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Many of you may be familiar with my affinity with fish noodle. Fresh seafood in an easy to consume, single serving format that fills the stomach with healthy ingredients in a tasty way, what more can we ask for?

Well, a few of you have suggested that I should check out Little Eat Stall and what they have to offer in this space, so I did.

Little Eat Stall, Pudu
Little Eat Stall, Pudu

Little Eat Stall is located at Jalan Beruang in Pudu. It is technically a road side stall under zinc roof, but seating area is rather hygienic and somewhat comfortable if not a little too warm under our weather.

The stall serves a variety of different dishes on different days. And since I’ve only had their fish noodle, this is what I’ll concentrate on. The fish noodle is available on Friday and weekends.

garupa fish meat noodle soup
garupa fish meat noodle soup

Unlike the huge variety of fish and other seafood available at B & Best, my favorite fish noodle place in PJ, Little Eat Stall offers usually just garupa or tiger garupa in either fillet or fish head format, with single type of clear soup. And these come with mihun, no yellow noodle or kuih teow or anything like that.

What they lack in option was more than made up in quality. I thought the fish was super fresh, and the soup base with that dash of rice wine was so good I left an empty bowl by the end of the meal. The choice of vege they include in the dish was definitely a plus as well.

makes for a great comfort food
makes for great comfort food

Simply put, this is now my favorite fish noodle, or rather fish mihun place in the city. Do give it a try if you’re a fan of this dish, but one thing you’ll need to be at least mentally prepare for is the wait time.. The place is called 等记 in Mandarin. I’ll leave it to you to find out what that means, literally.

map to Little Eat Stall, Pudu

Little Eat Stall
17, Jalan Beruang, Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.135850, 101.716677
Tel: 012-220 8666

Discuss : KY eats – Fish Noodle at Little Eat Stall, Pudu

  1. My colleague has been raving about this place and told me that this is her favourite place for fish noodles. She warned me that this place need to wait like forever for your food to come, LOL

  2. google translate says 等记 means wait – but wait how long? 😀

  3. Pudu is a bit closer to my end of town.

  4. If they can go through that much of rice wine, of course the wait is going to be long…haha! 😉 Is that veggie angled gourd?

    • eatwhateatwhere: I think the vege is what you said, I don’t know the name. hahahaha.

  5. I wish we could get that here. Not many places serving fish noodles and they all use dory – no, thank you.

  6. how much does it cost for a bowl of fish head meehoon?

  7. Normal a bowl was rm10..and a big bowl was rm30 but use tiger garupa or just normal garupa but it was sea fish. Not kelong reared fish. Very fresh.. The broth is super tasty. Sure not even one drop left overtime i go. They also hv yu lam(fish stomach).super nice too. If u want additional fried fucuk also hv. Unless no more or not enough. Depends on ur luck too if u r late.

    • Jimmy: so many hawker stalls I want to visit at this time! This MCO period is taking its toll isn’t it? Hope these guys are doing ok, I’ll go for RM 30!

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