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Pasar malam, or weekly night markets in Malaysia often offers unique dishes you can’t find at any other settings. This is especially true when it comes to stinky tofu, as so far I have yet to see any stinky tofu stalls outside pasar malam setting.

Black Tofu, SS2 Pasar Malam (every Monday)
Black Tofu, SS2 Pasar Malam (every Monday)

And when it comes to this smelly delicacy, there are several different variations to choose from, all of which involves deep frying a particular stinky version of tofu and served piping hot with some condiments.

Examples of these stinky tofu are Hong Cha SS2, the one at Meru Klang (stinkiest of them all, love it), and the one at Connaught Pasar Malam.

However, of all these, Black Tofu at SS2 is perhaps one of the more unique version out there. In this version, the tofu is pre-cut into smaller chunks before being deep fried instead of after, and then being served with some sort of soup, crispy bits, spring onions, and best of all – sambal!

the tofu is soaked in soup, and you can make it spicy!
the tofu is soaked in soup, and you can make it spicy!

As with most stinky tofu in Malaysia, this too isn’t particularly smelly, perhaps done so to cater more to our local taste. Nonetheless, black tofu carries a more complex taste profile and one that has more of a kick to it with the inclusion of sambal.

Each portion is priced at RM 7, so while they’re not cheap, it is less pricey than the equivalent at Hong Cha, which I find slightly less inferior than this one.

Happy eating!

map to SS2 Pasar Malam

SS2 Pasar Malam
Jalan SS2/61
Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor
GPS3.117366, 101.621668
Hours: Every Monday Night

Discuss : KY eats – 黑豆腐 Black Stinky Tofu, SS2 Pasar Malam

  1. This busuk tofu damn addictive. It goes well with rice too.

  2. Gosh!!! Bad enough that it’s stinky, it’s black some more.

  3. KY, those black tofus must be made with black bean sauce to get that color or squid ink.

  4. intersting… thanks for sharing!

  5. What’s worse than smelly tofu…visually (black) looking stinky tofu swimming in some soup. I want that ‘thought’ out of my mind! >.<

  6. kekeke rosberg

    First kari mee, then BKT, now chou daufu expert. Ah uncle is expanding his horizon. Alot of people very proud. What is his next adventure? #clickhere

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