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It was back in 2014 or 15 that I first heard about this Fushou Lou Nyonya Curry Mee in USJ, and as a major curry mee fan (of any variety), I paid obviously paid a visit and wrote about it.

Hai Keng kopitiam Fushou Lou Nyonya Curry Mee
Hai Keng kopitiam Fushou Lou Nyonya Curry Mee

However, USJ wasn’t known for the best traffic situation and thus I was more than happy to find out that there’s now a branch at Hai Keng kopitiam in Petaling Jaya, situated just a stone’s throw away from Digital Mall.

Nyonya Curry Mee with extras
Nyonya Curry Mee with extras

Just like the USJ counterpart, the stall here offers a variety of different add-ons to the standard bowl of Nyonya Curry Mee, among the choices are curry chicken, lala, roast pork, squid, and even stingray.

A standard version starts at RM 6, but you can definitely make it a bit more lux by adding multiple ingredients.

roast pork? stingray? why not both?
roast pork? stingray? why not both?

I had mine with both roast pork and stingray (RM 9). The base was quite flavorful in itself, with the sambal adding a decent dose of hotness with a strong hint of sour note from lime which I really enjoy. Roast pork was competent, but what I really love was the stingray, though eating that with a pair of chopsticks require some skill set I did not originally have.

Give it a try if you’re tech-shopping at Digital Mall.

For night time, the Hunan Cuisine at Chu Cha Dan Fan nearby is a worthy choice.


map to Hai Keng kopitiam, PJ Seksyen 14

Hai Keng Restaurant
24, Jalan 14/20, 
Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya
GPS3.110338, 101.635315

Discuss : KY eats – Fushou Lou Nyonya Curry Mee at Petaling Jaya

  1. pass me a fork, cos i’ll need it for that stingray! 🙂

  2. Looks good, must be very lemak and spicy too, so red – just the way I like it!

  3. Woah, that broth looks so rich.

  4. What would you say is the distinct difference between Nyonya curry mee and the KL or Penang curry mee? I’m always underwhelmed by Nyonya curry mee…maybe because it’s lighter (and slightly sourish) than my preferred thick, santan-flavoured curry. I’m sometimes confused too as I’ve also had those thick type curries served with mint leaves and lime! >.<

    • eatwhateatwhere: The penang version is largely based on santan & the chili paste is actually “fried” too. KL version has less santan flavor to it and generally with almost no seafood except for cockles. Nyonya version is a unicorn. LOL.

  5. OMG THIS i MUST try. I love nyonya laksa and I must have it with the sambal otherwise not enough kick. But I’ve never eaten it with stingray before.

  6. kekeke rosberg

    omg this is ultimate #foodpr0n my tummy is rumbling and my pants just got tighter #tight

  7. For a bowl of noodles with extra dd on (with fish), that very reasonably priced!

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