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KL has seen a bit of a boom in premium Omakase style Japanese restaurants of late, I’m no historian, but it probably started out with Kame Sushi at Hartamas, then came Oribe at KL, Sou at Mid Valley, Sushi Azabu, and more.

Sushi Ryu, Platinum Park KLCC
Sushi Ryu, Platinum Park KLCC

With the increase in popularity of these restaurants, and perhaps a bit of a dip in our currency, prices for a meal of omakase course has been increasing as well. I remember paying RM 88++ for an unforgettable lunch at Oribe when they first opened, but now you’ll be hard pressed to find anything below RM 200 per pax for such treatment. Which begs the question, is it worth it to spend RM 500 or more for a dinner for two? And will these restaurant sustain?

Anyway, the topic in this article is my experience at Sushi Ryu with their omakase course priced at RM 279++ per person, their other option on the menu is priced at RM 579++ per person, additionally, there’s a limited time menu with Michelin star teppanyaki from Tokyo at RM 1588++ per person.

In my experience, the cheapest option usually gets you the best value per dollar spent. I enjoyed myself almost as much when I spent 88++ at Oribe compared to RM 230++ course at the same place at a different time.

seabream sashimi with ebiko and truffle oil as starter
seabream sashimi with ebiko and truffle oil as starter

Our dinner started out fantastically.

Tai sashimi with copious amount of ebiko and truffle oil. It was fresh, delicious, and really opened up my appetite for more, I really enjoyed it.

otoro sushi
otoro sushi

Next was otoro as their seasonal sashimi dish. It was two slices of tuna belly served on a piece of rock with grated wasabi. The accompanying shoyu tasted pretty premium, but I thought the sashimi was average for this cut. It wasn’t better than the ones we had at J’s Gate opening event…

chawanmushi as our hot dish
chawanmushi as our hot dish

Seasonal hot dish came in the form of chawanmushi. It was quite a busy dish, with more ebiko and crab meat. Execution was really good and this was my second favorite dish after the appetizer.

seven pieces of nigri sushi
seven pieces of nigri sushi

Seven pieces of nigri sushi made up of our main and served in three separate dishes. The server did describe to us what they were but I can’t really remember their names.

They were also supposed to have already been properly “seasoned” with the right amount of soya sauce and wasabi. To be honest, I found these sushi to be average-to-good, but did not have the wow factor I expect for something at this price point. More than once I was hoping for soya sauce and wasabi, and the squid was actually too chewy.

miso soup, dessert
miso soup, dessert

Soup in the menu was miso soup, it was an average bowl of miso soup.

Most disappointing for me though, was perhaps the dessert. It was the Japanese version of ice cream sandwich topped with chocolate. Yes the chocolate was fine, but the ice cream could probably be had from Family Mart.

platinum park klcc map

Sushi Ryu
Platinum Park, KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.155168, 101.718929
Tel: 03-2181 1533

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  1. wahhh… and today I only had a bowl of miso soup from those 50c packets lol. But its ok its ok, next will use app hacks again to grab several packs of sushi mmmm

  2. delhi tenders

    Nice food.

  3. Oh dear, what a shame…such a costly meal but ended up underwhelming. >_<

  4. Ooo I do love a good Japanese meal… no doubt omakase is getting more and more expensive!

  5. i really like japanese food… last time i’m ate at bali.. The Mulia Hotel…. seriously expensive… satu pinggan RM400…. luckyly my client paid… hahahah

  6. firstwinn

    Omg!!! the price is ridiculous…have you tried Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant at Bukit Jalil? You should go try it, there’s plenty of good japanese sushi there

  7. It looks good! I wish I could bring my family there but its just too pricey for me. Can’t afford for 5pax… Hope to try it on in the future. Btw thanks for sharing!

  8. KY, I really wonder how come you eat and eat but you are not fat at all, even very slim ???!!! ā€¦ how i wish i were uā€¦ šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

  9. This is so so good! I like your food very much. I am craving for Japanese food now but its quarantine now.. so sad…

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