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Alcohol and food pairing is a combination as old as time, but for some reasons, the attention has almost always been on wine and “higher end” dishes. For a country like Malaysia where street food is our pride and joy, why not then beer and street food?

Well, here are a few dishes I like to enjoy with a bottle of cold Tiger beer.

satey with Tiger can't go wrong
satey with Tiger can’t go wrong

One of my favorite things to do on a lazy weekend nights is Netflix and chill, and sometimes all you need to go with an episode of great TV is a cold Tiger Beer and some satay from the neighborhood stall.

Those slightly charred chicken (or beef if you like) on stick plus peanut sauce is great to get washed down with Tiger beer for sure.

Eng Ann pohpiah with Tiger Beer
Eng Ann popiah, with lard!

First, popiah!

If you find yourself at Eng Ann in Klang, Tan Kee popiah is one to check out. The popiah has got lap cheong and lard, in addition to your usual seng kuang and lettuce. A cold Tiger Beer compliments those porky bits very well.

Aik prawn mee, Tiger beer
Aik Prawn Mee from Seapark, with Tiger

Being from Penang, I always enjoy a bowl of good prawn mee. For afternoon “snack” session, Aik Prawn meeย  at Seapark serves up a rather good version, and what is better to wash down some spicy prawn mee with a cold beer especially on a hot afternoon?

What’s your favorite street food to go with Tiger beer?

These are my three picks of Tiger beer + Street Food pairing, what’s yours?

tiger uncage

If street food is your passion, like me, head over to Tiger Uncage Street Food Festival at The Gasket Alley, 1st & 2nd December from 5pm onwards. There will be overย 40 distinctive street food delights to challenge your senses!

RSVP at their FB event page:

More details:

Discuss : What’s Your Favorite Tiger & Street Food Pairing?

  1. Not a beer gal. But wine, now that is another story. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I know it’s not the topic, but I really savour Peking Duck with rose cava

  3. KY, some restaurants I just been to in San Francisco do not have good Peking Duck.
    It was costly and have just have no taste. I like it in Asia. When in Taiwan and Singapore. They seasoned their ducks well and bones they chop it well stir fry in nice dish and make into soup.

  4. Random, as in an incongruous pairing?

  5. kekeke rosberg
    “Netflix and chill” is an internet slang term used either as an invitation to watch Netflix together or as a euphemism for some form of sex, either as part of a romantic partnership or as a booty call.

    wah, uncle need to create a new post explaining how satay sex and Tiger beer works #LOL #oiiiiii

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