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A couple weeks ago my friend Carol texted a question that I could say no to – it was something to the tune of “Wanna go have some crabs in Klang?”

And so, that’s how we ended up at Kali Little in Pandamaran.

Kali Little Restaurant, Pandamaran, Klang
Kali Little Restaurant, Pandamaran, Klang

Kali Little is located at the pretty old school area of Klang by the name of Pandamaran, which is pretty close to the jetty in which you can take a boat to Pulau Ketam. However, the crabs served here aren’t from that dirty little island, instead, they’re imported all the way from Sri Lanka, which explains the gigantic size.

Apparently, having crabs at Kali Little carries some sense of adventure, not only the location itself is a bit of a treasure hunt, the availability of crabs itself requires some element of luck.

In fact, when we arrived, we were told there were “no crabs” .. yet. Only after half way through our initial meal of lala meehun, salted prawns, and vege did the live crabs from KLIA came in. So do call in advance to avoid disappointment.

crabs, these were just medium size ones
these were just medium size ones, carol showing the crabs

The crabs we ordered were of “medium” size, but they were actually already rather big for my standard.

While there are quite a few methods in which crabs can be prepared, the most popular choice here would be their signature salt baked crabs. This method retains the taste of crabs without introducing additional flavors that takes away the natural sweetness of these sea spiders.

And yes, the crabs were awesome, and we thoroughly enjoyed them to the fullest, it was just so juicy, sweet, and flavorful.

lala meehun, vege, salted prawns
lala meehun, vege, salted prawns

The other dishes we had were pretty decent as well. The lala meehun was as good as the version at Heng Kiat, and those salted prawns were quite fresh and delicious as well. We did not order the popular porky dish (we probably should have) or those lala soup.

it's certainly not cheap, but the crabs!
it’s certainly not cheap, but the crabs!

The bill came up to RM 281. Definitely not an “economic” meal especially for Klang standard, but we’d be laying if we said it wasn’t a satisfying dinner.

map to Kali Little, Klang

Kali Little Restaurant
89, Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 2,
Kampung Sijangkang,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.010704, 101.424395
Tel: 012-271 4444

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  1. Oops!!! Now where did my comment disappear to?

  2. Last time a girl asked me if I want crabs I had to get a high dosage of antibiotics afterwards #realnews

  3. Before I move to Malaysia oh so long ago, people always talked about crab dishes. I guess Fatty Crabs was a big hit with expats back then.

  4. ‘dirty little island’ hahahahaha.

    I would so love to eat these huge ‘medium’ crabs. They look so good and I can hear them calling my name.

  5. kiss the crab! (preferable to kissing a fish) 🙂

  6. I would love the lala meehoon. They’ll need lots of de-shelled lala for that…I like the words “lots” and “de-shelled” in the same sentence! ^_~ If those are medium sized crabs with big price, I can’t imagine what the huge crabs would cost! >.<

  7. Medium size is already like that, I wonder how’s the big size crab looks like, must be very satisfying! The crab I had at Sitiawan last month was pale in comparison to these ~>_<~
    I saw there is a chopping board, the shop prepared it for the diners for easier "crab knocking"?

  8. kekeke rosberg

    you have heard of drunken crabs many times, but seldom you see drunken blogger eating crabs LOL #realnews #mabukeats

  9. salt bake crab da bestttt

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