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While Klang is famous for Bak Kut Teh, the district actually offers quite a lot more than just this iconic pork dish, and if you’re in the area looking for a sumptuous dinner, there are actually quite a number of more than decent “tai chau” restaurants to choose from.

Located a stone’s throw from the popular BKT places by Taman Intan, Restoran Gold Leaf Village happens to be one of my favorites.

Restaurant Gold Leaf Village, Klang
Restaurant Gold Leaf Village, Klang

While the address says Pusat Bandar Berkeley, it is not to be confused with Taman Berkeley. The area where Gold Leaf Village is located is actually on the other side of Federal Highway, an area that is a lot less busy and consequently, free of the parking hassle that plaques Taman Berkeley itself.

As for the restaurant, it is of a fairly basic set up with plastic tables and chairs, complete with classic old school red table cloths. Thankfully, the dining area is also air conditioned, so we’ve got the comfort level covered.

Menu at Gold Leaf Village is fairly descriptive and comes with a simple photo, which I find super helpful as some Chinese dishes can often have rather unique names. Example – kang kung belacan can also be written as 马来风光, which literally means “Malay scenery” if you were to put it into Google translate.

claypot mixed vege tofu, salted egg pumpkin, stir fry tapioca, deep fried pork belly
claypot mixed vege tofu, salted egg pumpkin, stir fry tapioca, deep fried pork belly

Now let’s look at some of the dishes we’ve tried here.

Claypot mixed vegetable with tofu (RM 15/20) is a type of comforting dish that’s best for rainy days, and one that offers a good mix of fiber and plant base foods.

Salted egg pumpkin (RM 14/18/25) is one of my favorite dishes here, this dish was being served here way before the current craze of all things salted egg, it is super rich and will certainly satisfy your cravings of a sensory deprived tongue.

Stir fry tapioca leaf (RM 10/12/16) a simple vegetable dish, something green to give us a bit of balance.

For those who loves pork, the deep fried pork belly (RM 22/30/38) should fit the bill, I think it’ll also make for great beer food, which you can surely order.

lala with superior soup, steamed garupa with ginger
lala with superior soup, steamed garupa with ginger

Tai chau at Klang often prides themselves with seafood dishes in one form or the other, if you’re looking for some fresh fish, the steamed garupa with ginger (RM 32/42/52) is rather competent, but I do find it somewhat slightly over steamed. I do really like the ginger paste used here tho, spicy!

Lastly, lala in superior soup (RM 20/28/35) is something that I always order when given a chance. Fresh clams in spicy herbal superior soup makes for a happy me!

I haven’t really had any disappointing dish here, and this is probably the reason why this place is almost always packed especially over the weekends. Other than the dishes described above, they also serve chicken, mantis prawn, squid, and fried fish.

map to gold leaf village restaurant, Klang

Restoran Gold Leaf Village
 45, Jalan Satu, Pusat Bandar Berkeley,
41300 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.054339, 101.465170
Tel: 03-3342 2239

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    wahh…. endorsed by that Astro guy too #makan

  2. Owner used to be a singer and even released an album or two! RGLV is known for selling fresh seafood as the relative is a seafood distributor. Good choice KY!

  3. I love siong tong la-la too but sometimes the la-la (I ordered elsewhere) turn out to be not so fresh. >.<

    • eatwhateatwhere: that’s why it’s important to go to places that has high turnover of customers when it comes to fresh seafood 😀

  4. Salted egg pumpkin! Have not had that for a long time now. I wonder if anyone is old enough to remember Gold Leaf, the cigarette brand.

    • kekeke rosberg


    • suituapui: I didn’t know it was a cigarette brand! I did know Benson though..

      • kekeke rosberg

        No its called Benson and Hedges, ahh yes i remember my first smoko of that brand when i was 10 years old only. Luckily i hated the taste otherwise I be dead by now from lung cancer LOL #nottiboi

  5. KY, stir fry tapioca leaf is not able to find which look like spinach. Dee[ fry pork belly look so good which I see you had wonderful meal. The clay pot dish is one I like the most with salted egg. What kind of Chinese cooking was it? You cannot find it in Taiwan or Singapore.

    • Vickie: I think this is.. Hokkien perhaps? I’m not entirely too sure, Chinese dish in Malaysia is probably now very different from those in Taiwan or China.

  6. Sam like Shiong Tong Lala too, but not always available~

  7. Do you have any clearer photo of the menu? I was trying to search it online but can’t find it.

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