online.

you can order via web browser with a computer
you can order via web browser with a computer

Ordering is as simple as a few clicks away on your web browser, or if you prefer, there’s also a mobile app on Android and iOS which also help track down delivery time and where the riders are currently at.

or via their phone app, delivery time is always on point
or via their phone app, delivery time is always on point

One of my favorite things about dahmakan is the way you’re able to schedule when the food is delivered. For example, I had mine scheduled between 6:30 – 7 pm and sure enough, it was delivered by 6:51 pm on my doorstep. This makes for easier planning to have them delivered right after you get back home, but not too early, or too late.

I really love the beef stew, mom liked the nasi kerabu too
I really love the beef stew, mom liked the nasi kerabu too

Most importantly though, when it comes to any food services, it’s the quality of food you get. Of the numerous orders I had with dahmakan, they’ve never disappoint. My most recent order of slow cooked beef stew and nasi kerabu were as good as any, and they were still warm when I got them too.

The beef were tender, soft, and properly seasoned. Nasi kerabu was served with plenty of greens, that signature blue rice, and a huge portion of thigh meat. They were delicious.

If you haven’t yet, check out and do use the BETASTY063 promo code. Dahmakan currently delivers to most of Klang Valley.

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  1. I agree…dahmakan is one of the better food deliveries around and I’ve used them before. I noted one difference in their packaging though…I wonder why they use aluminium tin foil on top of their paper boxes since the sauces & food with gravy already come in plastic & aluminium foil containers! >.<

    • eatwhateatwhere: As is they’re already using quite minimal amount of single use plastic, but I do hope they can further reduce it in the future.

  2. Very convenient and quality meals.

  3. having food delivered warm to the doorstep is a great thing for people like me who don’t have any reheating equipment at home! 🙂

  4. kekeke rosberg

    hmm it looks like they also provide food to Airasia as well, but with half the portions #lol

  5. Belum. Masih menunggu makanan sampai! LOL!!!

  6. ah uncle KY is MIA again, hopefully his trip down Everest is okay #realnews

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