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A few weeks ago I finally got the opportunity to try out one of the more recent addition to our rich selection of food choices in Malaysia – mala steamboat, also known as Sichuan steamboat.

For this, we headed to Chuan Chuan Xiang at Sunway Velocity, the occasion being Henry’s birthday & SY was buying dinner.

chuan chuan xiang mala hotpot
chuan chuan xiang mala hotpot

For some reasons, Sunway Velocity sorta transformed to a mini-China in a way, over here you do find quite a few Sichuan hotpot restaurants often packed with customers from China (you can tell by their accents).

And if it’s good enough for them, it should be “ori” enough for us.

To start with, you choose one or two different soup base. The obvious choice is to go for a spicy and a non-spicy option to maintain sanity.

After bringing the soup to boil, you then add in whatever you pick from the open fridge – consisting of skewers of vegetable, meat, various different types of offal, and seafood. There’s also ingredients that come in dishes, including fish ball, pork belly, prawns, and even pig’s brain and duck blood!

can you spot the duck blood and pig's brain?
can you spot the duck blood and pig’s brain?

There’s of course, a variety of condiments you can choose from, from different versions of sambal, to garlic, chili padi, fermented tofu, and more. There’s also a bottle of extra spicy chili oil on the table should you need to kick if up a notch.

The ingredients are fresh and of pretty good quality, with soup made of proper herbs and spicy, numbing mala pepper those Chinese guys really love. For me though, I thought it’s perhaps a little bit too spicy for me for the most part, so I ended up mostly using the non-spicy soup base more.

spicy mala soup + pork bone soup
spicy mala soup + pork bone soup, Henry & Choulyin

Soup base is RM 39, meat at RM 19, pig’s brain RM 9, and the skewers are priced by weight regardless what they have on them (hence those has more ingredients than others).

Overall it was a pretty interesting experience, and worthy of a place to visit especially for a late night wake-up supper. They operate from 10 a.m to 2 a.m.

location map - Sunway Velocity

Chuan Chuan Xiang
VO3-3A-6, Sunway Velocity,
Lingkaran SV, Maluri,
55100 Selangor
GPS3.127852, 101.725303
Tel018-771 6999

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  1. I love steamboat, clear soup please…don’t want to drown out the taste of the nice fresh ingredients and I love the refreshing soup that gets nicer and nicer as we eat. Love their colourful chairs.

  2. kekeke rosberg

    walau eh, mala in tropical heat, is a mind numbing and mouth numbing experience #taihaolaaaaa

  3. Like you, malat is too spicy for me. Soup base at RM39 without any food is pretty expensive…probably ok if you go in a group but mighty expensive if say there were only two of you. Duck’s blood and pig’s brain…I see you really like your offals! >.<

  4. I’m not really fancy Mala soup as it tends to be very oily. It’s not common to see a restaurant in mall operates till 2am.

  5. KY, spicy one is always best but in Taiwan they milk base one too. My cousin love hotpot and all you eat with ice cream . You need ice cream after spicy one to cool down,

    • PS. when in Hong Kong, had hotpot with rice congee style and dip meats, vegetable ect. in it also pig brains is not bad but game taste of course.

    • Vickie: milk base may not be too good for me who is lactose intolerant. lol.

      • kekeke rosberg

        milk is good to counter the spiciness, also next day can use show home’s toilet no problemo #LOL #bomb

  6. Yassss to maintain sanity, one spicy and one not so spicy soup. Loved the place, but next time probably shouldn’t sit right next to the chillers… It was so cold!! Otherwise, awesome experience with great company!

  7. Awesome article!

  8. There’s something so enticing about the steam coming off a hotpot.

  9. Mala pepper – similar to Sichuan pepper – the one that numbs the tongue? There’s an Indonesian version too right? I’d rather taste the rest of the food than have too much pepper.

  10. I’m not a fan of mala pepper so I’ll definitely go for the clear soup.

  11. love malat steamboat. in that stretch my friend ask me to avoid this shop. super expensive and not worth it.

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