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I’ve stated on this blog before that kuih teow soup is one of the most under appreciated Penang style hawker dish in Klang Valley. Good thing is, this seems to be slowly changing and, you can start to find proper kuih teow soup (instead of pork noodle) places springing up around different restaurants this part of the country.

Update 9/9/2020: Unfortunately the stall is no longer here.

Duck Meat kuih teow soup at Mei Keng kopitiam
Duck Meat kuih teow soup at Mei Keng kopitiam

I was at Mei Keng kopitiam at PJ for my usual breakfast excursion one day initially looking to have the Kuantan Road Penang Curry Mee, the stall was on some sort of a holiday, which then led me to look at alternatives.

This was when I spotted this “Penang Duck Kuay Teow Soup” stall. I had to try it.

According to the operator, the kuih teow soup is originally from the restaurant at Ayer Itam near Penang Hill. Of course, the question was asked by me in classic Penang Hokkien to verify that the guy is in fact, from Penang. 🙂

proper kuih teow soup, penang style
proper kuih teow soup, penang style

At RM 7 per bowl, this kuih teow soup may seem slightly more expensive than usual, but it does pack a punch when it comes to ingredients. There are two smaller fishballs, two meatballs, and plenty of shredded duck meat with kuih teow in that sweet, flavorful broth. While the fishballs were rather average, the meatballs were awesome, and duck meat was as good as anywhere.

Overall, this bowl of kuih teow soup made for a very satisfying breakfast. Would not hesitate to come back again.

love the meat ball and shredded duck meat
love the meat ball and shredded duck meat

map to Mei Keng kopitiam

Mei Keng kopitiam
42, Jalan 14/48,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.097563, 101.629334

Discuss : KY eats – Duck Meat Kuih Teow Soup, Mei Keng Kopitiam, PJ (Closed)

  1. KY, always wonder what kind of noodle was use in making this soup? Is it like pho noodle or udon or rice noodle? Looking good with lot of things in it.

    • Vickie: it’s flat rice noodle usually, but sometimes we do use yellow noodle or thinner rice noodle as well. They’re not exactly same as pho noodle or udon.

  2. penang does make good dishes with duck, yeah. i used to enjoy the herbal duck drumstick mee hoon soup at jelutong back in the nineties 😀

  3. Never had duck in clear soup but I do know of people cooking it with salted vegetables. Love it with the “Eight Treasures” or pek ting eyok, we call it.

    • suituapui: ahh, that should be quite different, I imagine duck will bring out even stronger flavor.

  4. kekeke rosberg

    walau eh, ah uncle going around the country testing if Penang hawker stall is authentic or not LOL no wonder get official city commendation from menteri besar of Penang

  5. I’ve been to this coffee shop before but can’t remember what I ate here as they were not memorable enough. I guess I ate the wrong things! >_< I've since read about this duck noodles and penang curry mee you had from here. I must go try 🙂

  6. You find the best spots to eat.

  7. So Penang style kuih teow soup doesn’t come with any innard?

  8. My boys will love this. As for me, it is too clean for my liking. Haha. I need some spice in my foooooood.

  9. mei keng Kuey teow soup and Kuantan road curry Mee has closed. But the new curry Mee stall is quite good. Char key teow was absolute rubbish.

  10. It’s no longer here it seems. I just came here today and was looking up this kopitiam and ran across your article on the Penang duck meat kuey teow. The stall is nowhere to be seen.

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