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Part of my responsibilities at work involves traveling to Kota Kinabalu at Sabah. That’s mighty fine by me since it is probably my top 3 cities in Malaysia, the other two being Penang and KL.

Kota Kinabalu has it all, crystal clear ocean minutes away from the city, Mount Kinabalu,Β rich local culture, and just maybe too many Chinese and Korean tourists these days.

Ah Chee Tom Yam, at Kota Kinabalu
Ah Chee Tom Yam, at Kota Kinabalu

Anyway, since I happen to be at KK more often these days, I make it a point to explore the local food offerings. On my last trip, as I was looking for lunch options upon checking in the hotel, I found Ah Chee Tom Yam by chance.

Ah Chee Tom Yam is located just a few doors’ down from the famous Wiya Chicken Rice, the restaurant offers a rather simple menu with a choice of tomyam prawn meehun, Sarawak laksa with prawn, Prawn mee with rice wine, and Thai style chicken feet.

Ah Chee Tom Yam - meehun with fresh prawns
Ah Chee Tom Yam – meehun with fresh prawns

For obvious reasons, I tried the Tomyam meehun, which comes with 5 pieces of fresh tasting saltwater prawns properly peeled and cooked just right. Most importantly, the tomyam soup was rich and fragrant by without being overly spicy. The star of the bowl though was the prawns, they were sweet and definitely worth the RM 11 or so asking price for a bowl.

If you find yourself in KK town, this is one worthy place for a quick meal, oh, it’s completely pork free too.

ah chee tomyam map

Ah Chee Tom Yam
Lorong Segama, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS:Β 5.983448, 116.075227

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    go upstairs the block got Jug Head bar and grill #realnews

  2. Looks really nice! I want!!

  3. KY, here is a dishes my cousin would go for not too spicy and light.

  4. why is the tom yum color different from the ones i usually see?

  5. This tom yam looks almost like a curry. Did you say 5 prawns for RM11? That’s a really good deal seeing that the prawns were pretty huge πŸ™‚

  6. Cold rainy evening definitely call for a bowl of steaming hot and spicy Tom Yum noodles~~

  7. Looks very lemak for tom yam…but I love anything lemak!

    • suituapui: there’s occasions for the clear soup ones but this one works well with those prawns.

  8. Oh, you’re in KK! Nice.

  9. Their tom yam looks different from ours. Looks like it has coconut milk in it? Fuh, if that is true then I want to try it.

  10. the prawns have gotta be good, since everyone who comes from KK constantly praises the quality of seafood in their hometown! πŸ˜€

  11. Did you manage to spot some China tourist walking with bikinis? Hahaha… Hmmm… tom yam noodles, that’s something I personally have not tried even once in Sabah. Hahahaha

    • kekeke rosberg

      ah Uncle KY was busy working, working late, and prefer Filipina in bikini instead LOL #oiiiii #tssskkkkk

    • CleverMunkey: plenty of them & Koreans, no bikini in the city tho. haha.

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