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For Sarawak Laksa lovers who makes PJ their hunting ground, most of you would have tasted Aunty Lan’s Sarawak Laksa, who used to operate at NZX food court since 2017.

The stall has since moved out, and for many weeks many of us was at a loss on where she’s moved to.

Update 2/4/2019: The stall has since moved back to just opposite NZX food court at I-Tea House

Tin Ha kopitiam, Kampung Subang
Tin Ha kopitiam, Kampung Subang

Well, today is your lucky day, thanks to Uncle Meng, I was informed that Aunty Lan has moved to the new location just a few minutes away from Subang Airport, at Tin Ha Kopitiam.

Located at the light industrial area of Kampung Pinggiran Subang, this new kopitiam enjoys a very good location when it comes to parking on a weekends. Also, if you’re a fan of good prawn mee, Johnny’s Prawn Mee & Loh Mee is just a couple minutes away.

Aunty Lan's sarawak laksa, now at Tin Ha kopitiam
Aunty Lan’s sarawak laksa, now at Tin Ha kopitiam

Anyway, we’re here for the Sarawak Laksa, and I’m happy to say that they are just as good as I remember – with thick gravy that’s full of flavor, and generous ingredients of three prawns, those eggs, shredded chicken, and bean sprouts. It’s proper to me, and some of my more knowledgeable Sarawakian friends agree.

those prawns are proper
those prawns are proper

If spicy breakfast isn’t your thing, the kolo mee is a pretty worthy alternative around here. For the uninitiated, kolo mee isn’t just wantan mee without dark sauce or wantan, the noodle itself is very different from your usual wantan mee, with a lighter and springier texture to i, I find myself enjoying it quite a bit.

Sarawak kolo mee is pretty good too
Sarawak kolo mee is pretty good too

Unfortunately the Koay Chap is sold out when I was there, I’ll make it my mission to have Aunty Lan’s koay chap again soon!

Happy food hunting!

map to Tin Ha kopitiam, Kampung Subang

Tin Ha Kopitiam
39, Jalan Apollo U5/192,
Bandar Pinggiran Subang,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS3.156444, 101.548167
Tel03-5887 4905

Discuss : KY eats – Aunty Lan Laksa Sarawak, Tin Ha Kopitiam (New Location)

  1. kekeke rosberg

    old skool name too Aunty Lan kekeke, but the place looks super clean now. Also the kolo mee looks like not enough lardd #oink

  2. Sarawak delights, for the win!!! LOL!!!

  3. KY, my cousin and I really enjoy laksa when in in Singapore. So far Malaysia make it better. Sine it easy to get San Francisco I try to make it on my own.

    • KY, ps. there a Southeast Asian Cafe in my neighborhood that served lakes and roti. Still where is at is better.

      • kekeke rosberg

        I went to a Southeast Asian Cafe in Alabama too that serve authentic Msian laksa. When dish arrived, it looked suspiciously like maggi me, also smell like it also. After taking one bite, yup, it is just a bowl of maggi mee! Blardy hell I just paid USD10 (RM45) for a bowl of maggi mee #hoikkkkk #trumpland

    • Vickie: yes, make it happen!

  4. Yes, I know that feeling of “loss” when my favourite curry laksa moved away before being reunited…twice…haha! ;D You’re so lucky, she moved closer to you (this is closer to Shah Alam, not Subang, right? >.<

  5. I think sold out is a good sign – I’d move that to the top of my list too.

  6. Iyts very great KY…

  7. Hey man, nice reads. Those are going to be hours of my life that I’ll never be getting back. =D

    Anyway, I was really hoping, moving forwards, you could include the operating hours for the newer reviews? I’m from Putrajaya, taking an hour’s drive to a place that’s closed for the day is hard a thrill. I happen to notice that I have the hours for 1 or 2 of the places you have. I’d be glad to share them if you want.

    Don’t stop eating.


    • Noel: haha I try to whenever that information is available. It’s not easy to keep everything up to date and sometimes the info just isn’t there.

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